Simple Habits To Have A Wonderful Relationship With Your Dog

For many, the bond between human and dog is one built on mutual trust, love, and understanding.

Yet, while we may provide the treats and belly rubs, ensuring a thriving relationship goes beyond just the basics.

It’s rooted in daily habits and consistent gestures, some of which may surprise you.

In this article, we share simple habits to have a wonderful relationship with your dog.

Canine Music Time

While Beethoven or Bob Marley might be your go-to relaxation artists, have you ever wondered if your dog shares your taste?

Canines, with their heightened sense of hearing, have shown varied reactions to different musical genres.

Some may find solace in classical symphonies while others groove to the beat of reggae.

The key is observation.

Notice their reactions—the tail wags, relaxed ears, or even the occasional bark.

Keeping an eye on your dogs body language is essential as a dog owner.

We also have a video about this topic, it’s linked in the endscreen of this video.

The ‘Dog’s Eye’ Technique

Most dog owners may overlook the silent conversation their dogs are having with them daily.

A dog’s eyes reveal a galaxy of emotions—fear, joy, uncertainty, and love.

While it might sound trivial, taking a few minutes daily to softly gaze into your dog’s eyes creates a bridge of trust.

Over time, you’ll start recognizing those subtle twitches, dilations, and shifts, which are all part of their silent communication.

And remember, this isn’t a staring contest—it’s a heart-to-heart conversation without words.

Scent Exploration Walks

Dogs experience the world primarily through their noses.

Their olfactory prowess is unparalleled.

Yet, we often limit them to the monotony of the same walking routes.

By indulging in scent exploration walks, you allow your canine to traverse the vast tapestry of smells our world offers.

Let them be the guide occasionally, setting the pace and direction, driven solely by their sniffing desires.

This is more than a walk—it’s a tantalizing adventure for their senses.

Storytelling Sessions

In a world where communication is paramount, your dog cherishes the soothing cadence of your voice.

While they might not comprehend the complexities of a Shakespearean drama or a Tolkien adventure, your tone, rhythm, and the underlying emotions paint a picture for them.

They bask in the warmth of your voice and the undivided attention you provide.

Beyond bonding, narrating tales, or even talking about your day, enhances their auditory experience and strengthens your connection.

Weekly ‘Treat Hunt’ Day

Dogs, by nature, are explorers and hunters.

While domestication has offered them comfort, their innate instincts still linger.

By setting up a ‘treat hunt’ within the confines of your home or yard, you’re reviving their natural foraging instincts in a controlled environment.

Their world becomes a treasure map, and every discovered treat is a prize won.

This not only sharpens their investigative skills but also brings immense joy and satisfaction to their day.


Yoga’s ancient practice has been praised for its countless benefits for humans, but ever heard of Doga?

It’s where mindfulness meets tail-wags.

While it might seem like a millennial fad, engaging in Doga is a beautiful fusion of relaxation and bonding.

Plus, your dog doesn’t necessarily need to mimic a ‘downward dog’ perfectly.

The shared energy, rhythmic breathing, and the sheer act of spending dedicated time together is the essence of Doga.

So, roll out two mats and find your zen, together.

Artistic Paws

Dogs possess a myriad of talents, some of which are waiting to be discovered.

Ever imagined your dog as an artist?

With safe, non-toxic paints, let your dog’s paws dance across a canvas.

It’s more than just a playful activity; it’s an expression of their unique personality.

And at the end of it, you’ll have a tangible memory of their artistic flair, a masterpiece that’s both heartwarming and conversation-starting.

Celebrate Milestones

Every day with your canine companion is special.

However, celebrating milestones—be it their birthday, the day they mastered a tricky command, or their adoption anniversary—adds an extra layer of joy.

Organize a small playdate, bake a dog-friendly cake, or simply indulge them with extra playtime.

These gestures highlight the significant role they play in your life.

Travel Adventures

Traveling introduces a plethora of sensory experiences.

While not all dogs may be suited for long travels, short trips, camping excursions, or even day trips to a new park can be exhilarating.

The novel sights, sounds, and scents offer both excitement and learning opportunities, making each trip a treasure trove of memories.

Regular Vet Check-Ups

Maintaining optimal health is crucial.

Regular vet visits help preempt potential health issues, ensuring timely interventions if needed.

A holistic approach, encompassing routine vaccinations, dental check-ups, and diet consultations, ensures your dog enjoys a robust and vibrant life.

Such proactive care speaks volumes about your commitment to their well-being.

Calming Massage

A massage session is therapeutic, offering physical and emotional benefits.

For dogs, particularly aging ones or those with joint issues, massages can alleviate pain, improve blood circulation, and reduce stress.

Learning basic canine massage techniques can transform this into a regular bonding ritual, where touch becomes a medium of love and care.

Read To Your Dog

Reading transcends the narrative.

While your dog might not follow the plot, the rhythmic rise and fall of your voice, the quiet ambiance, and the closeness of the moment are soothing.

It’s akin to a lullaby, where the emotions conveyed are more significant than the words themselves.

Personalized Meal Plans

Just as we thrive better with a balanced diet tailored to our needs, our dogs can benefit immensely from a bit of culinary customization.

Recognizing their dietary requirements based on their activity levels can be a game-changer.

Had an active week with extra play sessions at the park?

Perhaps a little extra protein would do wonders.

Just as you’d meal prep for yourself, consider crafting a weekly menu for your dog.

It’s about ensuring their plate is as diverse and nutritious as ours.

Learn A New Trick Together

Age is but a number, and this rings true even for our dogs.

The saying that ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ is outdated and, quite frankly, limiting.

Every month, challenge the status quo by introducing a new trick or command.

It’s a mutual learning experience that strengthens your bond, exercises their mind, 

and offers both of you a sense of achievement.

Mindful Petting Sessions

Petting, for many, is an automatic gesture, done while we’re watching TV or reading.

But how about turning it into a therapeutic session?

Dedicate a few minutes purely to the act of petting.

Feel the texture of their fur, the rhythm of their heartbeat, and the warmth they exude.

This mindfulness creates an atmosphere of tranquility and connection, a moment where both of you are truly present.

The Dog Journal

In our busy lives, we sometimes miss the little nuances in our dog’s behavior.

Keeping a monthly journal can be enlightening.

Jot down their moods, any peculiar habits, the tricks they’ve mastered, or even the funny quirks they’ve exhibited.

This log not only serves as a health and behavior tracker but also as a cherished memoir of your journey together, understanding their patterns and adapting to their ever-evolving needs.

Create A ‘relaxation Zone’

Much like humans have their sanctuaries to unwind, dogs too can benefit from a dedicated relaxation space.

This can be a cozy corner outfitted with soft bedding, their favorite toys, and even a diffuser releasing calming scents like lavender or chamomile.

Such dedicated areas offer solace, particularly during stressful situations like boisterous gatherings or thunderstorms.

Furthermore, these zones can be therapeutic, especially for dogs with anxiety, giving them a trusted place to retreat and recharge.

Engage In Interactive Toys

Beyond the regular squeaky toys and balls, interactive toys like puzzle feeders or treat-dispensing gadgets offer multifaceted benefits.

These toys challenge a dog’s cognitive faculties, engaging their problem-solving skills.

Such activities not only keep their minds sharp but also prevent boredom-related behaviors.

They’re akin to the crossword puzzles and brain games we humans indulge in, offering both entertainment and mental stimulation.

Join A Dog Group Or Club

Social exposure, both for dogs and owners, is incredibly enriching.

Dog clubs or community meet-ups provide opportunities for canines to interact, play, and learn social cues.

For owners, these settings offer insights into diverse dog breeds, temperaments, and even solutions to common behavioral challenges.

Essentially, these gatherings are a blend of fun, learning, and community building.

Explore Nature Together

The essence of nature is rejuvenating.

Taking your dog for hikes in the woods, beach outings, or even simple picnics in a meadow introduces them to varied terrains and scents.

These outings not only provide physical exercise but also stimulate their olfactory senses, giving them a chance to connect deeply with the natural world, thereby satiating their innate curiosities.

DIY Toys And Treats

Crafting toys or baking treats at home is a delightful and rewarding venture.

Be it braiding old shirts to make tug toys or baking wholesome carrot and peanut butter treats, the personalized touch is always special.

Furthermore, this DIY approach allows you to ensure that the materials and ingredients are organic, safe, and suited to your dog’s preferences and health needs.

Attend Training Classes Together

Structured training sessions go beyond mere command and obey dynamics.

They foster mutual understanding, discipline, and trust.

Regular training, even beyond the puppy years, helps reinforce good behavior, introduces new challenges, and offers a structured environment where both owner and dog work towards mutual goals, cementing their bond in the process.

Before You Go…

You now know the simple habits to have a wonderful relationship with your dog.

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Dimitra Kokologianni, DVM
Dimitra holds a Masters’s degree in public health and a Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine. She is a versatile professional with over 7 years of experience. Her passion for animal welfare and preventive medicine makes her an excellent resource for our readers.