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17 Things Dogs Love The Most

It isn’t easy to think of anything that dogs don’t enjoy – most dogs are simply loving and excitable creatures who seem to enjoy everything!

We all know that dogs enjoy playing, petting, eating all day, sleeping, and running on the beach.

On the other hand, dogs have preferences and behaviors that humans are unaware of and are unique to dogs.

Everything comes down to instinct, nature, and social preferences.

And dogs adore some things in this world, so here is a list of 17 things that dogs adore!

Make sure you do some of the things dogs love from time to time, this will make your dog happy!

Your Scent

dog laying on couch enjoying it

You are a dog’s favorite smell in the entire world – dogs love your scent.

And the more of your scent there is on something, the better.

The sense of smell of a dog is much better than ours, and a shirt infused with the sense of their favorite person is one of the most moving objects in the world.

When your dog is nervous about being left alone or is in a kennel, leave them with that never washed, sweaty shirt you wore to the gym, and they will thank you.

As a result, you may frequently find your dog lying on top of your pile of dirty clothes.

Your clothing contains your scent, and dogs are always drawn to you when you take a new path.

Taking New Routes

dogs on walk

Nothing beats sniffing around and discovering new things.

If you don’t take your dog on the same daily walk, he’ll appreciate it.

Now and then, switch up your route.

It’s also good to meet other dogs your dog can play with.

You can accomplish this by simply changing your path now and then.

After all, who wants to walk the same monotonous path every day?

You can also venture to new locations, such as a park or a hiking trail, from which to begin your walk.

Something important most dog owners misunderstand: if your dog frequently stops to urinate while walking, this does not indicate that they have bladder issues.

They’re just doing what dogs do: leaving urine trails to communicate with other dogs, dogs spread their scent that way.

They Need Brain Training

brown dog playing with a puzzle

Maybe it seemed like dogs only had physical exercise.

But dogs have a brain that stimulates them through playing with toys etc.

You could have some fun playing with your dog.

There’s a range of dog puzzles.

Exposure your pet to new conditions, smells and sights can enhance his daily existence.

Activities that will assist your pooch concentrate on the problems will make him more efficient and happy.

Pet Them The Right Way

dog getting pet by human hand

When dogs are petted on the head, muzzle, shoulders, or paws, they exhibit more signs of stress, such as yawning, freezing lip licking, or elevated heart rates.

Petting the chest, on the other hand, is associated with a lower heart rate and is more calming to a dog.

Some dogs also love belly rubs, it is best to get to know what your dog loves the most.

It also depends on the different dog breeds that your dog likes the most.

Nonetheless, because they are used to being around people, many dogs are at ease with any interaction, even strangers.

Nevertheless, it’s best to strike your dog where they enjoy it the most and pay special attention to these parts.


dog in the front woman with guitar in back

Dog loves music, but don’t let them listen too loud.

It stimulates their emotions primarily and stimulates their senses, so it surprises many people that their pets have remarkably good ears.

It also stimulates their emotional and sensory level.

Classical music calms a dog for example, but you could also try vocal music or other styles.

Home-Cooked Food

brown dog laying in front of his food bowl

Sometimes you may need a good recipe to make your pet enjoy their meal.

Just keep in mind that the nutritional needs of dogs differ from those that humans require, which makes it impossible to just offer it to their mates.

Home-cooked food can provide your pup with variety and dogs love that!

Keep your eyes open, because dogs digest food differently and they need a balanced diet.

Also, there are food options that dogs can not eat.

It is possible that certain foods may cause gastrointestinal upset or make your dog feel uncomfortable in general.

You should also make sure your dogs eat wholesome food depending on what they need, what they can eat and what your dog likes most.

Trophy Collecting

little dog with a big trophy on blue background

Dogs enjoy stealing personal items that do not belong to them, especially if they are on your property, and they bring them to their most personal space.

They are trophies for them because they are a part of you (their favorite person) and carry your scent.

A dog takes those things to other rooms and hides them there, perhaps under some cushions or in the laundry.

They also have this tendency because they will misbehave to get your attention.

They conceal your possessions because they like to interact with you.

They are given something to do that makes them feel like they are on a mission, they have joy and it helps them to fight boredom.

Dogs love accomplishing tasks, so give some tasks to them.

Eye Contact With Love

woman and brown dog cuddling on couch

When it comes to attracting attention, dogs can’t get enough of it, but there’s one type in particular that they adore.

Dogs adore a tender glance.

According to recent research, making eye contact with your dog while cuddling releases oxytocin, a love hormone.

When you look lovingly into your dog’s eyes, his oxytocin levels rise, as yours do.

So, how to do that?

Take a moment to speak softly to your dog, pet them gently, and gaze at them lovingly.

According to studies, this action produces the same biological response as a mother looking at her child, and dogs love that.

Experts claim that you should only make direct contact if the dog knows and trusts you and never stare deeply into dog’s eyes.

Otherwise, it can be irritating for a dog.

A Relaxing Nap In A Quiet Location

little brown dog laying in a towel

You may believe your dog can sleep anywhere at any time, but just because it can doesn’t mean they enjoy it.

Place the dog bed somewhere safe and quiet, your dog needs a private space to sleep.

If you give your dog his own space that is beside where others are, he’ll love it.

A dog sometimes needs a personal moment, this is a social-emotional biological habit.

Always On Your Side

light brown dog giving hand to human hand

Your dog belongs to you as you belong to him.

Being close to you is an important behavior and one of the most common behaviors in pets.

A dog thinks something like “Take a step. It’ll be mine.”

They do so in order to reduce distances and reduce the smell.

These are social, emotional, and biological habits.

A Special Meal

dog eating watermelon

Ok, this is not entirely unknown for dog owners.

Dogs are irritated when you eat the best food and only get dog food.

Prepare a special meal for your pet on occasion and allow them to enjoy their favorite dish if this does not imply feeding them table scraps, which can eventually harm your dog’s health, or overfeeding them, which can also lead to obesity.

But if you prepare a special meal once in a while for your dog, he will feel privileged and it can be a reward for him.


dog swimming in water

You’ve probably seen a dog swim at some point.

It is a joyful sight to see because they appear to be having fun.

Swimming is an activity that most dogs prefer over all others, and they are surprisingly good at it compared to most people.

For most dogs, swimming is a pleasant substitute for walking and a fun way to exercise, so they prefer doing that instead.

Eating Alone

dog laying on floor and eating from a big food bowl

Many human companions of dogs believe that their pet enjoys eating while being observed, being in the same room or that food is a social event.

Although some dogs enjoy eating when their owners do, eating is a personal experience for the dog.

Because you are the pack leader for a domesticated dog, your dog will feel more at ease eating in a personal space where they know the alpha male will not steal their food- this applies to any food or treat.

The same also goes for other dogs interrupting your furry friend while eating.

Expect your dog to take whatever you give it into another room.

They do it for comfortable eating.

Mental Work

image of dog thinking about food

Dogs are intelligent creatures who require mental stimulation and will act out if bored (dogs howl for example if they are too bored).

Ask yourself what you would do if you were left home alone the whole day.

It may even drive you insane enough to start tearing the couch apart.

Therefore, you need to give your dog some mental work to do, which can be toys for example.

Dogs love that!

Have A Look Out Of The Window

dog laying on couch and looking out of the window

Dogs love and can spend hours staring out a window, watching the world go by.

Although dogs do not rely on sight as their primary sense, they can see reasonably well at distances of up to 20 feet.

Looking out the windows can be a great distraction and activity for your dog.

Open some of your blinds and shades to let your dog see what’s going on outside.

If a dog exhibits undesirable behavior, such as aggression or excessive barking, they most likely require more stimulation and exercise and it has nothing to do with the look out of the window.

Playing With You

little dog bringing toys to the camera

Dogs love playing, and their favorite way to play is with you, their Number One Person.

But most of the time, dogs play with you to have fun!

Playing with puppies helps them develop motor and coping skills for real-life stressors.

Play fosters social bonds while also releasing pent-up energy.

They Want Exercise

woman jogging with dog in front of her

A dog needs to be trained, and change for this purpose sometimes the scene.

Almost every dog needs a regular walk.

Exercise helps your pet stay healthy and prevents digestive problems.

Vary the routes so the dogs can discover new smells.

Not only walks are important, but also exercises at home, in which a dog spends physical activity.

Before You Go…

Now you know the things dogs love the most.

If you want to learn more, read the following articles too!

Dimitra Kokologianni, DVM
Dimitra holds a Masters’s degree in public health and a Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine. She is a versatile professional with over 7 years of experience. Her passion for animal welfare and preventive medicine makes her an excellent resource for our readers.

Become A Smarter Dog Owner​

Join other dog owners and get a free copy of our “Happy Dog Handbook – The Essential Guide For Dog Owners” and a daily email with carefully compiled tips, facts, and memes.

Become A Smarter Dog Owner

Join other dog owners and get a free copy of our “Happy Dog Handbook – The Essential Guide For Dog Owners” and a daily email with carefully compiled tips, facts, and memes.