How Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person

Even though most dogs adore and form bonds with every family member, they frequently have a particular person in mind.

Unbelievably, several traits and behaviors make people more appealing to dogs.

Are you your dog’s favorite person?

As a pet owner, you might have pondered since, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be their dog’s most important person?

Dogs specify their favorite person based on personality, socialization, attention, and favorable associations.

However, let’s get into the details to see how you become your dog’s favorite person—or, you know if you just want proof that you’re dog’s best friend and favorite person.

Anyone who fits these requirements is more likely to win a dog’s affection.

We will discuss how dogs choose their favorite person in this article and how you can win your dog’s love.

Early Socialization

brown dog with red mesh walking next to a man

The key socialization period is the first four to six months from birth.

Puppies brains are extremely receptive during this era, and dogs frequently bond the strongest with the person who was there for them.

A pup must have numerous pleasant encounters during these critical early years since such interactions will have a big impact on the rest of the dog’s life.

It’s easy to see how quickly a puppy can bond with a primary caregiver who treats and trains him lovingly and positively.

That way, it’s important to early socialize with your pup if you want to be your pup’s favorite person.

Even if you get your dog later, socialization even for an adult dog is important if you want your dogs to bond hardest.

Favorable Relationships

man holding brown dog in the air

In other words, dogs develop a link with a person when they provide pleasant things.

A dog will adore the person who constantly engages in a tug of war or lavishly rewards them with their preferred stinking beef liver goodie.

They also understand the importance of the person who feeds them most of their lives.

Because they are intelligent, dogs can relate to people as the ones who bring about all the good things in life.

The dog will know who to go to when they need something if a married couple owns a dog, but one handles more of the pet duties.

Your dog will associate you more positively with positivity the more positive interactions you have with them.

On the other hand, dogs frequently react negatively to people with negative associations.

That is why you rarely see your dog make friends with a veterinarian.

Make a list of your dog’s favorite activities and engage in them more frequently if you wish to be the favorite.

Be a source of comfort and avoid negative encounters like harsh correction or reprimanding.

Dogs are predisposed to being vigilant and on the lookout for danger.

Canines naturally want to distance themselves from anything they perceive as a threat.

People may seem less appealing to dogs depending on their actions and traits.

Dogs, for instance, are stressed by loud noises and quick movements.

Some dogs may even keep their distance from individuals who exhibit problematic behaviors.

An example of it are children: children can upset dogs because of their erratic behavior.

When a dog is sleeping, it might poke fun at or push it.

Therefore, dogs respond by changing the place he’s sleeping.

Dogs tend to be more drawn to you if they see you as a source of safety rather than disruption. 

Similar Personalities

white brown dog face getting petted

Personality is another consideration when dogs select their favorite people.

Dogs frequently choose their favorite humans based on similar factors as people do, such as personality and energy levels.

For instance, a high-energy dog that enjoys playing all day long will naturally be drawn to a person who is just as active.

A calmer dog who prefers silence over noise will seek a person who shares such values.

The key is to establish a connection that brings security and familiarity.

If you discover that your dog is more energetic than you are, reduce your energy and activity levels to match theirs.

They’ll be grateful for your effort.

This often also is different from dog breeds, some breeds tend to like it more active while others enjoy cozy evenings with belly rubs.

Positive Association

brown big dog sitting next to a woman

Dogs use associations to decide who they like to pay attention to outside their favorite individuals.

In other words, dogs develop a link with a person when they provide pleasant things.

Considered carefully, it makes a lot of sense.

A dog will undoubtedly adore the person who consistently engages in a tug of war with them or generously provides them with their favorite stinking beef liver treat.

They are also aware of how significant a role the person who feeds them most frequently plays in their lives.

On the other hand, dogs frequently display negative behavior toward persons with negative connections.

Positive associations result in positive interactions between dogs and people.

Positive association is a valuable tool for socializing and training your dog.

For instance, it’s a good idea to ensure that guests new to my home greet the dogs in the yard and offer them treats.

That creates an immediate favorable association—new person = delicious treats—which facilitates the introduction.

That way, that person may more likely be one of your dog’s favorite person.

Body Language Matters

dog getting petted looking happy with tongue out of mouth

Did you know that many dogs dislike being kissed or cuddled and having dinner interrupted?

If you know what to look for, your dog’s body language may tell you a lot about them.

You can reduce stress and put dogs at ease by being aware of how they communicate.

Their trust in you will grow as a result of strengthening your loving relationship.

Since dogs cannot express their emotions, we must keep an eye on and safeguard them.

Your dog will feel all the love to know if you are their favorite human when you are watching out for them.

How To Win Over Your Dog’s Affection

black pug playing with red toy

Don’t give up if your dog prefers someone else to you.

The link between you can be strengthened and strengthened.

Spending at least 30 minutes daily in a focused, one-on-one conversation is the quickest (and most enjoyable) method to achieve this.

That excludes going for walks, playing in the yard, or watching TV together.

Your time together should be engaged and active, not just the amount of time matters.

You need to make positive associations between you and your dog to become your dog’s favorite.

To strengthen your relationship with your dog, try some of the following.

Your dog will respond to it with a lot of love.

  • A team sport where you and your dog can cooperate is agility, dock diving, or taking your dog to a dog gym.

  • Play some frisbee, fetch, or tug of war.

  • Love is food (in healthy, reasonable amounts). Choose wholesome protein sources with few fillers and give your dog some homemade meals. By incorporating eye contact, you can turn eating into a social activity.

  • Hold a practice session. An excellent method to strengthen relationships is to work on new talents or practice old ones.

  • Give your dog a massage.

Between dogs and the people who care for them, bonds naturally form.

Respect your dog’s individuality, give him happy experiences, socialize, and take good care of him.

He’ll give you a lifetime of affection as compensation as you become (one of) his favorite person.

Before You Go…

Now you know how dogs choose their favorite person.

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