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14 Stunning Facts About Dogs You Need To Know

Do you consider yourself a dog lover?

If so, you can never learn too much about your four-legged friends.

Plenty of facts about dogs will surprise even the most knowledgeable pet parent.

This article shares 14 dog facts that will surprise you.

Dogs Can See In Color, But Not As Vividly As Humans – They See Primarily In Shades Of Blue And Yellow

brown dog getting eyes cleaned with textured background

Dogs have a unique perception of the world, and one of the more interesting aspects is that they can see in color but not as intensely as humans.

Their main range in the color spectrum lies in shades of blue and yellow.

This means that dogs can likely appreciate two distinct primary colors, much like what we would call a limited-color palette.

Although this might sound limiting, their ability to detect subtle variations in shade allows them to observe things we may miss.

Dogs can easily recognize objects and other animals near and far because of their profound sense of sight.

Some Breeds Of Dogs, Such As The Basenji, Do Not Bark

The Basenji breed is known for a trait that sets them apart from other dogs – they do not bark.

Instead, they make a noise that can be interpreted as yodeling or howling due to the shape of their larynx. 

Known as the “Barkless Dog,” the Basenji originates from African villages where its silent nature was especially valued.

As well as lacking in vocalizations, this breed also does not possess the same barking instincts found commonly in other dogs.

Instead, it will express itself through other behaviors such as tail wagging, whimpering, and licking.

The Basenji can make an ideal pet for people with close neighbors since it is mostly quiet and unlikely to cause disruption.

The Average Dog Has The Same Intelligence Level As A Two-Year-Old Child

white cute dog sitting and looking at camera with blue sky background

According to scientific studies, the average dog has the same intellectual capacity as a two-year-old child.

This means dogs can recognize up to 250 words and gestures.

They also understand simple arithmetic calculations like how many treats they will receive for sitting patiently, and even comprehend basic commands in multiple languages.

All of this, combined with their incredible loyalty and eagerness to please, help make them one of the most beloved animals in the world.

Dogs Have Three Eyelids, Including One That Functions To Keep Their Eyes Moist And Protected

While most animals have just two eyelids, dogs are special because they have an extra one!

Called the nictitating membrane, or haw, this third eyelid helps to keep their eyes moist and protected.

It is semi-transparent, allowing a bit of light while helping to keep out dust and other irritants.

When dogs get sleepy, the third eyelid can be seen slowly moving across the eye as it cleanses and moisturizes the eye area.

Apart from functionality, look at some dogs from certain breeds (like pugs) – their prominent third eyelid adds something extra to their endearing facial features.

Some Dogs Have Webbed Feet, Which Help Them Swim More Efficiently

two white dog paws on ground outdoors

Many dogs have webbed feet, giving them an extra advantage when swimming.

This can be especially beneficial for breeds such as retrievers, often used for water rescue and hunting.

Webbed feet also aid in propulsion, enabling the animal to swim faster with much less effort.

Not all breeds bred for their swimming ability or those naturally inclined towards water activities have webbed feet.

It shows up sometimes, but not always, in dogs of different breeds, big and small, with long hair and short hair.

This change in their feet makes it easy for them to move through water, which is a good match for how good they are at swimming.

The Smallest Dog On Record Was A Yorkshire Terrier That Weighed Just 4 Ounces

Yorkies have been beloved lap dogs for centuries, with their friendly and playful personalities captivating owners worldwide.

But the smallest dog on record was an incredible feat of nature – a tiny four-ounce Yorkshire Terrier born in 1945.

It’s astounding that something so small could have survived its birth, let alone thrive.

Amazingly, the minuscule pup surpassed all expectations and continued to grow – eventually reaching a healthy weight of 12 ounces.

Few things are as cute as a baby Yorkie, but this precious pup took cuteness to a new level!

Even more remarkable is that it lived well into adulthood before passing away at two years – an incredibly long life span for such a small animal.

Dogs Have A Sense Of Empathy And Can Recognize And Respond To Their Owner’s Emotions

colored dog sitting on grass and looking at camera with textured background

Dogs may just be man’s best friend, but they can also do much more.

Recent studies have shown that dogs can pick up on their owners’ feelings and act on them by doing things that make their owners feel better when they are sad or stressed.

This ability to understand and share feelings is amazing, and it’s just one more reason why having a dog as a friend is so special.

This emotional connection is even more amazing when you think about how smart and emotional dogs aren’t. This makes dogs a truly unique species in the animal kingdom.

The Labrador Retriever Is The Most Popular Dog Breed In The United States, Followed By The German Shepherd And The Golden Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the United States for a good reason.

Known for their friendly and tolerant personality, these dogs are excellent companions who excel in search and rescue, hunting, water sports, agricultural work, and more.

They are also easy to train and are known for being loyal, diligent family dogs with great intelligence.

Close behind the Labrador Retriever are the German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever. Both of these dogs make great house pets and work dogs where obedience is important.

Even though their coats are different colors and shapes, they all have one thing in common: they love people of all ages. This makes them a favorite breed among families all over America.

The Dalmatian Breed Is Born Completely White, And Their Spots Develop As They Mature

dalmatian dog looking happy to camera with green grass background

The Dalmatian breed has an interesting characteristic that sets them apart from other breeds – they are born completely white, and their spots only start to develop as they mature.

Depending on the individual dog, these spots can cover just the back or include the entire body, tail, and head.

Most of the time, these spots are big, round, and have rough edges. However, the size and shape of a Dalmatian’s spots can vary a lot.

The spotted Dalmatian is not only a popular family pet, but also a well-loved literary icon. For example, “101 Dalmatians” and “The Great Mouse Detective” are both based on the dog.

The breed’s iconic look and loyal temperament have made it popular in recent decades.

Dogs Can Differentiate Between Over 250 Different Words And Gestures

Dog owners take pride in their pup’s intelligence, and seeing them understand different commands is fascinating.

Research has shown that by using proper techniques, a dog can learn to recognize over 250 words and gestures!

With their ability to learn so quickly, it’s no wonder that dogs have been used to help police, do therapy work, and even tell when people are sick, like when they are having seizures.

Training a dog requires patience and commitment, but when the rewards are this great, they make all the effort worthwhile.

Some Breeds Of Dogs, Such As The Poodle, Have Hair Instead Of Fur And Are Considered Hypoallergenic

brown poodle looking at camera with white textured background

People who suffer from allergies often struggle to keep a pet, as the typical fur coat can lead to an allergic reaction.

However, some dog breeds, such as the Poodle, offer an allergen-free alternative with unique hair coats instead of fur.

Poodles are classified as hypoallergenic dogs, producing less dander (the skin flakes that trigger allergic reactions in many people).

This makes them an ideal breed for those who suffer from allergies and ensures they don’t miss out on the joys of having a puppy by their side.

Dogs Can Recognize And Remember Other Dogs They Have Met Before, Even If They Haven’t Seen Them In A Long Time

Dogs can recognize individual members of their species, both familiar and strangers.

This ability is rooted in their sense of smell and understanding of body language.

They can intuit a great deal about other dogs that humans may never be able to pick up on.

Research has shown that when it comes to remembering old friends, a dog’s memory for another dog can last for years and include complex recognition phrases.

Most of the time, these are unique combinations of a person’s size, shape, fur markings, and scent that the animal remembers from a long time ago.

It’s amazing how discerning our beloved canine companions can be when identifying other pups!

Dogs Have A Unique Way Of Drinking Water

light brown dog drinking from red water bowl on outdoor patio

Dogs have an astonishing ability to drink water that many animals and humans lack.

Dogs can quickly make a scoop with their tongue by curling it backwards, which other animals can’t do.

This makes it easier and faster for them to get water into their mouths than other animals.

The process happens so quickly because they close their mouths so tightly that the water can’t leak out.

Dogs have a complicated way of drinking that makes them different from other species when it comes to staying hydrated and has amazed people throughout history.

This is another great thing about dogs that makes them more admirable and is one reason why they are called “man’s best friend.”

Dogs Have 42 Teeth, Including Incisors, Canines, Premolars, And Molars

Dogs have impressive teeth, and surprisingly enough, two sets in their lifetime!

Puppies are born with just their baby teeth but replace them with adult teeth around six months old.

The 42 adult dog teeth identify four types: incisors, canines, premolars, and molars.

Incisors are used to help bite off food pieces, while canines are sharp like fangs and bit down into prey or anything their owner allows. 

Premolars are used to rip or hold food, while molars grind the food up before it is swallowed.

Despite the intimidating appearance of canine’s sharp teeth, they are a useful tool that significantly benefits dogs when it comes to eating or defending themselves.

It is remarkable how much we have yet to discover about our furry friends.

They continue to surprise us with their abilities and quirks, which shows that there is always more to learn about the world around us.

The next time you’re cuddling with your pup, take a moment to think about the amazing things they can do that you may not have even realized.

Said at this point: never forget to clean your dog’s teeth.

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Dimitra Kokologianni, DVM
Dimitra holds a Masters’s degree in public health and a Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine. She is a versatile professional with over 7 years of experience. Her passion for animal welfare and preventive medicine makes her an excellent resource for our readers.

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Join other dog owners and get a free copy of our “Happy Dog Handbook – The Essential Guide For Dog Owners” and a daily email with carefully compiled tips, facts, and memes.

Become A Smarter Dog Owner

Join other dog owners and get a free copy of our “Happy Dog Handbook – The Essential Guide For Dog Owners” and a daily email with carefully compiled tips, facts, and memes.