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How To Tell If Dogs Like Each Other?

Have you ever watched two kids, complete strangers, bond over a simple game in the park?

It’s pure magic.

Similarly, dogs have their own playground rituals.

They might not build sandcastles or play tag, but their barks, wags, and play bows speak volumes.

Sometimes, though, their signals can be tricky for us two-legged beings.

Are they BFFs or frenemies? How to tell if dogs like each other?

Let’s dive into the mysterious world of dog friendships!

10 Signs Your Dogs Are Buddies

They Stick Together Everywhere

In the wild, many animals stick together for safety.

Dogs, though domesticated, still hold onto this instinct.

When they become friends, they’ll often explore side by side, their tails swishing like synchronized dancers.

Have you ever seen one dog pause and the other stop, too, waiting?

That’s a tell-tale sign!

A fun fact many don’t know is that dogs have a ‘follow-the-leader’ game.

One leads, and if the other follows, it’s a sign of trust and camaraderie.

Sharing Their Toys And Food

Sharing is caring, right?

But in the dog world, it’s more than that.

A lesser-known fact is that, in the wild, dominant wolves might guard resources.

So, when domestic dogs willingly share toys or food, it breaks that natural instinct.

It’s their unique way of showing, “Hey, you’re special to me.”

Sleeping Snuggled Up

While we humans love our personal space during sleep, dogs think differently.

Wild dogs and wolves often sleep huddled for warmth and safety.

If your dogs sleep curled up together, it’s not just an ‘aww’ moment.

They’re rekindling that age-old bond.

It shows deep trust, as sleep is a vulnerable time for animals.

They Seem Sad When Apart

Have you ever noticed a dog looking out of the window, almost waiting?

That’s not just random daydreaming.

Dogs, like humans, form strong bonds and can miss their pals.

A dog that’s moping or looking lost without its companion is displaying a depth of connection that’s truly heartwarming.

One Protects The Other

Ever heard of the term ‘watchdog’?

Dogs are natural protectors.

But here’s something you might not know: when dogs truly bond, they’ll often become protective of each other, not just their human families.

They stand up for their buddies, just like a kid sticking up for a friend against bullies.

Grooming Sessions

Remember those movies where friends help each other get ready for a big event?

Dogs have their own version.

Grooming isn’t just about cleanliness.

When dogs groom each other, especially in areas hard to reach, they’re showing trust and care.

This behavior is rooted in their wolf ancestors, where grooming helped strengthen pack bonds.

Wagging Tails And Playful Stances

Imagine you’re in a park, and you spot two children laughing, playing tag, and enjoying their time together.

That’s the kind of joyful camaraderie dogs display when they like each other.

Their tails wag energetically, not just because they’re excited but because they’re communicating happiness.

Pair that with a playful stance – front legs stretched out, rear end up in the air – and you’ve got a clear sign of dogs ready for some friendly fun!

Calm And Relaxed Near Each Other

You know that warm feeling when you’re sitting beside a close friend, silently enjoying a sunset?

Dogs have their moments, too.

When they’re relaxed in each other’s company, lying down side by side, or casually strolling together without tension, it’s a clear indication that they consider each other a comforting presence.

Recognizing Each Other’s Names

It’s always amusing when you call out a friend’s nickname, and they instantly respond, right?

In the dog world, it’s similar.

If one dog perks up or looks around when they hear the other dog’s name, it’s like them saying, “Hey, that’s my buddy you’re talking about!”

Fewer Quarrels, More Play

Every relationship has its ups and downs.

But with best buddies, the fun times far outweigh the disagreements.

If your dogs have fewer arguments and spend more time playing, chasing, or even sharing toys, then it’s safe to say they’ve got a special bond.

How Long Does It Take Dogs To Like Each Other?

You might’ve heard stories of love at first sight between dogs, while others seem to play hard to get.

The truth is some dogs become fast friends within moments, while others might take weeks or even months.

Just like humans, every dog’s pace to form friendships is unique.

How Do You Tell If Dogs Will Get Along?

You know that spark you see between two people who’ve just met and hit it off?

Dogs have their version.

Apart from those friendly tail wags and relaxed postures, look for soft eyes, open mouths, and a willingness to engage in mutual sniffing – the doggie equivalent of a handshake!

Signs Dogs Might Not Get Along

Just as it’s important to know the good signs, you need to be alert to the warning ones.

If you notice growling, prolonged staring raised hackles, or a stiff body posture, these could be signals that all’s not well in doggie paradise.

How To Introduce Dogs To Each Other

Remember your first day at school?

Nerve-wracking, right?

Dogs can feel the same when meeting new canine friends.

The key?

Slow and steady introductions.

Let them meet in neutral territories, keep leashes loose, and always monitor their reactions.

Will Two Dogs Eventually Get Along?

It’s a hopeful question many dog owners ask.

While many dogs do learn to coexist harmoniously, some might need a bit more guidance, patience, or even professional training.

Remember, every dog is an individual with its own personality and history.

Dogs, much like humans, have their distinct personalities and ways of forming bonds.

As a loving owner, your role is to be patient, observant, and supportive, helping them navigate the intricate world of doggie dynamics.

With time and care, you can aid them in finding not just a playmate but a furry best friend for life.

Before You Go…

Now you know how to tell if dogs like each other.

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Dimitra Kokologianni, DVM
Dimitra holds a Masters’s degree in public health and a Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine. She is a versatile professional with over 7 years of experience. Her passion for animal welfare and preventive medicine makes her an excellent resource for our readers.

Become The Smartest Dog Owner You Know

Join other dog owners and get a free daily email with carefully compiled tips, facts, and memes.

Become The Smartest Dog Owner You Know

Join other dog owners and get a free daily email with carefully compiled tips, facts, and memes.