15 Common Ways Your Dog Apologizes To You

Even if dogs are not saying the words “I’m sorry,” there are still plenty of ways our canine companions can show us remorse without speaking. 

From subtle body language cues to more overt actions, learning to decipher these apology messages could help lead to better understanding between dogs and humans.

In this article, we’ll talk about 15 of the most common ways your dog apologizes to you.

Bringing You A Present


Dogs have an innate mannerism of bringing gifts or a present when they seek to apologize or make amends with their owner.

Bringing a gift is an incredibly endearing act that often melts the hearts of dog owners everywhere.

It is a loyal and genuine gesture and every bit as meaningful as it gets between a man’s best friend and his loving guardian!

This treasured behavior typically consists of objects such as chewed-up shoes, stuffed animals, rocks, or any object that has sentimental value to the canine and its human caretaker.

Jumping Up

When dogs attempt to interact with us, they may jump up if they want attention or are really excited.

While this can be frustrating for pet owners at times, it’s important to remember that your pup is likely attempting to apologize for something. 

Dogs usually jump up when they think their behavior has caused a problem in the relationship.

Even if you don’t think it’s necessary.

The behavior can start as puppies when parents scold them for being naughty and may persist into adulthood if not handled correctly.

To address the issue of your pet hoping too high onto you or visitors, try spending some quality time together practicing basic commands like “sit” to help her understand that it’s alright to show affection but jumping up isn’t an acceptable option.

Wagging Their Tail Vigorously When They See You 


Seeing their furry tails wag rapidly back and forth is one of the clearest signs that your pup is feeling guilty and that they want to make amends with you in order to regain your trust.

This behavior communicates to us that they recognize they have done something wrong and are trying to show us that they are sorry. 

Additionally, this action also expresses joy and happiness.

Even if your pup has made a mistake, it still loves you immensely and wants to be forgiven so its relationship with you can remain intact. 

Bringing Their Bed Over To Your Spot

This type of gesture conveys not only remorse but also loyalty and an eagerness for reconciliation.

By bringing their bed over to where you’re sitting or standing, your pup shows that they feel comfortable enough in their environment to offer something as a peace offering.

A symbol of commitment and trust between them and their owner.

Not only that, but this action displays the pup’s willingness to accept whatever punishment or discipline may come it’s way as a result of any misconduct.

Furthermore, it’s just another way for our four-legged friends to seek comfort after making a mistake by enriching the bond between them and their owners through shared affection during times of repentance.

Lying Down In Front Of You 


One of the most demonstrative kinds of dog communication is the act of lying down in front of their owners—an apology of sorts.

This behavior is a sign of remorse and indicates that they are embarrassed by their actions.

Looking At You With Sad Eyes

This often signifies that your pup feels guilty and wants to apologize.

An apologetic look from your pup typically consists of a lowered head or averted gaze, droopy ears, and an overall dejected expression.

This silent apology is one of the most common ways for dogs to express their regret, especially because they understand that humans are more likely to empathize with them when they appear unhappy.

Bringing You Their Favorite Toy

This is another way for dogs to apologize for misbehaving.

Even though this behavior may seem counterintuitive, it’s actually quite thoughtful and shows that your pup genuinely wants to make amends. 

This gesture typically involves the dog bringing its favorite toy or object up to its owner in an effort to be forgiven or gain approval.

It’s an incredibly endearing act and indicates that your pup is willing to offer something as a peace offering – a symbol of its loyalty and commitment to the relationship.

Additionally, this action can also be seen as a form of reassurance.

By presenting its favorite item as a gift, the dog is telling us that it accepts our authority and remains devoted, despite any disobedience it has committed in the past.

Sitting Next To You Quietly


Not only does this behavior demonstrate that the pup knows it has done something wrong, but it also signals that it wants to make amends. 

Additionally, this action displays a level of trust and loyalty between humans and canines.

When a pup sits peacefully next to its caretaker, it shows that it trusts them as an authority figure and is willing to accept whatever punishment or discipline may come its way.

Letting You Pet Them Whenever You Want

This behavior indicates that the pup understands its boundaries and is willing to allow its owner to express affection whenever they feel necessary.

The act of allowing petting demonstrates submission -whether consciously or not – and implies that the canine respects its guardian’s authority.

Additionally, just as humans enjoy being comforted after making a mistake, so too can our furry friends benefit from extra love during times of repentance.

By allowing us to pet them, they are seeking solace in our companionship and conveying their regret over any wrongdoing they have committed in the past.

Take On A Submissive Posture


This can include lowering their body, tucking their tail between their legs, and averting their gaze from their owners.

This action communicates regret, understanding, and a desire for reconciliation by symbolizing submission and communicating that the pup recognizes its owner’s authority as an alpha figure in their relationship.

Additionally, this behavior can be beneficial for both parties involved.

Not only does our furry friend demonstrate remorse, but we can also feel fulfilled knowing we have helped our beloved companion find peace during a time of apology.

Perhaps most importantly, by taking on a submissive posture, dogs show genuine dedication to the bond they share with their owners and are willing to accept whatever punishment or discipline comes through repentance in hopes of restoring harmony within the relationship.

Sleeping In The Same Room As You

It’s an expression of trust and loyalty, displaying that the pup recognizes its owner’s authority and wants to remain close despite any mistakes it has committed.

This behavior not only conveys remorse but also serves as a form of comfort for both parties.

By curling up near its owner, the pup is reassured of its guardianship and can find solace in their companionship.

Rolling Over Onto Its Back 

This gesture symbolizes submission and indicates that the pup recognizes its owner’s authority as an alpha figure in their relationship. 

Additionally, this action also communicates happiness and joy.

Even though the pup may have made a mistake, it still loves its owner deeply and is willing to accept whatever punishment or discipline comes with repentance.

Rolling over on its back shows true dedication from your furry friend.

Not just accepting their role as subordinate but embracing it with enthusiasm.

This action demonstrates that they understand their boundaries while reaffirming their commitment to the bond between humans and canines through affectionate gestures.

Whining Or Barking Softly 


This behavior communicates regret and understanding, as well as a desire for reconciliation.

By making these quiet sounds, the pup is trying to show its owner that it understands it has done something wrong and that it wants to be forgiven.

Furthermore, this action also expresses a certain level of trust.

By being willing to make such vulnerable noises, our furry friends demonstrate that they feel safe enough in their environment to express their remorse honestly and openly.

Coming Close To You And Resting His Head On Your Lap 

This gesture conveys both submission and affection.

By placing themselves so close to us, they are showing us that they respect our authority and are seeking comfort in our companionship.

Additionally, this action demonstrates true loyalty from your canine friend – not just accepting their role as subordinate but embracing it with enthusiasm.

Resting its head on your lap shows that the pup understands its boundaries while reaffirming its commitment to the bond between humans and canines through affectionate gestures of remorse. 

Avoids Going Near The Object Or Area Of Their Misconduct


This behavior displays their understanding that their actions were wrong and shows their willingness to accept any punishment or discipline as a result.

Not only that, but it also demonstrates a strong commitment to improving the bond between them and their owners through obedient behavior.

In addition, this action conveys humility and respect for their owner’s authority as an alpha figure in their relationship.

By distancing themselves from the source of trouble, they are displaying submission in hopes of regaining the trust of those who care for them. 

Furthermore, this gesture is beneficial for both the pup and its owner.

Not only does it demonstrate remorse, but it can also be reassuring to see our furry friends actively taking steps to amend any previous wrongdoing.

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