About Us

At Woofysh, we believe that dogs are some of the most amazing creatures in the world.

Our mission is to improve the lives of dog owners and their dogs so they can have a wonderful relationship together.

We source content from dog experts around the world to give you, the dog owners, the best possible information and product recommendations to help you give your dog the happiest and healthiest life possible.

Our Team

Sarina Davis

Sarina Davis is a co-founder of Woofysh, a venture she initiated along with her partner with the primary goal of enhancing the lifestyle of dog owners and their beloved canine companions. Being a passionate pet enthusiast from an early age, she also worked for animal welfare, further driving her to create woofysh.com.

Primrose Moss, DVM

Primrose is a distinguished Veterinary Surgeon with an MA in Biological Natural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine & Zoology from the University of Cambridge, as well as a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the same eminent institution. She is also an Official Veterinarian, accredited by the Animal and Plant Health Agency. Her steadfast dedication to animal health, coupled with her extensive knowledge and abundant experience in veterinary medicine, make her an exceptional resource for our readers.

Dimitra Kokologianni, DVM

Dimitra holds a Masters’s degree in public health and a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine. She is a versatile professional with over 7 years of experience. Her passion for animal welfare and preventive medicine makes her an excellent resource for our readers.

Mena Emad, DVM

Mena has a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine. His expertise, passion for animal welfare, extensive knowledge, and experience in the field of veterinary medicine make him an excellent resource for our readers.

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