14 Secrets Your Dog Knows About You

We all know dogs are intelligent animals but have we given canines enough credit for just how smart they are?

It turns out our dogs learn a lot more about us than we realize. In this article, we’ll talk about 14 secrets your dog knows about you.

Your Love For Another Pet

dog looking at a black cat

Believe it or not, a new animal or pet in your home can make your dog nervous.

A study published in the National Academy of Sciences proceedings found that when dog owners displayed affectionate behaviors towards another pet in the house, the dog would show signs of stress and anxiety.

So, if you add a new furry member to your household, you’ll likely notice your canine demanding a little extra attention.

Knowing That You Fall For Those Puppy Dog Eyes

brown dog laying and looking with puppy eyes

Dogs’ eyes have evolved muscles, making expressions particularly appealing to humans.

The infamous puppy dog eyes expression is not a way for our beloved pets to express sadness.

It is frequently a clever tactic used by dogs to gain affection and attention.

So there’s a reason why dogs look at you lovingly when they want something.

It could be evolution’s way of controlling your emotions.

What You Want To Do

black dog looking to the side

Your dog can read almost imperceptible cues from your body language, such as eye darting or how you hold the leash, that let him know what you’re planning.

In one experiment, dogs were able to locate hidden food by simply following a person’s gaze.

Tell When You’re Sick

woman laying in bed sick

Dogs can distinguish certain chemicals that our bodies emit when we are ill, such as urinary tract infections, migraines, low blood glucose levels, seizures, and even the detection of many types of cancer.

With a nose at least 100,000 times more powerful than a human’s, dogs can detect life-threatening diseases in humans, and some specialize in it.

So, if your dog keeps sniffing your unusually shaped mole or bump, make an appointment with a doctor.

Know When You Return Home

grey dog laying in front of the door

Most dog owners agree that their canine can detect their return home before any human can.

Your dog has learned your routine and knows roughly when you will return home each day.

Even if you arrive home at an odd hour, your dog can recognize the sound of your car coming down the street and is constantly looking for it.

If you take the train and frequently arrive home at four thirty, the dog may be triggered by the local bus passing daily at four twenty-five.

There may be additional cues for your dog.

Perhaps your spouse always starts cooking dinner one hour before you arrive home, or they feed the cat five times a day.

Your Emotional Feelings

brown white dog looking into the camera cute

Researchers examined dogs’ reactions to humans crying, humming, and talking in a study published in the Journal of Animal Cognition.

The findings revealed that dogs were more likely to approach calling people.

Other research published in the Journal of Learning and Behavior found that dogs not only feel distressed when they see their owners sad, but they will also try to help them sense when they are sad or upset and show empathy to comfort them.

That You Dislike Someone

image of a hand showing dump down

Dogs notice people who are unkind to their owners, and they will hold a grudge against them.

When you have negative feelings about someone, your dog sees a change in your breathing pattern.

You can detect subtle changes in your body language and even smell chemical changes in the pheromones your body emits.

So if your dog barks at your neighbor, it could be because you dislike them.

On that note, a study found that dogs who witnessed others being rude to their owners had negative feelings toward the person who mistreated them.

You’re Leaving For A Trip

dog sitting in front of a red suitecase

Dogs despise it when you leave for a trip, so they have learned to pick up on all the cues that you are about to leave.

Suitcases from the closet or the way you always spread out on your bed.

Dogs can recognize objects based on their appearance as well as their scent.

Your pet has a relationship with your suitcase, just as they do with their favorite squeaky toy.

However, in this case, the association is not favorable, and the sight of that suitcase will elicit some negative emotions.

Recognizing When You Are Unfair

brown dog laying on couch

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, dogs become distressed and anxious when they observe you giving more attention to another indoor pet.

When You’re Angry

little brown puppy sitting and looking into the camera

By subtle changes in their facial expressions, dogs can tell when their owners are upset or angry.

Scientists have demonstrated that dogs can distinguish between human faces.

They believe canines use their knowledge of how humans express themselves.

Dogs understand your intentions, so they can tell the difference.

Dogs can detect almost imperceptible signals in human body languages, such as how you grip the leash or a darting of your eyes.

Tell them what you’re planning to do.

Know Your Fear

dog looking to the camera with toy on the paws

When we are scared, our bodies secrete a series of hormones, one of which is adrenaline, which our dog’s powerful nose can detect.

Furthermore, when we are afraid, our bodies contract, stiffen, or prepare to defend themselves, which dogs immediately notice.

Dogs often mirror our emotions and get nervous or tense when we feel anxious or afraid.

Recognize That Your Baby Is Frail

little boy petting a brown dog

Dogs can be very protective because they have a strong instinct to protect their pack and family.

Dogs understand that your child is a member of their pack and that they are the most vulnerable.

That is why some dogs bark aggressively when someone approaches your baby stroller and you should be cautious if a stranger is playing with your children while your dog is present.

If your dog believes your child is in danger, they may attack to protect their family where you’ve been.

Knows When You Cheat On Him

man with baby in back dog in the front looking at them

Dogs can experience jealousy, which is similar to the notion that they can experience injustice.

When adding a new member to the family, such as a baby or boyfriend or girlfriend, many dog owners have observed changes in their dogs.

It can be challenging for your dog to feel like they must share your time when they are used to being the only important person in your life.

Their jealousy-related behaviors may include aggression or other alterations in behavior.

That You Need To Be Protected

dog barking into the camera

When your spouse is away, is your dog’s sleeping position cuddled up next to your bed instead of their usual spot?

Or do they come closer to you when you walk through a dark area?

Animal experts believe that in the same way that dogs guard their food or litter of puppies, they may be extremely protective of their owner or other family members.

Dogs can sense when you need protection and will become more alert if someone in the household goes missing.

Before You Go…

Now you know the secrets your dog knows about you.

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Dimitra Kokologianni, DVM
Dimitra holds a Masters’s degree in public health and a Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine. She is a versatile professional with over 7 years of experience. Her passion for animal welfare and preventive medicine makes her an excellent resource for our readers.