12 Signs Your Dog Loves You

A dog’s intentions and emotional state can be inferred from its tail wagging, convincing gaze, and ear shape.

According to research, dogs tend to express their love and affection in a variety of ways and they share the same brain regions as people when they experience emotions.

Let’s examine 12 signs your dog loves you (because you for sure want to know it, doesn’t you?).

Sleeps In Your Bedroom

dog laying in white bed yawing

Your dog loves you if he prefers to sleep in your bedroom even though you forbid him to sleeping in your bed.

But why is that an indicator of your dogs love?

Your dog’s desire to be close to you and the family members while you sleep indicates that he is wholly devoted to the pack and does not wish to be separated from you.

Brings You The Favorite Toy

brown dog brings red toy

Dogs can’t talk unless they are cartoon characters, so they must express their affection in other ways, like by bringing you their favorite toy.

Most dogs are incredibly devoted to their chews, toys, and bones.

Therefore, when your dog jumps into your lap and brings you his favorite worn-out toy or bone, rejoice because they are acting in two ways that are motivated by their love for you.

They are first making you an offering.

Second, they have the impression that you will safeguard their most prized possession as you do for them.

Snuggles Up To You After Being Fed

little light brown puppy cuddling with woman

Even though you feed your dog daily, this is the surest way to know that he or she loves you.

Your dog doesn’t just regard you as a source of food.

He wants to show you that he loves you for more than just his daily meal by cuddling with you after eating.

Additionally, cuddling releases endorphins that improve their mood and, let’s face it, improves your mood.

Does your dog prefer to play alone or does your dog cuddles with you after food?

Yawns With You

dog mouth wide open yawing

Many things can cause a dog to yawn.

When you take him to the vet or get out the leash to take him for a walk, he typically does it to relieve stress.

He may also yawn to control his enthusiasm.

However, a dog yawning in response to yours signifies social bonding.

Dogs yawn contagiously, like humans do, according to University of Tokyo researchers, but they are more sensitive to their owner’s yawns than strangers.

Some researchers think that since contagious yawning is associated with empathy in humans, the same may be true for canines.

You can perform a quick test to determine this connection while researchers try to explain it.

Just yawn to see if your dog does the same.

Relying Upon You

thin down brown dog face looking into the camera

You won’t likely lean up against someone you don’t know or trust, just as you shouldn’t avoid making eye contact with them.

The same goes for your dog.

Your dog will lean against you if he feels safe, secure, and completely comfortable, whether you’re sitting on the floor or on a couch.

Lets You Touch The Head

dark brown dog get touched on head by human hand

Many dogs do not like petting the top of their heads because they view it as a threat.

So if your dog closes his eyes while letting you touch the top of his head, you are his special someone.

That is especially true if you are a human being who is much taller than a dog.

Gets Your Clothes And Carries Them Along

dog want shoe from human hand

Dogs always want to be close to you because your scent is on your clothing.

Naturally, your socks and shoes are the items that have the most potent personal scent.

Therefore, they start by grabbing these things.

Looking Into Your Eyes

light brown dog face from near

Would you look someone in the eyes if they made you feel uneasy, unsafe, or threatened?

No way!

Only those you love, trust, and feel safe around should make prolonged eye contact.

Dogs are the same way.

Maintaining eye contact with your dog can help you develop a close bond and be a useful training tool.

Oxytocin is released by your dog’s brain when it looks at you.

Oxytocin, also referred to as the “love hormone,” is the hormone mothers’ brains release during the early stages of their initial bonding with their infants.

Maintaining natural eye contact while playing or cuddling is crucial.

Your dog will likely growl if you make forced eye contact with it.

Raises Eyebrows

brown white dog face from near

Technically speaking, dogs don’t have eyebrows in the same way that humans do.

However, they can still look like they’re raising them, and when they stick out their tongue simultaneously as they raise their eyebrows, they’re trying hard to mimic your facial expressions in the best way they can.

They won’t do this with other dogs, but they will with you.

According to research published in Scientific Reports Journal, Dogs produce significantly more facial movements when humans pay attention to them than when they’re being ignored.

They Can’t Wait To See You

pug waiting behind door

One way to know someone loves and misses you is by their excitement and joy when they see you.

This scene is one that all dog owners have seen.

When you open your front door, a playful fur storm greets you.

Your dog will undoubtedly wag its tail and may jump up on you and lick your face.

Follows You Around 

little dark brown puppy sitting on grass

Whether you like it or not, your dog will follow you even when you want to be alone because you are the pack leader.

If you’ve ever given your dog treats, they may follow you because they believe you always have treats on you, or you may have taught them to be attention-seeking because this needy behavior begins in puppies.

A puppy will consider you to be its new parent once its mother is taken away from them, which you are.

It’s called imprinting.

Licking You

white brown dog licking little girls face

There’s a good reason why so many dog lovers compare kisses to licks.

Essentially, they are! If a dog licks you, it’s either because they’re glad to see you, concerned about you, or appreciative of belly rubs.

Have you ever pretended to be dead by lying down?

This may seem strange, but many pet owners do it.

Your dog shows you love and concern if it comes up to you and licks your face.

Similarly, your dog is saying, “I love you; I’m so glad you’re back,” if you walk through the door and get licked immediately.

As a dog owner, dog love is one of the most important things!

But your dog’s love sometimes isn’t visible to everyone, therefore, we shared with you the main signs with which your dog shows love to you.

Now, knowing these signs, you can clearly see that your dog loves you.

At this point it is important to say that you do not have to immediately assume that your dog does not love you, should one or more of the signs fail to appear.

Not every dog shows his love in the same way.

And if you want to know how you can show your dog that you love him, click the link.

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Now you know the signs your dog loves you.

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