20 Signs Your Dog Really Trusts You

It’s always a special moment when you truly establish a bond with your dog. 

Nothing can quite compare to the joy and feeling of mutual trust that comes from knowing each other well and having complete understanding between two completely different creatures. 

One human and the other canine.

But how do we really know whether our dog genuinely trusts us? 

In this article, we share 20 signs your dog really trusts you and shares a strong bond with you.

He Looks You In The Eyes

white black pit looking into the camera

If your pup looks into your eyes, this is a sign that he really trusts you. 

Dogs use eye contact as a form of communication, and when they lock their gaze with yours for more than a few seconds, it can be an indication of trust.

A dog who is comfortable in his environment and feels safe with the people around him will often show this sign of trust by looking into the eyes of the person they are familiar with. 

Your Dog Comes To You For Cuddles

It’s one of the most endearing signs that your dog trusts you: when your pup seeks out your lap or cuddles up to you for a snuggle.

It’s not just a sign of comfort but also one of trust and connection

When your four-legged friend is able to relax enough around you to come close and

He Is ‘Presenting’ You With Their Toy

Giving you toys, bones, or any other random object as a gift is one of the loveliest things dogs can do when they trust you.

Even though you may not be interested in your dog’s worn-out tennis ball, they are willing to give it to you, nonetheless showing that they care.

This is because most dogs are possessive of their possessions.

Your dog is letting you know that they are completely at ease with you when they offer to share something with you, such as a toy or bone.

Your Furry Friend Is Confident And Relaxed Around You

white little dog laying on the side

This is a sure sign that they trust you. It could be in the form of leaning into you while being petted, happily following you around, or even quickly approaching without hesitation.

This demonstrates that your pup has faith in you and can rely on you for love and care.

When a pup is around people, they don’t trust.

They will likely be shy and hold back.

Responds Well To Your Training

If a dog responds positively to its owner’s training, it is often a sign that the animal has a strong sense of trust in the person.

Training dogs can be difficult, but when they are willing to learn and respond well to commands, it shows that they believe their owners will care for them and keep them safe.

Dogs are also more likely to be obedient and cooperative if they believe their owners control the situation.

Your Dog Is Calm, Even When You Leave

This is a sign of trust when they remain calm and happy even when you are away.

This behavior indicates that they have a strong bond with you and that they feel secure in your absence.

When your dog remains relaxed and content in your absence, it is a sign that they trust you and feel safe with the

He Looks To You For Reassurance And Guidance

woman with pink shoes and a brown dog sitting next to her

When your dog looks to you for reassurance and guidance, it can be a clear sign that he trusts you.

If your pup feels anxious or unsure of a situation, they may look to you for comfort and affirmation.

This can come in the form of seeking physical contact, such as leaning against you, pawing at you, or sitting.

Also, Adapting Your Routines Is A Sign Of Trust

For example, if you typically take them for a walk at the same time each day, it’s likely that your pup will begin anticipating their daily stroll and may even start to bark or nudge you when it’s time for their walk.

If they’re adapting to your routines, it’s a sign of trust and loyalty.

Your Dog Sleeps In Your Room

This is indicative of a strong bond.

It may mean that the pup feels more secure near you

Knowing that you are close by can be incredibly comforting.

Not only will they relax, but they are also willing to share their space with you, which demonstrates an immense level of trust.

This can be especially true if your pup is not allowed in this particular space.

Sleeping Beside You Frequently

dark brown and black dog laying and looking into the camera

When a dog sleeps beside you frequently, it is an indication of the trust and devotion they have for you.

This can be especially true when your pup chooses to sleep right next to you instead of at the foot of your bed or on the other side of the room. 

You Can Touch Their Valuable Things

It’s trust when they allow you to touch their valuable things like toys, treats, and other possessions.

This indicates that they feel comfortable enough to let you into their personal space – a clear indication of trust.

Additionally, when dogs are trusting of their owners, they might also freely share these items with them.

The more they are willing to share their belongings, the more secure and trusting of you they are. 

Holding Their Babies Isn’t A Problem

When a canine parent has faith in someone, they will be relaxed and at ease when the person they trust is around their vulnerable offspring.

By allowing you to pick up their puppies, it is a sign that your pets trust you completely.

You’ll Get Greeted Lovingly When You See Your Dog

white black dog pawing

When you come home after being away, your dog will be filled with joy and will greet you with enthusiasm.

They may even jump up to give you a hug or shower you with licks!

This is a clear sign that your pet loves and trusts you, as this level of affection can only come from an animal that has the utmost faith in its guardian.

Loves To Cuddle With You

Dogs who trust their guardians will usually be more than happy to initiate cuddle time.

In fact, it’s often a great way for them to show their appreciation and bond with you.

Because of this deep trust, your canine companion won’t hesitate to come up close and snuggle against you, whether it be on the couch, in the bed, or anywhere else.

But don’t misunderstand this with dog kisses, because dog’s don’t see kisses the same way we humans do.

Your Dog Protects You

Your dog will protect you without hesitation if they feel that you are in danger.

They may bark loudly at strangers to keep them away or even push themselves between you and another person if they think it is necessary. 

All dogs have a natural instinct to be loyal to their owners, and this can be seen when your pet is willing to risk its own safety to keep you safe. 

These are just a few of the signs that your dog trusts you and loves you unconditionally.

They Have A Relaxed Body Language Around You

When a dog trusts you, it will often have a relaxed body language when they are around you.

A sign of this is them not showing any signs of fear or aggression.

They may also be seen displaying their contentment with happy tail wags and relaxed eyes.

Additionally, they may also show signs of comfort, such as leaning against you or rolling over for a belly rub.

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These signs of trust, love, and loyalty are clear indications that your furry friend really loves you and trusts you unconditionally. 

They Eat From Your Hands

light brown dog eating from human hand

Eating from your hands is a sign of the utmost trust and faith that your dog has in their guardian.

This is because by allowing you to feed them, they are showing that they are comfortable enough with you to put themselves in a vulnerable position.

Additionally, when a dog feels safe and secure around you, it will also take food readily from your hand. 

They Usually Don’t Curl Up When They Sleep

When a dog trusts their owner, they usually don’t tuck themselves into a tight little ball while they sleep.

Instead, they tend to lie in an extended, relaxed sleeping position that conveys a sense of ease and comfort.

This is because curling up offers protection from perceived threats, so when a dog feels secure it doesn’t need to take such a defensive stance. 

Following You Anywhere You Go

When your dog always follows you around, it can be an adorable sight – but more importantly, it is a signal that your pup has faith in you.

This kind of trust means that your dog is willing to rely on you for protection and companionship.

If a pet feels safe with its owner and can trust that person’s decisions and judgments, it will feel comfortable sticking close by its side – no matter what room they move into or how far away they walk.

Having a companion who has unconditional faith in you is something to be cherished!

You Can Take Them To New Places

dog in the back of the car

If your pet enjoys exploring the world outside of their home and going on trips, it’s a sure indicator that they feel safe with you.

Dogs can sense danger, so if yours isn’t scared to venture out with you, it’s a sign that they trust and feel protected by your presence.

Before You Go…

You now know the signs your dog really trusts you.

But how can you give your dog something back and show him your love?

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