Why Does My Dog Lick My Ears?

It is universally known that your furry friend enjoys licking you (at least among pet owners); it’s challenging to resist this specific display of affection, ranging from giant slurps to rapid licks and slobbery kisses.

It can also be, that your dog licks your ears, but why?

Dogs interact with us in various ways using their tongues; that is one of their love languages.

In the wild, dogs lick one another to express love, groom, and care for their young; it makes sense that they also lick us as they view us as members of their pack.

Although the ear canal and earlobe may seem like odd places for your pet to slurp up affection, there are reasons why they might want to.

As you know now the answer to the question “why does my dog lick my ears”, discover in detail why your dog licks your ears so much in the following paragraphs.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Ears? – The Reasons

brown dog licking mans face

Dogs can become infatuated with ear licking for a variety of reasons.

Dog’s Behavior And Instincts

The answer to this question, “why does my dog lick my ears” is the instinctive dog behavior of a pack animal.

There appear to be powerful behavioral forces at work being social creatures.

You can see dogs licking as a grooming behavior, dogs are pack animals, and many things they do are related to the unique ways dogs communicate and socialize.

Dog’s obsessive licking your ears or other dogs means the following things:

  • The comfort level between member

  • Lick ears to show mutual grooming

  • Dog lick due to respective behavior in pack members

  • Dog lick to establish a sense of care and love between pack animals

The subservient of two dogs will typically do the most of the licking ears.

Occasional ear licking means you might be the victim of a satisfying ear slurp.

Sign Of Submissive Respect

big white dog licking womans nose

Grooming can be interpreted in wolves, dogs, and other canid species as a display of respect, which is typical behavior of dogs.

Most dogs may lick your ears to express their respect for you as a respected and essential part of their family.

Also, puppies show respect for older dogs by licking their mouths.

This is particularly likely to be the case if you observe other traditional submissive actions like crouching low, displaying their soft tummy, and tucking their tail.

Sign Of A Potential Health Issue

A dog may suddenly get interested in ears because of a variation in the smell that can indicate sickness.

Whatever is causing them to focus on your ear, whether it be an infection, ear wax, or another ear problem, it may be worthwhile to get it looked out.


Your dog might decide to amuse themselves by licking ears if they are bored and have nothing better to do.

A dog may frequently engage in all sorts of entertaining behaviors if given insufficient exercise, toys, or goodies that can occupy their attention.

Therefore, make sure your dog has something to chew on.

Separation anxiety can be a reason for ear licker dogs to lick your ears.

Likes Your Taste

Even though it could appear disgusting to us, dogs might enjoy the taste of our ears.

Dogs may be lured to earwax because it is an oily, bitter material that produces a punchy-tasting layer of deliciousness.

After all, licking a plain old cheek does not provide a flavor as rich as that of the inside of an ear.

They’ve undoubtedly made you throw up with all the disgusting stuff they’re willing to put in their mouth.

However, some dogs develop a penchant for the taste of wax.

Your Dog Is Excited

The pooch might be licking because he is excited.

Dog’s licking would be more likely if it frequently does it when it is enthusiastic, such as when you get home or take it for a walk.

In this situation, it would be beneficial to refrain from performing the action that makes it happy and to wait until it has finished licking your ears before moving further.

Sign Of Comfort

cute dog licking woman chin

Dogs will also groom one another to express their happiness, safety, and concern for the dog trainer.

Excessive licking of your ears shows how much they adore you and how at ease they are in your presence.

If your pup has a soft face and calm body positioning, he will lick your ears as a sign of comfort.

Should I Allow Ear Licking?

We’ve discussed the numerous causes of a dog licking your ears and what they can indicate, but what about the human side of the situation?

You don’t have to enjoy it, even though it’s beautiful that your dog is showing you how much he cares!

After all, dog licking is not a must for being a competent and devoted pet parent!

Consider the reasons behind dogs licking behavior if you want to stop it.

You can show him various methods to express his love for you if all he does is tell you that he does.

If he’s attempting to catch your attention, you’ll find that it will stop if you show him a lot of love and attention in other ways.

You must spend more time on your hygiene if he’s trying to clean your ears!

It would help first to let your dog know that you don’t like them cleaning your ears.

It’s essential to remember that if you don’t love it, they won’t want to do it either once they see it won’t benefit you.

Can You Get Sick From Your Dog Licking You?

little brown black dog licking woman face

Some people hate it when their dog licks their skin or ears.

Even if you are the most caring and attentive pet parent, it is not uncommon!

It must be said that dog tongues aren’t precisely the cleanest things in the world.

After all, they drink from the toilet, lick the floor, eat bugs, occasionally poop, and lick the rubbish.

The good news is that, despite how filthy a dog’s mouth might be, becoming sick or developing an infectious disease due to your dog licking your face and ears is relatively uncommon.

That is particularly true if you ensure that your dog practices good oral hygiene.

However, the more your pup licks, the greater the chance you’ll develop an infectious disease.

You might develop a few more ear infections if your puppy licks away your protection and leaves a droopy amount of liquid behind.

Reducing The Risk of Getting Sick From Your Dog

There are certain things you can take to assist lower the danger, even though the likelihood of contracting something unfavorable from puppy kisses and licks is extremely low.

  • Do not let itchy dogs lick any cuts or sores on your body

  • Dog saliva can cause infection but can also kill some types of bacteria

  • Always properly wash your hands after handling your dog, especially if the animal is sick

  • Maintain the best hygiene and cleanliness for your dog

How To Stop My Dog From Doing It?

white dog licking woman face

Many veterinarians will provide veterinary advice to stop your dog from licking your ears, but the following things will help you before going for veterinary guidance:

Do Not Support The Behavior

Simply allowing your dog to lick your ears encourages it.

Your dog might form a good association with it if you coo at them or laugh at them.

If they start it up again, we advise walking or leaving.

Get off the couch or stand up from the ground.

Your pet will quickly move on to the next activity.

Make Him Learn Not To Do It

With the help of rewards for good behavior or showing symptoms of good behavior, you can train your dog to do things you wish.

If you wanted to stop it from licking your ears through positive reinforcement training, you would:

  • When he starts licking your ears, get up, turn away, and, if necessary, leave the room

  • If he starts licking your ear, wait a few seconds, then return to paying attention before turning away

  • Continue doing this until he understands that licking your ear makes you stop paying attention to it.

  • Please give him a treat when it performs remarkably well.

Distract Him With Objects

If your puppy licks out of boredom, keep him occupied with toys or plan an activity.

To keep the pup entertained, I decided to utilize unique interactive toys that are superior to standard ones because they include goodies.

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