18 Human Behaviors Dogs Hate The Most

You might not even be aware that your dog dislikes what you do.

Dog irritants are different from those of humans.

Dogs generally don’t like being hugged, are not allowed to sniff, have any routine, and do other things.

Even the most relaxed dog will dislike some human behaviors.

For sure, some things like veterinary visits or grooming cannot be avoided.

There are other ways we can try to be gentle with our dogs, though.

Since no two dogs are ever exactly alike, what one dog despises might be enjoyed by another.

Keep reading to get to know the 18 human behaviors dogs hate the most.

That way, you can try to eliminate them and have a happier dog – that’s all we want as dog lovers, don’t we?

Interruptions While Eating

dalmatian dog eating food

Think about that: we guess you would become irritated when someone kept touching you while you were eating. 

The same goes for dogs – allow your dog to be in his bliss while eating.

Even more, tell everyone in your family to leave the dog alone to eat and place the dish in a quiet area.

That way, you can minimize dish handling and let your four-legged friend enjoy its meal.

No Food Variation

a lot of different dog treats

Dogs don’t like it when you only give them dog food while you eat the best food. 

Every once in a while, make a special meal for your fairy friend and let them eat their preferred dish.

That doesn’t have to be often – fortunately, you can keep your dog’s diet the same every day.

Dogs don’t get bored eating the same food as frequently as humans do because they have a smaller number of taste buds.

Before you share your food with your dog, make sure you check what can dogs eat and what can dogs not eat to always ensure the health of your dog.

Touching A Dog’s Personal Space And Face

dog laying getting touched by human hand in face

Dogs typically dislike it when humans get in their faces, much like they dislike hugging and may disklike kisses.

Consider how you would feel if it happened – if someone just comes around and touches you in your face without asking you or having a reason for it.

Don’t rush towards dogs, tower over them, or put your hands in their faces.

If the dog doesn’t know you well, this is especially crucial.

Always exercise caution to avoid a dog bite.

If you, as the owner, must prod and prod your dog for his good (such as cleaning his ears or brushing dog’s teeth), proceed slowly, be gentle, and give your dog treats and praise in exchange.

Back off if your dog displays appeasement behaviors, shows signs of fear, or behaves aggressively!

Keeping Dogs From Exploring And Sniffing On Walks

dog in nature sniffing ground

Dogs like taking walks for reasons other than just getting exercise.

Your dog can experience the outdoors while out on a walk.

Your dog uses his other senses after first using his nose to explore the world (whereas most humans explore the world through sight).

It isn’t kind to hurriedly complete a walk with your dog without allowing him to pause, sniff, and mark.

Give your dog plenty of time to explore his surroundings the next time you take him for a walk.

If you stop to consider it, it’s similar to being dragged by the arm through your favorite store without allowing you to pause and browse.

If it occurs frequently, that would be very annoying, wouldn’t it?

Being Put Away While Having Guests At Home

brown dog in a black cage

Dogs are incredibly social creatures.

It’s like putting your dog in solitary confinement if you keep them in the backyard and ignore them when your friends come over.

By letting them out while your guests are over, your dog will get a chance to bond with your friends and learn to behave better around new people.

Boring Walks

bulldog laying on the floor

Dog walking around on a leash, not allowed to sniff, not allowed to run as it should.

Dogs get very upset about this

Our furry friends want to investigate their environment.

Allow your dog to sniff uninhibitedly and explore his surroundings.

The leash is then occasionally long because only “walking” won’t eventually wear him out.

Incorporate daily exercise and variety into the walk, such as fetch training and swimming.

Cleaning Them

dog getting washed in a bathtub

Dogs often keep themselves clean in their unique way and can communicate with other dogs or animals using their body scent.

You’re not doing your dog any favors if you wash him too frequently, even when he isn’t very dirty.

Likewise, avoiding scented products when washing your dog is crucial.

They might rush outside to roll in whatever is the slinkiest they can find when they smell the scent of scented shampoos on their fur.

They do this to alter their physical appearance.

Ranting Without Knowing The Reason

woman with dog on a green field

Although your dog may have done something that has upset or angered you, it is essential to keep in mind that dogs cannot comprehend what they have done wrong or what is happening.

By reprimanding your pet, you express your rage and negativity without dealing with the issue’s root. Your dog might become anxious and confused as a result.

Positive reinforcement allows you to reward desired behaviors while ignoring undesirable ones.

Forced Socialization

two dogs sitting next to each other

Despite being pack animals, dogs don’t necessarily want to interact with other dogs all the time.

Consider this.

Do you desire to converse with anyone you come across on the street?

Dogs don’t like bonding with some dogs, just like humans don’t.

If your pet is aggressive toward some dogs, don’t keep shoving them together and hoping they’ll become friends.

Over Exercise

dog with woman jogging

Regular runners and cyclists frequently bring their dogs along for company, but long runs can be challenging or harmful for some breeds or older dogs, for example.

Pugs and bulldogs, two species with short noses, have respiratory problems that make them unsuitable for long-distance running.

Always talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s exercise needs if it is eight years old.

Playing With Children

a lot of children with a dog

Children are impulsive and unpredictable.

They can occasionally annoy or agitate a dog, especially one not used to its erratic and cheerful nature.

Before you have kids, remember that kids might try to ride a large dog, poke its eyes, or pull on its ears or tail.

Request that their parents go over the protocol with their kids.

Put the kids in a room that is off-limits to the kids if they want to play rough, and your dog seems worried.

Baby Treatment

brown dog looking scared

Many dog owners believe that treating their dogs like babies constitutes proper care.

It’s critical to remember that a dog is a dog and must be handled accordingly.

Anxiety and confusion may result from expecting a dog to perform actions that he is unable to perform or does not comprehend.

Treating your dog like a baby could result in inadequate training or inappropriate punishment, making the real issue worse if left unattended.

Some dog owners try to prevent their dogs from naturally occurring behaviors like sniffing feces and smelling each other behind.

In these circumstances, we are not protecting our furry friends; instead, we are keeping them from their natural state.

It would help if you accepted your dog as they are.

Loud Music

light brown dog with earphones on his head

Due to their much more acute hearing than humans, dogs find loud noises to be stressful.

Dogs can become highly agitated by noises that don’t bother us because canines can hear sounds four times farther than humans can.

The most frequent noise phobia triggers are thunder, fireworks, police, sirens, and loud vehicles.

Loud music listeners with dogs in the car are likely to cause harm to the animals.

Arguing In Front Of Dogs

dog with thoughts bubble humans in it

Perhaps you and your spouse are arguing, and the conversation becomes loud, or someone starts to cry.

It’s easy to forget.

Your dog experiences stress as a result of witnessing the altercation.

Dogs may bark at you or approach you carrying a toy to break up a fight.

Some dogs will also steal your prized possessions if they know you’ll leave the argument to go after them – any action they take.

Your dog can detect problems.

You shouldn’t be in a hostile environment, nor should your dog.

Using Words More Than Body Language

brown dog giving paw to human

The meaning of a few keywords, such as “walk,” “treat,” “toy,” and “off,” may be inferred by dogs, but they are unable to comprehend human language.

They rely on our body language to interpret what we mean.

Unfortunately, if we only pay attention to what our mouths say and ignore what our bodies say, we can easily send conflicting signals.

Any beginner dog training class will show that people frequently say one thing while acting another and that dogs are often perplexed as they try to understand what is expected of them.

For instance, you are telling a dog to “stay” while leaning forward and holding your hand like a traffic cop signals to the dog that you want it to approach you.

But confusingly, when the dog does, she is chastised for disobeying her stay command.

A fascinating experiment is to spend the entire day speaking only through your body to your dog.

You’ll become aware of how much you unconsciously “talk” with your body and discover how to manipulate your movements and body positions to elicit the desired response from your dog.

A Tight Leash

little dog sniffing on the floor in sun

Through their leash, dogs can sense how tense their owners are.

Maintaining a loose leash conveys to your dog that everything is calm and refined.

On the other hand, a tight leash denotes tension or anxiety.

If their leash is constantly being pulled, dogs become irritated.

It hurts them, can potentially harm them, and can frustrate them.

A proper harness and positive reinforcement can be used to train a dog quickly.

Being Upset

woman sitting looking upset

There are ups and downs in life.

You must anticipate experiencing something other than constant joy.

However, your dog can detect your emotions due to your close relationship.

Your dog will inevitably suffer if you are experiencing depression, stress, or grief.

Some dogs will experience the same emotions as you and may even become ill.

Others may become restless or angry and “act out” due to not receiving enough attention, exercise, or stimulation.

Try your best to maintain a schedule and spend time with your dog.

Dogs can be a great source of emotional support.

Dogs are so effective in animal-assisted therapy for a reason.

You might even feel better after taking your dog for a stroll. 


white dog looks into camera confused

Dogs struggle to understand our intentions, and when a guardian—or an entire household—is inconsistent, it is even more difficult for a dog to understand us.

If you own a dog, be sure that you and everyone who interacts with the dog agree on hand signals, voice cues, and how the dog may reside in your home.

Giving the dog conflicting cues is unfair; think about how you would feel if some family members urged you to sit on the couch while others yelled at you for doing so!

Writing everything down in a chart or using a whiteboard on your refrigerator is a great way to maintain consistency.

Writing everything down in a chart or using a whiteboard on your refrigerator and discussing it with your entire family are great ways to maintain consistency.

Our responsibility is to enrich the lives of our dogs, gain their trust, and simplify the way we live as humans for them.

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Now you know the human behaviors dogs hate the most.

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