17 Signs You Are Your Dog’s Favorite Person

Dogs are known to be loyal and loving creatures, but did you know that they can also be very picky regarding their favorite people?

In this article, we share 17 signs you are your dog’s favorite person.

So if you’re curious whether your pooch prefers you over anyone else in your home, stay tuned!

They Follow Your Orders

man and dog training

A truly special bond is formed when your pup loves you, follows your directions, and listens to your commands.

This kind of unconditional obedience shows just how much faith your canine companion has in you.

After all, dogs are generally loyal, social animals, so they don’t easily trust just anyone with their safety and well-being.

If yours does, it’s a sure sign you’re their special favorite!

He Tries To Get Your Attention The Most

This is a sure sign that you have become their favorite person, as they want to spend time with you more than anyone else.

It’s an incredibly rewarding feeling when a dog can sense our presence or instantly recognize our voice in the room.

What matters most is knowing how much we hold a special place in their hearts.

If your pup is always trying to get your attention, chances are you’re their favorite human!

He Is Protecting You

woman and a dog on grass from far away

The bond between a dog and its owner is one of deep connection and mutual understanding.

In reality, dogs are incredibly aware of us as humans and try to let us know how they feel in many ways.

Forming an ultimate bond with your pup requires commitment but also trust and loyalty in return.

If your tail-wagging pup is protective of you, it could be a sign that you’re their favorite person!

Dogs instinctively act this way by defending their loved ones from potential threats or intrusions of physical contact.

Not only can this be an awesome feeling for both the human and the hound, but it’s also important to remember that having your dog protect you means fostering the relationship with them even more, setting up a tone of safety and love within the home.

Make Eye Contact With You

Eye contact between humans and animals is complex and can mean different things depending on the context.

In the case of dogs, direct eye contact with their owners can often signify a bond based on trust and respect.

When your pup establishes and maintains eye contact with you, it may be a sign that they view you as their favorite human!

According to veterinarians, maintaining eye contact with your dog for an extended period of time usually demonstrates loyalty and love.

So, if you want to ensure that your pup knows how much you care about them, maintain eye contact – and enjoy the unparalleled connection you will share!

Put Themselves Into Vulnerable Positions Around You

fat white dog lying on his back

If your pup is constantly looking for physical contacts, like snuggling up to you or licking your face, it could indicate that you are the most beloved individual in their life.

Dogs are incredibly intuitive and loyal creatures, so if yours can’t help but curl up next to you or follow you around when company’s present, this trait may be indicating that they feel a particularly strong bond with you.

Of course, not all dogs will express themselves through physical contact—some might favor words of affection more than anything else. 

Lick You

If your dog is constantly licking you, it could be a sign they view you as their favorite person.

This behavior often signifies their desire to create a strong bond and shows that they love spending time with you!

Dogs use licking as an expression of admiration, approval, and even submission to humans.

A good way to reward them for this behavior is to give them a treat or lavish them with verbal praise every time they greet you in such a friendly manner.

While some people might find it slightly uncomfortable being licked on the face or hands, it’s important not to scold your pup when they do since this will not lead them to understand what they’re doing wrong. 

Showing affection towards your pet can further strengthen the bond between the two of you.

They Get Excited When You Come Home

little light brown dog looking out of the window

There’s nothing quite like coming home to the joyful sounds of your dog’s excited barking.

After a long day, nothing is more rewarding than being welcomed home by your furry companion!

This type of celebration when you come in the door is a sign that you are your dog’s favorite person – the one they love and trust the most.

Dogs can sense when something is wrong and when someone needs extra love and support, which makes them excellent companions.

So, cherish those special moments with your pup and take comfort in knowing their undying loyalty and devotion to you.

They Want You To Rub Their Belly

Most pet owners know how much their dogs love to be scratched and rubbed.

They may not realize that this can be a sign of affection! 

If a canine companion knows you’re their favorite person, they may ask you to rub their belly to reinforce your bond and show their loyalty.

So the next time your pup moseys over in search of a good tummy rub, take it as a compliment! They must think the world of you.

They Lean On You

colored dog enjoys cuddles

It’s a true sign of affection when your pup leans into you and rests its weight on you.

Most dogs will happily lean against their trusted humans for comfort.

So if your dog regularly chooses to do so, it might mean that you’re their favorite out of all the people in their life!

As well as being a sign of endearment and love, leaning can be a calming tactic for dogs.

Also known as ‘facing,’ this behavior originates from puppies pressing back into their mother when they feel scared or insecure.

Even after they are adult dogs, they still rely on us to provide them with the same feeling of security that being close gives.

They Bring Things To You

Having a dog who constantly brings things to you may make you feel like the favorite person in your life.

After all, they’re displaying trust and loyalty by gifting something from them to you.

More than just being a gesture of affection, it’s also a sign that your pup is content.

Bringing things is a sure sign of recognition and appreciation for who we are as people, especially from our beloved pets.

This type of behavior shows us that our companions possess intelligence and that their personalities are complex enough to care about who we are.

Or at least recognize when we give attention or love to them.

All in all, receiving items from our furry friends is an indication that you have crafted lasting relationships with them!

Recognize Your Name

black dog with big ears

Dogs can be very loyal to their owners, often recognizing them as the alpha of the household.

It’s no surprise, then, that your pup might show signs of extra love and affection for you when it begins to recognize your name.

Not only could hearing you say their own name catch your pup’s attention, but it could also serve as a reinforcement that you are someone important in their life.

If your pup is tail-wagging and excited whenever they hear their name from you specifically, this could be one indication that you are their favorite person!

Ultimately, these moments suggest that the bond between an owner and pet can go even deeper than expected.

Often Rub Their Faces On People They Adore

Dogs have unique behaviors and ways of showing affection.

One way a canine might demonstrate its affection is by rubbing its face against a person they adore.

Ultimately, this behavior is indicative of your dog’s strong bond with you. 

It’s an act that demonstrates trust and closeness and is often seen in packs between dogs as an act of mutual respect and companionship.

So if you find yourself on the receiving end of a sloppy snooty nose whenever your pup wants some loving attention, it is almost certainly a sign that you are their favorite person.

Mirrored Yawning

Every pet owner has an unspoken bond with their animal, but if your pup takes the extra step and yawns along with you, that may be a sign of something greater.

Dogs are excellent at reading our emotions, and when they associate yawning and being calm with us, they want to emulate that behavior. 

This shows a certain level of trust and comfort with you, which can indicate that you’re your dog’s favorite person.

Not only do dogs read our intentions through nonverbal cues like yawning and body language, but according to researchers, dogs can sense things like stress in us as well.

So not only could sharing a yawn mean your pup feels loved by you, but it could also show that they recognize how stressed out you are too.

Playing With You

If your beloved pup seems to favor playing with you more than anybody else, it can be a subtle way of them telling you that you are their special favorite.

Not only does playtime act as an incredible bonding experience between you and your dog, but it can also serve as a meaningful connection between the two of you on an emotional level.

By pursuing these fun activities together, it’s possible to further strengthen the bond between pet parent and pup while communicating in ways that go beyond words.

Watch For A Tail That Wags To The Dog’s Right

Dogs have long been known as man’s best friend, and they demonstrate that in many ways.

One way to tell if you are your pup’s favorite person is by their tail wags. 

When dogs express joy, their tail usually starts to wag happily.

However, often times the direction it points can say a lot about who has his love.

If your pup wags his tail to the right side when you’re around, then that’s a pretty clear sign of affection!

Tail-wagging is a subtle way for your pup to show his unconditional love for you and is something to treasure!

Sleep Next To You

brown black dog laying on a couch

Snuggling up to you in bed is a unique sign that your pup loves being around you.

After all, your canine companion only confers such an honor upon its favorite person.

Not only does this sleeping position show your dog has a special bond with you, but it’s also therapeutic for both of you!

Cuddling with your pup releases oxytocin – “the cuddle hormone” – which helps reduce stress and boost happiness levels.

Plus, sleeping next to or on top of you offers your furry best friend warmth and comfort.

So if your pooch chooses to dig into the sheets next to you at night, it’s a sweet reminder that they see you as their #1 human!

Calm Down Around You

It is likely that your dog views you as a source of comfort if it often calms down in your presence.

Whether or not you’re the favorite person in your life will depend on the individual animal, but having an attentive caregiver can bring out peaceful behavior in pets.

It may also be indicative of a strong bond between you and your four-legged companion.

Dogs may seek out comforting sounds or behaviors when they are feeling content or relaxed.

Be sure to give them plenty of love and attention, which can ultimately lead to a long-lasting and meaningful relationship between the pet and the owner.

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