Can Dogs Eat Arugula?

The answer to the question “Can dogs eat arugula” is yes.

Arugula is safe for dogs to eat.

This leafy green vegetable is a low-calorie food with nutritional value because it doesn’t contain poisonous substances to dogs, like many leafy green vegetables.

Pets are generally considered essential household members since they bring their human counterparts joy and companionship.

As responsible dog owners, we want to ensure that our four-legged companions receive the most excellent care, including nutritious food.

Fresh arugula can improve your dog’s health if you adhere to a few rules (namely, preparing the arugula and giving it to your dog in moderation).

Leafy green vegetables, like arugula, have many health benefits for canines.

Many homes are happy to welcome dogs since they are cherished family members.

Let’s now investigate this leafy vegetable to see if it qualifies for dog food.

Why Is Arugula Good For Dogs?

a lot of arugulas

Peppery green vegetable has vitamins and minerals that are good for dogs.

However, it would be better if you only gave your dogs cooked arugula in small amounts.

When feeding arugula, a human food, either raw or cooked, you should cut off the stems and remove any yellow leaves.

Additionally, it is best to speak with your veterinarian before feeding your dog new food; he will provide veterinary advice.

Arugula for dogs has a lot of health benefits.

Few benefits of arugula are as under:


Also known as Rocket and Rucola, arugula is an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals that can boost their health.

Vitamin B, K, and C are all abundant in leafy human foods.


Essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron are in arugula.

Digestion Health

As long as your dog consumes arugula in moderation, the high fiber content and moderate sugar and carb content of arugula can assist in reducing obstruction or digestion problems.


Arugula includes chlorophyll and other plant-based compounds, like other leafy greens.

Chlorophyll can strengthen the immune system and aid in blood detoxification.

bowl with arugula

Keeps Weight Under Control

Arugula has few calories and fats; thus, it doesn’t cause weight gain.

For overweight dogs, it is the ideal meal.

Protects Against Cancer

We are all aware that dogs can develop cancer, much like people.

The good news is that arugula includes several cancer-fighting antioxidants and phytochemicals.

Improves Eyesight

Since arugula is high in vitamin A, it benefits your dog’s eyes.

Arugula consumption lowers your dog’s risk of developing poor vision or blindness.

Strong Bones and Teeth

Calcium is abundant in arugula.

As a result, your dog’s bones and teeth will be strengthened, making it less likely to suffer from bone fractures.

Additionally, the high vitamin K concentration protects against osteoporosis.

Can Arugula Be Poisonous?

dog on left side arugula on right side

Unless you overfeed your dog, arugula is not toxic to him.

A dog’s digestive system may get irritated by too much arugula, and hormonal imbalances may result in conditions like hyperthyroidism and poor nutrient absorption.

Being a goitrogenic food, raw arugula can interfere with your dog’s ability to produce the thyroid hormones required for healthy metabolism regulation if consumed in large quantities.

In short, feeding arugula in large amounts can impair thyroid function.

Dog owners can reduce this by heating arugula before providing dog food.

Avoid arugula and other goitrogenic foods entirely if your dog has a known thyroid condition or is iodine deficient.

How To Prepare Arugula For Dogs?

Arugula has a peppery, spicy flavor, and, likely, your dog won’t like it.

Cooking and combining its peppery flavor with other tasty meals reduces its intensity.

Before consumption, all cruciferous vegetables should be boiled briefly to minimize the amount of goitrogens present and make them safer to consume.

To mask the flavor, we suggest just cutting it up and adding it to their current diet or mixing it with lean meats or canned goods.

Should I Give My Dog Arugula?

brown wooden bowl with arugula

Yes, definitely!

If your dog suffers from impaired thyroid function, then feed arugula in the cooked form to your dog.

Arugula also has a crunchy texture that your dog will undoubtedly adore.

Unless, of course, your dog detests arugula, in which case you shouldn’t push it.

Or, even better, think of inventive methods to give it this nourishing plant.

How Much Arugula Can Dogs Eat?

Generally, vegetables should be considered “occasional food” and shouldn’t make up more than 10% of human food.

Serve arugula to your dog occasionally and sparingly.

Generally speaking, most dogs have no issues eating a few arugula leaves.

If your dog consumes a lot of arugulas, it could develop digestive problems.

Always err on the side of caution and start by giving your dog a tiny bit of arugula.

Veterinary guidance should always be taken on serving size.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Arugula?

arugula on left side dog on right side

Arugula is a low-cost, low-calorie snack that can significantly improve your dog’s diet’s nutritional value.

If your dog is resistant to eating arugula, try hiding it in their food.

Dogs can eat cooked arugula in small amounts when given as a treat.

Finally, before giving it to your dog, make sure to boil or steam it because this will lessen any potential adverse effects like allergic reactions.

Overall, the advantages of arugula outweigh any possible risks.

Take care if your dog has thyroid or iodine-related health difficulties.

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