Can Dogs Eat Goldfish?

Goldfish should not be fed to dogs, but one or two pieces are acceptable.

Goldfish crackers contain too much salt and fat content.

Goldfish also contains seasonings and coloring that are toxic to dogs.

As a result, it’s best to keep Goldfish away from your canine companions.

So, why is the answer to the question “can dogs eat goldfish?” no, and why aren’t goldfish crackers safe for your dog? Let’s find out.

Why Are Goldfish Crackers Bad For Dogs?

Goldfish don’t poison dogs.

They aren’t exactly healthy either, though.

The following components may harm the health of your dog.

little bowl with lot of goldfish

Too Much Sodium

Goldfish crackers contain a whopping 45 milligrams of sodium in every serving of 100g.

Salt in excess can be harmful.

Dogs cannot take the amount of salt in this food that humans can.

Your dog may have mild symptoms of excessive thirst and dehydration.

If they overeat, they can experience hypernatremia, which might be fatal.

Due to excessive water loss from his body and organ failure brought on by the high sodium levels, your dog may experience convulsions.

Onion And Garlic Powder

The family of allium includes both garlic and onion.

Garlic powder may result in problems with the dog’s red blood cells, causing oxidative damage that makes the cells brittle and prone to breaking.

Onion powder and roasted garlic decrease the number of red blood cells in your dog’s circulation, which causes anemia.

Your dog’s symptoms may take a few days to appear, including weakness, pale gums, and an increased heart rate.

onions and garlic

Given that it is highly concentrated, a powdered version of these vegetables may be even more effective than the vegetables themselves.

It implies that harm could occur even in modest doses.


Because salt is a drying substance, if your dogs ingest a lot of it, they may become highly thirsty and not get the recommended quantity of water in their bodies.

By checking the flexibility of your dog’s skin, you can determine if it is dehydrated.

Dehydration may be a problem if you gently tug the animal’s skin and it doesn’t quickly return to normal.

Vomiting, a lack of appetite, thick saliva, a dry nose, and sunken eyes are some symptoms of dehydration.

You will agree that you shouldn’t give your dog goldfish crackers because of dehydration, which is one of the answers to the topic “can dog eat goldfish crackers?”


Sugary foods like Goldfish crackers can cause illnesses besides obesity.

A dog’s fast digestion of refined carbohydrates causes an immediate and significant spike in blood sugar levels, which can eventually lead to diabetes.

Because your dog’s digestive system is not designed to process grain, it will convert it to sugar.

Your fidos are not amenable to diabetes; thus, receiving the best medical treatment is strongly advised.

Diabetes-stricken canines require lifelong care and daily insulin shots.

Female dogs should also be spayed since the hormone progesterone may interfere with adequate insulin flow.

After briefly stating some objections to feeding your dog goldfish crackers, you can move on to learn more about the negative impacts of human snacks.

Even though goldfish crackers are delicious and enticing, adding them to your dog’s diet won’t do any good and might even be dangerous.

High In Calories

Wheat flour primarily consumes goldfish crackers.

You should take your dog into account if any canines are sensitive to wheat flour.

Because all the vitamins and minerals are removed during refining, wheat flour has little nutrition.

If you want to give your dog wheat, think about feeding them whole wheat, bran corn, sweet potatoes, and some carbs.

These feeds contain a lot of fiber, which aids in maintaining a healthy weight, regulating blood sugar, and maintaining a healthy colon.

fat dog lying on the floor

Are Goldfish Crackers Toxic?

Yes, as was briefly said.

Even though it looks so harmless to us, some dogs can become poisoned by just some cracker’s worth of seasonings.

You can confidently presume that one goldfish cracker should be delicate for a great dane, but a chihuahua would be far more likely to react negatively.

However, most dog experts won’t advise doing so with goldfish crackers that still include those chemicals.

What Happens If Dogs Eat Goldfish?

Depending on your dog’s inherent sensitivity, you likely won’t notice anything other than occasional moderate diarrhea or indigestion.

That assumes one goldfish cracker, or possibly as many as three.

Additionally, this presumes that your dog is a medium-sized dog.

However, the ingredients have the potential to poison you very quickly.

The first 24 hours will see the onset of symptoms, with the first 6 to 12 hours being the most common.

brown dog lying on the floor looking sad

These consist of:

  • Food poisoning

  • Hemolytic anemia

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Pale coloring around the eyes and nose

  • Panting and restlessness

  • Lethargy

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Dehydration

Your pet dog is experiencing a toxic response; if you see any of these signs, you must take them to an emergency veterinarian right away so they can intervene.

This toxic reaction can be lethal if left unchecked.

Goldfish Crackers Ingredients

The components of Goldfish crackers are listed below.

The critical components in Goldfish crackers include:

  • Enriched wheat flour

  • Cheddar cheese

  • Vegetable oils

  • Salt

Each Goldfish Cracker has 2% or less of the following:

  • Yeast

  • Sugar

  • Autolyzed yeast extract

  • Paprika

  • Spices

  • Celery

  • Fresh onions

  • Baking soda

A glance at the list of ingredients in Goldfish crackers reveals that this crunchy snack is intended for ingestion by people.

We’ll go over the components and discuss how they could affect your dog’s health so you can understand how some can be bad for our furry friends.

My Dog Ate Too Many Goldfish Crackers – What To Do?

goldfish cracker on left side brown dog on right side

Your dog might get sick if they’ve emptied the cabinets and eaten a lot of Goldfish.

If your dog consumes a lot of this processed food and salty snacks, you can notice some of the following symptoms:

  • Increased thirst

  • Vomiting and diarrhea

  • Abdominal discomfort

  • Dehydration

  • Lethargy

  • Seizures

Even while the occasional Goldfish cracker or two is unlikely to create issues, you should consult your veterinarian if your dog consumes a significant amount, especially if they exhibit any symptoms of illness.

Treating A Dog With Toxicity

To stabilize your dog and aid his recovery, your veterinarian may employ various techniques, such as draining the dog’s stomach or inducing vomiting to flush out any leftover toxins.

Some veterinarians may inject activated charcoal to remove the poisons in the gut.

They might also administer intravenous fluids to keep your dog hydrated and flush its bloodstream.

Your dog is then attentively watched until the body begins to produce healthy red blood cells once more.

In severe cases of toxicity, a complete blood transfusion and oxygen supplementation may be required.

If your dog ate a few goldfish crackers, that might not be the case.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Goldfish 

goldfish crackers lying on the floor

The answer to the question, “can dog eat Goldfish?” should be evident.

Dogs love Goldfish, but you love your healthy canine friend!

Sharing salty foods like pretzels or Goldfish with your dog is not a good idea.

Dogs shouldn’t eat Goldfish crackers or any other human foods, for that matter.

While humans love eating goldfish crackers, they might not be the best for your pet; as many pet owners do not see any harm in giving their dogs human snacks from time to time.

This salty snack is processed and contains little nutrients.

They may include some substances that are dangerous if consumed in significant quantities.

Fresh garlic, onion powder, and salt all can make your dog ill.

Your dog will probably be happiest eating his regular food, but you can also try one of the healthy and safe treats.

Consult your vet immediately if your dog accidentally eats an entire bag of these crackers, especially if it starts acting sick.

Due to their nutritional value, dog treats and meals are created specifically for canines.

There are foods dogs can not eat because they can harm their health and potentially reduce how long they live.

If you’re still unsure whether pooch goldfish crackers are bad for dogs, consult your veterinarian.

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