Why Do Dogs Follow You Everywhere?

Are you constantly trailed around the house by a furry little shadow? 

Does your dog follow you from room to room, wherever you go?

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – it’s normal for dogs to want to stick close to their owners!

In this article, we share the answer to the question, “Why do dogs follow you everywhere?”.

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Why Do Dogs Follow You Everywhere? – The Reasons

Out Of Curiosity

white black dog sitting on ground looking into the camera

Dogs are often naturally curious creatures and will follow their owners around and explore any new thing they come across.

That is because, to a dog, the world is filled with interesting items to sniff and experience.

From a rabbit hole to the park bench where their owner sat the day before, a dog wants to know what happened there.

If it follows you everywhere, it could be trying to figure out some hidden mystery or just satisfying its curiosity as to where you’re going or what you’re doing.

It might also be following you in case you have something exciting for them or are ready for a game of catch or N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

Some Dogs Enjoy Being Around People And Want To Be As Close To Them As Possible

Dogs like to be around people.

They want to be near them.

Dogs may follow their owners everywhere because they want attention and love.

They like when their owners talk to them or play with them.

Dogs also like it when their owner is around, so they feel safe and secure.

Being close to their owners makes dogs happy and lets them know they are loved.

Dogs can also tell when someone is feeling down, so they stay close by, just in case their owner needs a cuddle or a friend to talk with. 

Finally, being near their owner gives dogs a sense of belonging and protection too!

Dogs May Be Trying To Protect You From Danger By Following You Around

brown dog looking straight to the camera

They may follow their owners to ensure they are safe.

They may want to be close by in case something bad happens so that they can help.

Dogs are loyal and will do anything for their owners, even if it means following them around all day.

They feel safer when their owner is near, so they stay close to your side.

Dogs also know when you’re sad or feeling down and will be there for you.

You’re Anticipated By Them

Dogs are excellent at picking up on people’s daily habits.

Your dog usually senses when it’s almost time for a walk or a meal, and may follow you around the house to nudge you along.

Dogs are also quite adept at interpreting our body language and spotting cues on our next course of action.

They’ll follow you around if you’re going to do something they find interesting in the hopes that you’ll do it soon.

Trait Of Breed

white black dog in front of colorful background

Many dog breeds have been bred over the years to perform certain tasks, such as hunting, retrieving objects, or offering companionship. 

As a result, individual breeds may feature unique traits that contribute to their desired task.

For example, many herding dogs are characterized by an instinctive desire for close companionship and may thus follow their owners everywhere they go.

However, suppose you notice your four-legged friend exhibiting this trait when you’re out on a walk or around your home.

In that case, it is important to remember that not all dog breeds exhibit this same behavior – their behavior reflects their breeding!

They Want To Play

Dogs are extremely fun and energetic creatures, so it’s essential to incorporate some playtime into their daily routine.

Therefore, if your pup follows you around more often than usual, it could be a sign that he just wants a little extra love!

Playing with your pooch can not only create amazing memories between the two of you but also help improve his physical and mental well-being.

Because Your Dog Is Not Feeling Well

light brown white dog sitting and waiting

In some cases, dogs may instinctively follow their owners more closely if they’re feeling unwell or anxious in order to get the comfort and assurance they need.

This behavior is rare but can alert a compassionate owner that something might be wrong with their pup.

Paying close attention to your dog’s behavior can provide important clues on how they feel so you can address any health issues before they become serious.

May Have Been Conditioned To Follow Their Owners Everywhere They Go

Dogs can be trained to stay by their owner’s side wherever they go. 

That means that when the dog follows its owner around, it remembers being taught that this is what it should do.

When a dog follows its owner all the time, it might be because it wants to ensure they are safe or because it just likes spending time with them.

It could also be because the dog knows that if it stays near its owner, food or treats will likely be involved! 

Dogs may also have been conditioned over time to think that following their owners everywhere gets them attention and rewards from people around them.

They Have Fears

brown little dog laying on a bed

Another reason why your dog follows you everywhere is that it may be afraid.

Dogs don’t like to feel alone and can get scared when they’re not close to their owner.

They might worry about being left alone or something bad happening if you’re not around.

Your dog might want to stay near you to feel safe and protected from danger.

They Are Bored

Dogs might follow their owners because they are bored or want attention.

They may want someone to play with them or be around them, so they don’t get lonely.

Your pup needs exercise, mental stimulation, and things that make them happy, like treats or toys, to stay entertained while you’re away from home.

Taking your dog on walks and playing with it will help keep your pup entertained so it won’t get bored easily when you’re not around.

They’re Trying To Tell You Something

Your dog might follow you everywhere because he has something to tell you.

If your pup follows you wherever you go, maybe it’s trying to let you know something!

It could be trying to get your attention, show you it loves and misses you, or maybe even wants some food!

Your pup might also be scared and feel safer when it is close to its owner.

He might also want a cuddle, playtime, or company.

woman petting a little white brown dog on the grass

Dogs Are Packed Animals And Like To Be Close To Their Pack

Dogs like to stay close to the people they love because they are pack animals.

That means they like to be part of a group, and that group includes you!

They feel much safer and happier when they can see their owner around.

Dogs also enjoy spending time with the people they love, so being close to them makes them happy too.

When your pup follows you, it shows how much they care about you.

Dogs Are Scent-Driven Animals, And They Like To Stick Close To The Person Who Smells The Best

Dogs are animals that use their sense of smell a lot.

They like to stay close to the people who smell the best.

Dogs recognize their owners by how they smell.

That is why your dog follows you everywhere.

Your dog loves your scent and knows it belongs to you, so it always follows you!

Every time you leave the house, your dog can still remember your scent when you come back home!

Dogs May Have Learned That Following Their Human Around Leads To Good Things

light brown dog looking into the camera from above

Dogs like to follow their owners because they know that good things happen when they do.

For example, if a dog follows its owner into the kitchen, it might get a treat or food.

If the dog follows its owner outside, it might get to go for a walk or play with other dogs

Dogs also like being close to their owners and want to spend time with them.

They understand that when they stay close to their owner, there are rewards like attention and affection too!


Also, many dogs have a strong sense of loyalty and want to be with their owners as much as possible.

Dogs understand that when they stay close by, they can protect their humans from potential dangers and alert them to suspicious activity. 

This behavior is instinctual in some breeds, such as German Shepherds or Dobermans.

Finally, it’s important to remember that your dog just loves you!

They may enjoy spending time with you, so following you around is one way to show their love.

As you see, there are  alot of reasons why your dog might follow you. 

Sometimes, this is great, but sometimes you just want your dog to stop this behavior. 

Your Dog Needs Reassurance

Dogs are incredibly intelligent and loyal creatures that thrive on human companionship.

As such, a dog may follow you around the house or even outside for walks because they need reassurance.

Dogs can sense when their humans are in distress, so by being constantly nearby, they’re providing comfort and companionship and helping protect against any potential danger.

Having a friend with you always helps build up your dog’s self-confidence and establishes trust between the pet and owner.

This behavior is completely natural and should be embraced as part of the natural bond between the two of you.

How To Stop A Dog From Following You Everywhere You Go?

You can take a few steps to help your dog break the habit of following you everywhere you go.

The three primary solutions are setting boundaries, providing an alternative to follow, and redirecting their attention.

First, set boundaries and consistently enforce them.

Secondly, provide an alternative for them to follow such as teaching a ‘watch me’ command or putting them in another room while you’re busy in other parts of the house.

Lastly, give your dog plenty of opportunities for play and exercise.

This will keep them distracted from the need to follow you around!

With consistency and patience, teaching your dog not to follow you will soon become second nature.

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