Why Does My Dog Try To Bury Her Food?

From chew toys to slippers, dogs are known for their playful and sometimes perplexing habits.

But have you ever caught your pup in the act, nose-deep in the backyard or nudging a blanket over her meal, and wondered, “Why does my dog try to bury her food?”

Is it a throwback to their wild ancestry, a quirk in domestication, or a secret canine survival tactic?

Let’s dig into this intriguing behavior to unearth the answers hidden just below the surface.

Dogs And Their Funny Habits

Dogs have unique and sometimes curious behaviors.

These habits can be entertaining and sometimes puzzling, but they often tie back to their ancestors or natural instincts.

Burying food is one such behavior, and understanding it gives us insight into the canine mind.

Reasons Dogs Bury Their Food

Remembering Wild Days

Back in the day, wild dogs would bury food to hide it from other animals.

By covering up their meal with dirt or leaves, they ensured that sneaky predators or scavengers couldn’t get to it.

Your pet dog, even if she’s living a pampered city life, might still have some of these old habits!

Saving Snacks For Late

Just like how we might save some candy or cookies for later, dogs do the same.

If they’re given more food than they can eat, or they just aren’t that hungry at the moment, they might decide to “store” it for later.

Burying food is their way of putting it in the pantry!

Keeping Food Safe From Others

Imagine if you had to guard your lunch from sneaky coworkers every day!

Dogs bury their food to keep it safe.

In multi-pet households or places where wild animals might roam, a dog might feel the need to secure their food for later by burying it.

Not Liking The Taste

You probably didn’t know this, but dogs can be picky eaters, too!

If they come across food they’re not fond of, instead of eating it, they might bury it.

It’s their polite way of saying, “No, thank you!”

Feeling Safe At Home

To dogs, their home is their kingdom.

Burying food in their favorite spots, be it in the backyard or beneath the couch cushion, gives them the comfort of knowing it’s in a safe place.

They take pride in their territory and want to ensure their food is snug and secure.

Playing A Game

Some dogs just love to play.

They’ll chase their tail, play fetch for hours, and, yes, even play hide and seek with their treats.

For them, the act of burying and then rediscovering food can be a fun game.

Feeling Worried Or Nervous

Dogs, like humans, can have anxiety.

They might feel stressed for various reasons, like a change in their environment or loud noises.

In these times, they might bury their food.

It’s a familiar activity and can help them feel better, kind of like how we might read a book or listen to music when we’re feeling down.

What Can We Do To Stop It?

We all love our dogs and often find their habits charming.

But when it comes to burying food, it can sometimes cause a little inconvenience.

So, how can we help our furry friends out and maybe change this behavior a bit?

Give The Right Amount Of Food

Did you know that many dog owners often give their pets more food than they actually need?

Just like how we might have big eyes when serving ourselves dinner, we sometimes over-feed our pets.

This is one of the reasons why dogs might bury their food – they simply can’t eat all that we give them!

It’s a good idea to check the back of your dog food bag.

It usually tells you how much to feed your dog based on their weight.

And if you’re still unsure, your vet can give you some great advice.

By giving our dogs just the right amount of food, we reduce the chances of them wanting to save some for later by burying it.

Make Eating Time Calm

Dogs can sometimes feel the same way we do!

Imagine trying to eat a meal in a super noisy and busy place.

It wouldn’t be very relaxing, right?

Dogs feel the same way.

If there’s a lot of noise or maybe other pets running around during their mealtime, they might think, “I’ll eat this later when it’s quiet,” and then try to hide or bury their food.

Making a quiet and peaceful spot for your dog to eat can make a big difference.

It tells them it’s okay to eat now and enjoy their meal.

Show Them It’s Safe

Many of us live in homes with more than one pet.

And sometimes, pets can get a little nosy about what the other is eating.

Dogs might bury their food because they’re worried another pet might take it.

Try giving your dog a specific spot to eat that’s away from other pets.

Maybe a corner in the kitchen or a special mat.

Over time, your dog will learn that this is their safe eating place, and they won’t feel the need to hide their food anymore.

Dogs, with all their quirky habits, make our lives so much brighter.

And while burying food can seem a bit strange to us, it makes perfect sense to them.

But by learning more about why they do what they do and trying out these tips, we can help our pets feel even more loved and understood.

After all, when we know better, we do better.

And our pets deserve the very best from us.

So the next time your dog does something a little funny with their food, you’ll know just what to do!

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