16 Things Dogs Do Better Than Humans

Dogs are some of the most loyal and lovable creatures on the planet, but did you know that they can also do some things better than humans?

Now, I’m not saying we’re bad at these things or anything, but dogs have a natural talent for them. 

In this article, we share 16 things dogs do better than humans!

Dogs Can Smell Things We Can’t 

dog nose from near to the camera

Dogs possess a sense of smell that is far superior to ours as humans. 

Not only are dogs able to detect odors at greater distances than we can, but they also have scent receptors up to 100 million times more powerful!

This allows them to pick up on smells that may be undetectable to us, such as tracking a runaway animal or the smell of cancer cells in a person’s breath.

Dogs can even follow a trail left by an animal based on their scent, something that the average human would never know existed.

With such an incredibly impressive sense of smell, it is no surprise why dogs are utilized so frequently for aid work in addition to their loyal companionship!

Dogs Are Better At Sensing Danger 

Dogs’ highly sensitive senses afford them the ability to detect danger much more quickly than humans.

They can observe subtleties in their environment that are often unnoticeable to us.

This gives them a distinct advantage when it comes to being alerted of potential hazards.

With sharper hearing, more reliable vision, and an acute sense of smell, they’re able to detect trouble well before we do.

Dogs can even recognize changes in sound vibrations that can signal a threat.

This capability allows them to alert their owners or perform protective roles with astounding effects.

With these special abilities, dogs have proven themselves time and time again as reliable guardians and protectors against danger!

Dogs Are More Loyal Than Most Humans

dog and man on grass playing

Dogs are renowned for their loyalty – it’s a feature that has made them some of the most beloved companions of all time.

It’s no surprise that the saying, “A dog is man’s best friend,” exists, and most people believe it to be true.

Dogs are loyal to their owners no matter how long they have been apart and even when home-life changes unexpectedly.

That said, they don’t just give their loyalty without anything in return. 

All they ask is for love, comfort, and consistency.

They’ve earned their reputation as one of the most reliable companions you could have.

And if we take on the responsibility of caring for a dog, then we must remember to never forget the trust our furry friends place in us each day.

Dogs Have A Better Sense Of Direction Than Humans

Dogs have an impressive sense of direction that goes far beyond what most humans can do.

Dogs can memorize and use scents to navigate long distances, something humans can’t do.

Experts say that lost dogs can easily find their way home using just their owner’s scent.

It is no surprise, then, that many owners buy tracking devices for their canines so they can be located if they ever stray off or get into an accident.

While we may all sometimes get lost ourselves, our furry friends never should!

Dogs Don’t Get Jealous As Humans Do 

human hands holding dogs ears close

Although dogs and humans often have tight connections, one emotion humans may experience more deeply than their canine companions is jealousy.

Humans can feel jealousy or possessiveness when a rival succeeds, but dogs probably don’t.

Dogs may experience something similar, such as anxiety over losing attention from their owners or resources for food.

But it likely doesn’t fall under the umbrella of what we experience as jealousy.

Humans have a sophisticated capability to feel various kinds of envy based on social constructs like ranking and status.

Animals operate off basic instinctive drives to survive and manipulate their environment without truly feeling jealousy in the human sense.

Dogs Are Less Judgmental Than Most Humans 

Our canine companions provide unconditional love and companionship that often can’t be achieved with our fellow humans. 

Dogs have a unique ability to connect with us, regardless of our age, gender, or social or financial status.

They are empathetic and will provide comfort without judgment when we need them the most.

In contrast, many humans have a tendency to judge others for their decisions or actions.

We may judge people for grooming standards, political or religious beliefs, and countless other things.

Fortunately, dogs don’t pass judgment on these matters – they merely love us as we are!

Dogs Forgive More Easily Than Most Humans

woman eye and dog eye from near

Dogs are incredibly special animals who are capable of astounding emotional depths.

They can form an unshakeable bond with their human companions even during a short amount of time.

Their loyalty and devotion are something to be admired.

Not only that, but they seem to carry a level of forgiveness that surpasses most humans.

While some people may still hold grudges or feel resentment very deeply, it’s common for dogs to take joy in the simple pleasure of seeing an old friend again, no matter how much time has passed.

This forgiving nature helps create strong, lasting relationships with those around them and makes them one of the most loyal and easy-to-forgive creatures on earth!

Dogs Can Hear Things We Can’t 

Dogs have an amazing sense of hearing and can detect sounds humans cannot.

They can hear up to four times farther than we can, so they will often react to things we are unable to hear.

Dogs pick up on high-pitched noises that humans would not even be able to register.

Their hearing is sharp enough to recognize sounds from a great distance away.

This superior hearing is why dogs are often used as service animals or in law enforcement; it enables them to use sound as a detection tool.

It’s incredible how strong a dog’s sense of hearing is, and it just shows that there are still some distinctions between man’s best friend and us!

Dogs Don’t Get Lost As Easily As Humans Do 

woman with little black dog walking in forest

Canines are known for their impressive navigation skills.

They can remember pathways, routes, and certain landmarks that they have seen before.

Dogs are capable of problem-solving to find their way home if they ever become lost while out on a walk.

This innate ability reduces the chance they’ll get stuck in a new place like humans do.

Different species of animals have navigational skills, but dogs’ emotional connection to humans has allowed them to live in close contact with civilization for centuries.

Dogs Can See In The Dark

Dogs have a remarkable sense of vision and are even able to see in the dark due to their large eyes and superior night vision.

This innate ability reduces the chance they’ll get stuck in a new place like humans do.

Different species of animals have navigational skills, but dogs’ emotional connection to humans has allowed them to live in close contact with civilization for centuries.

This allows them to see much better in lower light conditions as these reflected signals increase their visibility.

An incredible feature that helps dogs stay safe and alert during nighttime wanderings.

They Can Run Faster

happy dog running outside on grass

For some people, running faster may be a simple task, but for others, it is something that takes time and practice to achieve.

If you want to be able to run faster, the best thing you can do is set a goal and strive to reach it.

Start by doing a consistent routine of warm-up exercises, stretching, and running drills at least three times a week.

This will help get your muscles used to the motion of running faster and prepare them for longer distances.

Eating healthy and getting enough sleep are also important parts of improving your overall performance when it comes to increasing your running speed.

With dedication and perseverance, anyone should be able to run faster with the right guidance!

Dogs Love Unconditionally 

Dogs offer a type of love that is truly unique.

Unconditional and nonjudgmental, they will follow us through thick and thin, no matter what station in life we are at or how much we have achieved.

It is this kind of understanding that makes the friendship between humans and dogs so special, where it can be easy to know their feelings just from a simple glance.

Because a dog’s devotion carries no expectations or strings attached, it unleashes a feeling of acceptance within its owner.

It is the ideal friendship that dispels any need for pretenses or falsehoods.

Humans can learn a great deal from our canine friends: let go of preconceptions and accept others as they are.

These simple lessons could make all the difference in improving relationships with those we care about.

Dogs Don’t Get Angry As Humans Do 

dark dog barking a lot standing on grass

Dogs are typically thought to be emotional creatures, but they don’t actually experience anger in the same way that humans do.

While dogs may have changeable moods and even show signs of annoyance with certain behaviors, they don’t experience true anger as humans do.

Dog owners should take comfort in knowing that when Rover barks or growls at another dog, it’s an expression of caution, not a hostile emotion.

Dogs simply lack the capacity for truly feeling angry in the way we do, instead using their body language to communicate various kinds of distress or displeasure.

The next time your pup growls at a stranger or pretends to bite you during playtime, remember there’s nothing to worry about- without a human-level understanding of emotions, your pooch isn’t seething with rage!

Dogs Always Make Time For Playtime. 

Dogs are full of energy and need to stay active to maintain their health and well-being.

Playtime is essential as a way to express their curiosity and burn off some of that energy.

They always jump at the opportunity for a good game of fetch or hide-and-seek.

Unfortunately, humans often forget about the importance of playtime in our lives.

We may be too focused on work, putting off recreation time until later, only to find ourselves too exhausted by the end of the day.

Or we may get caught up in the monotony of everyday life and allow our need for play to take a backseat.

Taking time out to have fun can be incredibly rewarding and help break up any sense of routine or boredom into something more enjoyable and exciting.

So, when you find yourself with a little more free time, why not treat yourself like your canine counterparts: make room for some quality playtime!

Dogs Don’t Remember Things The Way Humans Do

Dogs are remarkably complex animals.

While they don’t remember things the same way humans do, they do remember things in their own special way.

A dog’s short-term memory is much shorter than a human’s, but their long-term memory can, surprisingly, exceed our own in certain conditions.

Memory is just another reminder of the richness and complexity of canine personalities; research into animal cognition is showing us more and more about how intelligent dogs really are. 

Dogs Love To Play, Even When They’re Old And Grey 

two dogs black and brown playing in grass

Dogs aren’t just the cutest furry friends you’ll ever have – they are also the most playful.

Even when a dog starts to age and their fur has gone grey, it will still find joy in running a lap around the garden or chasing after a ball. 

Human beings don’t work like this; our capacity for play often diminishes as we get older, but our canine companions always seem to keep that puppy spark alive.

Dogs truly demonstrate that age is merely a number, and love for adventure never fades away!

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Dimitra Kokologianni, DVM
Dimitra holds a Masters’s degree in public health and a Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine. She is a versatile professional with over 7 years of experience. Her passion for animal welfare and preventive medicine makes her an excellent resource for our readers.