9 Surprising Reasons Why Your Dog Loves Sleeping With You

Do you find it comforting when your pup snuggles up next to you in bed?

If so, you’re not alone!

It turns out that sleeping with your dog is beneficial for both of you and can lead to stronger emotional bonds between the two of you.

In this article, we share 9 surprising reasons why your dog loves sleeping with you!

Let’s learn about why your dog may be eager to sleep in bed with you each night!

Dogs Are Pack Animals And Feel More Secure When They Are Close To Their Pack

brown dog laying next to a woman on a white bed

Dogs are pack animals and rely on you for protection and companionship, which is why sleeping with their owners makes them feel secure.

When your pup hops into bed with you at night, they’re they seek a sense of comfort from being close to their pack.

This is especially true when they may feel anxious or uncertain about something.

Showing them affection by allowing them to sleep close can help foster the feelings of security and love that dogs need from us.

Dogs Like To Be Warm, And What Better Way To Be Warm Than Sleeping Next To Your Furnace?

It’s not uncommon to find dogs snuggled up to their owners in bed, and it’s no surprise why.

Dogs love to be warm and cozy and bask in the body heat humans produce when they sleep.

By sleeping next to their owners, dogs can also achieve a sense of security that aids relaxation. In addition, simply being close to their human companions is often enough to make a dog feel loved and protected.

Thus, while there may be numerous other reasons why a dog insists on sleeping with its owner, staying warm is certainly one of the top factors!

Dogs May Have Separation Anxiety, And Sleep With You Helps Them Feel More Secure

little brown dog cuddling with woman

Dogs have been known to suffer separation anxiety, meaning they can become filled with fear when left alone or separated from their humans.

Allowing your furry friend to sleep in the same bed with you helps them feel secure and at ease, knowing they are never truly alone and safe next to their beloved owner.

So if you want to enjoy some peaceful deep slumber with Fido by your side, in addition to a warm cozy hug, of course, there is a deeper reason why letting him share your bed can be very beneficial for you and him.

Some Dogs Like The Comfort Of Being Close To Their Humans

Regardless of breed or size, many dogs love to curl up next to their human companions at the end of a long day.

This type of snuggling is positively reinforced through gentle petting and cuddles from owners as they demonstrate their affection for their pets.

Called co-sleeping, this behavior fortifies the bond between dog and owner while providing both care and security.

Not all dogs are ‘cuddlers.’

However, depending on their personality, some may prefer sleeping on dog beds in another area of the house. Still, regardless of their choice, they will likely appreciate being close to the people they love.

Some Dogs Like The Smell Of Their Humans And Find It Comforting

brown dog nose under a white normal blanket

Aside from keeping warm and avoiding loneliness, a bond dogs form with their owners may be related to the loving scent of their human.

In a study conducted by animal behaviorist Alexandra Horowitz, it was found that certain breeds are more inclined to sleep near humans to benefit from their natural aroma.

Any owner who frequently cuddles with their pup can attest to how soothing this experience can be for both parties, which is why many dogs gravitate toward this activity for comfort.

Dogs Can Tell When You’re Stressed Out, And They May Try To Comfort You By Sleeping With You

It’s no surprise that dogs become part of the family and can quickly pick up on emotions.

Studies have shown that dogs, who sleep with their owners, seek to comfort them when they’re stressed.

Dogs may detect an elevated heart rate in their owners and changes in body language, both of which indicate stress.

When this is recognized, many owners report comfort from knowing their pup is close by, offering unconditional love and acceptance.

Not only does this demonstrate how smart dogs can be when it comes to understanding human emotion, but also just how much they care for us.

It’s A Way For Dogs To Show Love And Affection

white brown little dog sleeping on white blanket

Dogs are incredibly loyal, loving animals, and one of the ways that they show their love is by sleeping with their owners.

This affection display is comforting for the dog and reassuring for its owners.

While some may argue against allowing a pet to sleep on the bed due to hygiene concerns or simply because the pet may get too clingy, in general, it should be recognized as one of the most amazing ways dogs can show their admiration and devotion to pet owners.

By comfortably snuggling in at night when they know their owner feels safe and secure, dogs will always ensure they are there to show how much they care.

Dogs Often Sleep In Odd Positions – On Their Backs With All Four Legs In The Air, For Example – So Sleeping Next To You Is Just Another Way For Them To Get Comfortable

It’s no mystery why dogs often have such odd sleeping positions – they’re often trying to evenly distribute their body heat and find a comfortable spot.

However, there can be more to it than that: when your pet sleeps next to you, chances are it means that your pup considers you a source of comfort and security.

After all, the bond between a pet and its owner is profound.

Some animals even respond better to their owners’ affection than to food!

So if you catch your pup snuggling up by you during a nap, don’t feel too flattered – look at it as another way to express how safe and secure they feel being around you.

If Your Dog Has Been Neutered Or Spayed, They May Start Seeking Out Human Contact More As A Way Of Coping With The Change In Their Hormones

pugs sleeping next to a woman

Dogs that have been neutered or spayed go through many hormonal changes that can affect their behavior, often going from being more independent to needing more human consolation.

That’s why it’s not uncommon for your dog to seek out your company, especially at night.

While some may prefer to sleep on the floor close to you, others will likely take advantage of the coziness and maneuver themselves onto the bed, where they’ll find peace and comfort knowing you’re nearby. 

Although it might mean your dog gets up close and personal with you under the covers, showing them this amount of love and support is sure to pay off in terms of a happier pup.

Now, knowing all the different reasons for dogs sleeping next to you, there’s one more important question.

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Should You Let Your Dog Sleep With You?

It can be tempting to let your dog sleep in bed with you.

Dogs make such wonderful companions.

However, letting a dog sleep in bed is not the right decision for everyone and every situation.

Many pet owners struggle with allergies or have small children who could be hurt by a large or active dog in their beds. 

Additionally, sharing a bed with your furry companion could create bad habits or train them to act entitled when visitors come over.

Instead of allowing them to snuggle up on your pillow at night, consider giving them their comfy area of the house where they can rest peacefully alone.

two brown dog paws under a grey blanket

Before You Go…

Having your dog sleeping next to you can be lovely!

But do you sometimes wonder why your dog does sleep in such strange positions?

Read our article “10 Dog Sleeping Positions” to get to know more about what they mean about personality, health and character of your dog.

Dimitra Kokologianni, DVM
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