13 Ways To See If Your Dog REALLY Loves You

Have you ever stopped and wondered if your dog truly loves you? 

Even though it’s not always easy to tell, there are a few signs that your furry friend may care about you more than just as a source of food.

From subtle body language to happy excitement when you get back together after being apart, these signs show that your dog really loves you.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to notice your dog loves you, so you can enjoy these special moments with your furry friend.

They Cuddle Up With You

white brown little dog cuddles with a woman in jeans

Dogs are known for expressing their love in unique and individual ways, but a common sign of adoration is when they cuddle up with their owners.

This simple gesture signifies that the dog is looking to get close to their owner and enjoys the connection between them.

While some dogs may prefer to sit aside from the owner, cuddling up indicates that the pup wants unconditional affection from its human companion.

For a dog, cuddling is a way for it to show genuine love and appreciation.

Therefore, if your furry friend curls up against you or lays near you in bed, take it as a sign of his devotion!

You Get Toys Or Gifts From Your Dog

Many dog owners are lucky recipients of love tokens from their furry friends.

Receiving a squeaky toy, some stolen socks, or even a carefully buried bone signifies that your pup is devoted to you and seeks to consummate your bond.

This display of affection shows that your pooch will be there to give you unconditional love no matter what.

With your pup by your side, joy and companionship are perpetual gifts that keep on giving!

When They See You, Their Tail Starts Wagging Uncontrollably

brown dog standing next to water

When a dog’s tail starts wagging like crazy, it’s a sign that the dog loves you or is excited, and this is a “language” that dog lovers understand.

This kind of affection shows that your dog knows and trusts you, which makes the bond between pet and owner even stronger.

Not only will this sweet scene make your heart melt, but from the puppy’s point of view, it makes oxytocin, a hormone that calms them down.

So, if you’re ever surprised by how excited your dog gets when he sees you or meets someone new, just remember that he’s showing how much he loves you in the best way he knows how.

They Whine Or Bark When They Can’t Find You 

While many pet owners will point to snuggling and licking as signs that their pet loves them, an often unspoken signal is when they become distressed when they can’t find their owners.

If your pup begins to whine or bark in increasingly higher pitches whenever you leave the room or the house, it likely means that they are experiencing separation anxiety and simply want to be near you. 

This is a sign of strong emotion, showing that your pup loves and misses you.

Your Dog Leans Against You

white brown dog open mouth on white background

The beautiful act of a dog leaning against us is a sure sign that they are expressing their love and affection towards us.

It’s something that is instinctive for them to do when showing their care; in their canine world, it would be equivalent to a hug!

Receiving this kind of extra attention from our furry companion truly helps lift our spirits and make us feel comforted.

Additionally, we can show some extra appreciation by patting them softly on the head or responding with similar gestures.

This will, in turn, strengthen your bond as a pet owner and pet even more!

Your Furry Friend Is Yawing With You

When you see your pup yawning as you do, it may be more than just a coincidence. 

In fact, according to experts in canine behavior, when your dog yawns along with you – even after the same amount of time – it could be a sign of their love and bond with you.

That’s right.

Researchers suggest that your pup can understand and sympathize with your emotions and participate in the act of imitation.

It’s even been said that the behavior reflects empathy on the part of your pet.

What an incredible bond this is!

Just another reminder of why we love our four-legged furry friends so much.

They Know Exactly Where Your Favorite Spot On The Couch Is And Always Try To Sit There First

big white dog with a woman on a couch

It’s always nice when your furry friend seems to know exactly what you’re thinking.

In this case, if you notice that no matter where in the house you are, your dog always knows just which spot on the couch is your favorite and will try to get there first, it can be a sure sign of love.

This can be especially sweet if they put themselves right up against you to show their devotion and make you comfortable after a long day at work.

As any dog parent will tell you, as suspiciously intuitive as they can be, there is no love more sincere than a pup’s loyalty.

They Let You Pet Them Without Trying To Run Away

Dogs are known for being loyal companions, which is why it can be so heartbreaking when they don’t seem to reciprocate our love. 

Fortunately, if your pup happily allows you to pet them without attempting to run away, it’s a sign that they truly care about you! 

Allowing physical contact of any kind requires trust and comfort, two feelings that come from affection – not fear

So, the next time your furry friend lets you give them some love, take comfort in knowing that your bond still exists!

Your Dog Makes Eye Contact With You As A Sign Of Trust And Affection

black dog face with brown eyes from near

Making eye contact is an important bonding exercise between humans and their pets.

When your dog turns its head to make and maintain eye contact with you, it’s a sign of admiration, trust, and genuine affection.

Eye contact can tell you a lot about how much your dog loves you; the longer the gaze, the deeper their love. 

Your pup won’t be shy about making its feelings known when it looks deeply into your eyes – it’s its way of communicating with you in a meaningful way.

This kind of bond between humans and dogs isn’t something to take for granted; it’s a testament to all of the care and devotion that goes into being a responsible pet owner.

Dogs May Lick Their Owner’s Face Or Hands As A Way Of Showing Love And Seeking Affection

This behavior can be quite zealous, especially if your dog is really excited!

This type of licking shows that your pooch has let down its guard around you – they feel comfortable and safe in your presence, which is a great sign that the bond between you two is very strong.

It also indicates that your pup trusts you.

Allowing another animal to lick their face is a sign of great trust for dogs and is often seen as submission within their pack hierarchy.

A study done by professional veterinarians has even shown that human-dog interactions are favorable when these exchanges of licking occur!

So next time you’re receiving some affectionate licks from Fido, remember it’s a sign of love and a deep connection between the two of you!

Your Dog Is Following You Around

black white bulldog walks next to a man

When your pup is following you from room to room, it can be a sign of affection.

Pets often mimic their owner’s behavior, and if you are constantly on the move, then it is natural for them to want to follow you around and be involved in what you are doing.

Your canine companion likely loves being nearby; after all, both human and dog studies have found that social contact is an important need in strengthening our relationship.

It will also give you a chance to provide them with verbal cues, rewards, and at times structure, which lets them know that they are loved and valued.

Overall, your pup’s presence near you is a sure sign of affection that should not be taken for granted.

If Another Dog Approaches Them Aggressively, They’ll Protect You Instead Of Attacking Back 

One clear sign that your pup loves you unconditionally is if you find yourself in a situation where another aggressive dog is coming toward you.

Rather than attacking the other pup, your dog will choose to protect its favorite person by stepping in and shielding you from harm.

It’s a heartwarming display of selflessness from our furry friends, and it’s proof that they would lay down their life in order to keep their best pal safe.

Showing Excitement And Enthusiasm When Their Owner Returns Home After Being Away For A While

light brown dog lays on the brown bed sheets

The joy a dog experiences when seeing its loving owner again is palpable, as you can almost not help but feel the intense happiness emanating from them.

Whether it be through enthusiastic tail-wagging, excited barking, or jumping up to show affection.

A dog’s unwavering love and devotion shine through brightly in these moments of reunion.

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Now you know the ways to see if your dog really loves you.

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