15 Signs Your Dog Trusts You Completely

The bond between a human and their furry companion is one that’s forged over time, built on mutual respect, understanding, and of course, countless belly rubs.

While dogs might not be able to pen down love letters or serenade us under the moonlight, they have their unique ways of showing trust and affection.

Recognizing these signs can be both heartwarming and reassuring for any pet owner, especially as they serve as silent affirmations of the strength of your relationship.

If you’ve ever wondered just how deep your bond is with your four-legged friend, look no further.

Here, we uncover “15 signs your dog trusts you completely,” and you might just be surprised at some of the subtle ways they’ve been showing their trust all along.

Relaxed Body Language

One of the most obvious signs of a happy, trusting dog is their body language.

A relaxed posture, a wagging tail, and perky ears show that they’re at ease.

The way they move around you, without hesitation or signs of stress, indicates that they see you as their safe space.

It’s not just about the tail, though; notice their mouth, too.

A slightly open mouth with a lolling tongue often indicates contentment.

These signs are a testament to the comfortable and secure environment you’ve provided for your canine companion.

Eye Contact

Trust While prolonged eye contact between two humans can sometimes feel awkward, in the canine world, it’s a powerful sign of trust.

When a dog maintains gentle eye contact, it’s a signal of attachment and confidence in you.

In fact, research has shown that when dogs and their owners share a gaze, there’s an increase in oxytocin (often referred to as the “love hormone”) in both, strengthening the bond even further.

Exposing Their Belly

The belly of a dog is its most vulnerable part.

When they roll over and expose their underside to you, they’re essentially telling you they trust you with their life.

This action is a sign of complete submission and trust, showing that they believe you’d never harm them and they feel entirely safe in your presence.

Following You Everywhere

Ever felt like you have a shadow that’s particularly furry?

Dogs who trust their owners often follow them everywhere, from the living room to the bathroom.

This isn’t just a sign of curiosity; it’s a testament to the fact that they find comfort in your presence and want to be near you, whatever the scenario.

While sometimes this might be about seeking attention or food, more often than not, it’s simply about being close to their trusted human.

Sleeping With You

Whether it’s at the foot of your bed, beside you on the couch, or right next to you under the covers, where a dog chooses to sleep speaks volumes.

By choosing to rest beside you, they’re signaling that they feel most secure and protected in your presence.

Nights, with their silence and darkness, can be vulnerable times, and the act of sleeping next to you is a nightly reaffirmation of the trust they have in you.

Leaning Into You

Physical touch is a powerful communicator of trust.

When a dog leans into you, seeking out your touch and placing their weight against you, they’re drawing comfort and security from your presence.

This gesture, often accompanied by a deep sigh or closed eyes, is a silent message of trust, indicating that in the vast world around them, you are their anchor.

Eating Around You

Trust Dogs, like many animals, can perceive mealtime as a vulnerable moment.

In the wild, feeding can expose an animal to predators or rival challenges.

Thus, when your dog eats peacefully in your presence, it’s not just a casual behavior—it’s a clear sign they trust you implicitly.

They understand that with you around, there’s no threat, allowing them to indulge in their meal without any apprehensions.

Bringing You Their Toys

Toys for dogs, aren’t just playthings.

They’re prized possessions, objects of comfort, and sometimes, even security blankets.

When your dog brings a toy over to you, not to play, but just as a gesture, it’s a sign of deep trust and affection.

In their way, they’re sharing something valuable, hoping to bond over their little treasure.

Listening To Your Commands

While training plays a significant role in a dog’s obedience, their consistent willingness to listen and respond to your commands stems from trust.

They respect your leadership, understand you have their best interest at heart, and trust that your directions will keep them safe and happy.

No Signs Of Aggression

One of the most comforting signs of trust is the lack of aggressive behavior towards you.

If your dog doesn’t growl, snap, or display defensive behaviors in your presence, it showcases their trust in you.

They see you as a protector, caregiver, and ally, ensuring their actions around you are always gentle and loving.

Calmly Exposing Neck

The neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of a dog’s body.

When they expose this area, especially during belly rubs or while resting, it’s a sign they trust you wholeheartedly.

They believe in your goodwill and trust you won’t harm them, showing an immense level of faith in your bond.

Relaxed Around New Environments

New environments can be stressful for dogs.

Yet, a dog that trusts its owner will often display calmness in unfamiliar settings, drawing confidence from your presence.

They look to you for cues on how to behave, trusting that you’ll guide them safely through any unknowns.

Patient Waiting

Separation anxiety is common among dogs.

However, a dog that trusts its owner will wait patiently, confident in their eventual return.

Instead of destructive behaviors or incessant barking, they’ll find solace in their space, holding onto the trust that their beloved human will be back.

No Resource Guarding

A dog that doesn’t guard its food, toys, or favorite resting spots trusts its human immensely.

They don’t see you as a threat but rather as a provider and companion.

This lack of possessiveness showcases their understanding that you respect their needs and will always ensure they’re cared for.

Comfort During Grooming

Grooming can be a tricky experience, from the unfamiliar sensation of nail clippers to the tug of a brush through tangled fur.

Yet, dogs that trust their owners remain calm and cooperative during these sessions, relying on the bond of trust to assure them that they’re in safe, caring hands.

The trust between a dog and its owner is sacred, built over time through shared experiences, care, and understanding.

Recognizing these 15 signs is not just about affirming this trust but also about celebrating the deep, enriching bond that humans share with their canine companions.

As dog owners, it’s our privilege to be entrusted with such unwavering faith and our responsibility to nurture it every day.

For in this trust, we find a companionship that’s pure, unselfish, and truly timeless.

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