How To Get Dog Smell Out Of Couch | Tips And Tricks

We all have our favorite ways to explain why we should let our dogs use the couch, such as

  • they are a member of the family

  • they are my best friend

  • they have just as much right to the couch as I do

Many dogs, whether with us or alone, spend a significant portion of their lives on the couch.

Unfortunately, a cost is associated with letting your dog enjoy napping on the couch.

There is an unmistakable dog smell that the dog has left behind on the couch.

This is a truth that even the most devoted dog owners will readily acknowledge.

So how do you eliminate a doggie smell from a couch?

A multi-pronged strategy is typically the most effective way to stop the pet odor from a couch, other pieces of furniture, and carpet.

The couch and the dog must be regularly maintained, and various odor-reducing formulas must be used.

Keep using a combination once you’ve found one that works.

As you want to know 20 tips and ways for the question “how to get dog smell out of couch”, continue reading.

20 Tips And Ways To Get Dog Smell Out Of Couch

beagle on grey couch

1. Baking Soda Removes Dog Odors

Baking soda is a great odor remover if your sofa has a persistent, strong wet dog smell.

  1. Sprinkle baking soda over the upholstery and leave it alone for the night.

  2. The following morning, give your couch a thorough vacuuming.

  3. In most cases, the smell ought to have significantly decreased, if not completely vanished.

  4. Given that baking soda is perfectly safe for both humans and dogs when used in this way, this natural cleaning technique can be used as frequently as necessary.

2. Spray Fabric Freshener On Your Couch

There are times when you have visitors over, and all of a sudden realize your couch smells like a dog!

When this occurs, a fabric refresher can be used to freshen the couch rapidly.

Products like Febreze assist in removing all of a couch’s unpleasant smells and restoring the sofa to smell fresh.

The smell typically disappears after a few minutes and is replaced by a lovely, new perfume.

Fabric fresheners are safe to use around pets, even though they may contain many harsh synthetic chemicals.

If dogs don’t like the scent of the fabric freshener you’ve chosen, they could decide to sit on another piece of furniture.

3. Remove Anything Removable

There are frequently removable pillows, cushions, throw blankets, and covers on sofas.

Making your couch as disassembled as possible will make it simpler to remove the odor and restore its freshness.

It will be simpler for you to reach the couch’s interior and give it a thorough cleaning.

To ensure everything is cleaned as thoroughly as possible, divide those removable things into washable and nonwashable categories.

black dog on grey couch

4. Removable Covers

Any removable couch components that can be washed, such as blankets and removable cushion covers, should be taken to the washing machine.

Some throw pillows also have detachable, machine-washable covers.

Always check the labels to ensure the covers are secure enough to wash in your washing machine.

If you want the washing machine to work even harder to get rid of the dog smell:

  1. Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar.

  2. Once the dog odor is completely gone, wait to dry the blankets.

  3. The odors may become even more ingrained in the cloth due to the dryer’s high heat, making removal more difficult.
  4. Sniff the sofa covers to determine how fresh they smell, and repeat the wash cycle if necessary to remove the dog smell.

5. Furniture Steam Cleaning

The hot steam from a steam cleaner can eliminate the germs that cause pet odor.

The Dupray neat steam cleaners produce smoke at temperatures of up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, effectively removing 99.9 percent of all germs, viruses, pathogens, and mold on household furnishings and other surfaces.

Steam Clean the Sofa You can use an upholstery steam cleaner to deep clean your couch.

Steam cleaning is one of the easiest options available to remove odor-causing bacteria.

What’s even better?

This is one of the non-chemical cleaning solutions.

6. Dog-Specific Odor Eliminators

For dog owners, unpleasant scents are a typical issue. According to veterinarians, dog smell from your couch can be eliminated by applying an enzyme deodorizer.

Unsurprisingly, many odor-removing treatments are on the market, some of which are made for furniture.

This non-toxic dry cleaner is offered by veterinary practices, pet stores, and online vendors. Many of these items can be applied to soft and hard surfaces.

The powerful enzymes in the large spray bottle deodorize dog dander and smell.

Instead of covering up unpleasant odors with scent, they chemically neutralize them.

white dog on grey couch

7. Let Your Cushions Breathe

Sunlight and fresh air can astonishingly quickly eliminate odors.

On a bright day, take your couch cushions outside and leave them in the sun for several hours.

Sunlight’s UV rays eliminate odor-producing germs, restoring the sofa’s fresh scent.

8. Throw Pillows And Blankets In The Washer

The source of foul smells may not be your couch but your pillow covers and blankets.

Buy throw blankets that are “dog use only.”

If you use a blanket, see if you can machine wash it by looking at the tag.

Your cushion coverings should be unzipped and placed in the next laundry.

They can potentially be the source of solid dog odors, and cleaning them is far simpler than cleaning an entire couch.

Wash these items at least once a month to prevent canine scents from settling in.

9. Purchase An Upholstery Cleaner

You might need to buy upholstery carpet cleaner if the odor is extremely strong.

These machines used to be large, expensive, and heavy.

The more portable and lightweight devices available now, however, can assist in reducing pet odors wherever they are in the home.

They are also available for rent, and their prices have significantly decreased.

They are a great alternative for effectively controlling odors, and with their strong suction and spray, they can quickly and simply remove pet stains and odors from your furniture.

10. Vacuum Your Couch Thoroughly

black white dog on white couch

In many cases, simple vacuuming is needed to remove pet hair and dander from your couch, and maintaining a regular vacuuming schedule will help keep dog odors at bay.

Daily vacuuming may be required if your dog sheds a lot of hair or if it carries dirt inside the house.

It would help if you had a vacuum with strong suction to get the best results.

A vacuum with an upholstery attachment effectively removes hair and grime from furniture is preferable.

If you want to minimize the dog urine smell in your home, investing in a dedicated hand vacuum, for this reason, is a good option.

You can whip it out daily to clean up after your pet.

If your dog likes to nap on a blanket on the couch, be sure to vacuum under the blanket and the cushions.

A fabric freshener spray bottle can be used afterward to enhance the fabric’s initial cleanliness further.

11. Professionally Clean Your Couch

Have Your couch professionally cleaned?

Cleaning your sofa is the only surefire to eliminating a solid canine odor.

Numerous carpet cleaning businesses also offer upholstery cleaning, and most have experience with a wide variety of furniture and materials.

They will also have access to industrial-grade deodorizing spray in addition to more potent machinery.

This robust equipment and powerful ingredients may remove even the toughest pet odors.

12. Remove The Couch Covers

The coverings on specific couches are detachable. Every three to four weeks, remove them and wash them.

Wash them by hand or take them to the dry cleaners if they can’t be machine washed.

You can add a cup of vinegar to the wash cycle to remove dog smells that won’t go away.

Before putting the couch covers in the dryer, ensure that all dog stench has been destroyed, and if necessary, rewash them.

The stench can be baked into the fabric by drying the covers before they are entirely odor-free, and even after numerous items of washing, you might not be able to get the smell out because it will have been sealed into the fabric!

Allowing the covers to dry naturally is preferable.

You might try washing and drying the blankets once more if the odor doesn’t disappear.

brown dog on dark grey couch

13. Vinegar Misting

Another typical household item that removes odors is vinegar, frequently used when dealing with canine odors.

Although vinegar spray has the power to eliminate odors, there is a drawback—it also stinks!

However, by simply diluting vinegar with three parts water and two parts scented dish soap, the smell of vinegar can be reduced.

Using clear or white dish soap when spraying this mixture on your couch is best.

Additionally, keep in mind that apple cider vinegar is corrosive and could cause stains. It’s recommended to try this mixture first on a small, concealed area where your experiment won’t be seen, such as the underside of a cushion.

Overnight, let the fabric absorb the spray.

Spray the remaining portions of your sofa if it hasn’t left any stains.

When you’re done, quickly vacuum your couch’s entire surface.

14. Preventing Dog Smells To Begin

It takes time to get dog odors out of your couch.

However, there are several preventative steps you may take to lessen dog odors:

  • Give your dog a regular bath and grooming.

  • To lessen the quantity of hair and filth on your couch, brush Rover daily.

  • Purchase slipcovers; there are many attractive designs and styles available.

  • Invest in throw blankets designated for dogs only.

  • Purchase an air purifier to eliminate dog smell from the entire space.

  • When your dog comes inside from the outdoors, wipe his feet to eliminate any unpleasant outdoor odors that might have made their way to your couch.

Your sofa doesn’t need to smell like a dog to have a dog in your home.

15. Use Covers And Pet Shields

Keep your furniture covered to keep your pet away from it.

This is the best and most straightforward technique to get the smell out of the couch.

There are many contemporary options, but the sound of that can make you think of your grandmother’s plastic coverings.

You can use throws, slipcovers, or machine-washable blankets to cover your furniture.

Your pet probably has a favorite place to lay.

Make sure the area is comfortably covered with material that is easy to maintain and clean. Utilizing numerous coverings and throws at home is beneficial.

Tossing a cover in the washing machine is far easier than vacuuming your seat. You could purchase a couple of slipcovers if you prefer a freshly washed appearance.

They are available in almost every tone imaginable.

Covers are the most straightforward option if you’re wondering how to get the dog smell off the sofa.

16. Pick Pet-Friendly Materials For Your Couch

Use pet-friendly fabrics to protect the couch from dog odor.

Cowhide and microfiber are the two most popular options for pet-proof furniture fabrics.

Cowhide is popular since it’s simple to maintain, while microfiber is well-known for its durability.

Purchase a pet deodorizer spray bottle for furniture if you’re not in the market for new pieces.

The odor can be promptly eliminated.

pug on couch

17. Use Air Freshener

You might want to try producing your own inexpensive DIY air freshener to control pet odors if you have a persistent dog or cat odor in a room (think rooms with the litter box or even where the dog bed stays).

Between cleanings, they will assist in keeping the scents at bay as they work to absorb the general odors that remain in the air.

18. Use A Hard Surface Cleaner

You also incorporate cleaning the nose stains off the windows with this non-cancerous window cleaner into my daily regimen.

You use a straightforward pair of rubber gloves to remove dog hair!

The hair will immediately ball up when you run a gloved hand over it; you can vacuum it up or throw it in the trash.

19. Use Manually Cleaning Rugs

If there are large stains, you will use a simple natural cleanser and a Scotch-Brite scouring pad to remove the color, along with mild dish soap.

You can do this on our synthetic and natural wool carpets in a back-and-forth motion). You will also pre-treat it with this bar of Sunlight Soap if it’s severe.

white black dog on grey couch

20. Keeping Your Dog Off The Couch To Stop Smells

If you want the couch to be an odor-free zone, you can also consider prohibiting your dog from using it.

If your dog is already accustomed to being permitted on the couch, it will take some work to train him to stop getting up, but it is possible.

Think about getting your dog a brand-new pet bed next to the couch.

When your dog lies in their bed rather than on the sofa, use treats to encourage the behavior positively.

If your dog does get up on the couch, tell them repeatedly to get off and go to the dog’s bed (or, if they’re a smaller dog, physically move them).

When they pay attention, treat them.

Although dogs are a beloved part of our homes, the smell they leave on the carpets and furniture can be unpleasant for the residents.

But this need not be a source of stress in your household because there are so many odor-eliminating products and techniques.

Be cautious with any cleaning agents that could not be compatible with the fabric being cleaned while deciding on the best approach to keep your couch and carpet clean.

To avoid dealing with a built-up stink that necessitates thorough cleaning, strive to maintain a regular cleaning schedule and apply preventative measures like pre-spray.

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