22 Mistakes Dog Owners Make And How To Prevent Them

We adore our dogs, but pet ownership is not just about cuddling and fetching.

There is a lot of responsibility involved in dog ownership.

And especially a first time dog owner does some mistakes with his new puppy.

We want you to be prepared and not to do those things because some of the mistakes a dog owner makes, can influence bad behavior and bad habits in dogs.

Here are the top 22 common mistakes dog owners make most frequently.

Giving Bones

white dog with a bone in his mouth

Bones are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and can help quell your dog’s appetite.

Chewing produces saliva, and enzymes assist your dog’s gums to stay healthy and treat plaque buildup on their teeth.

However, many veterinarians feel that giving your dog a bone simply isn’t worth the chance of significant damage.

It’s crucial to abide by specific guidelines while giving your dog a bone to gnaw if you want to ensure their safety. Start by avoiding offering your dog any cooked bones of any kind.

Broken, razor-sharp fragments could wound your dog’s lips, throat, or digestive organs.

Second, ensure that the bones you offer your dog are longer than the length of their muzzle.

Some bones are too small, but no bone is too big.

Your dog won’t be able to swallow them whole or splinter them into small, dangerous pieces.

Ignoring Hot And Cold Pavement

dog feet standing next to woman feet

Humans wear shoes, so we don’t realize how hot the pavement can get.

It’s important to remember that when the ambient temperature is 85 degrees, the asphalt surface temperature can reach a sizzling 140 degrees, which is hot enough to cause burns.

And keep in mind that the same rule should be used on chilly winter days.

Wash Dogs Regularly

Even though they appear natural, many dog shampoos nonetheless include substances that are bad for canines.

Also, never wash your dog with human shampoo.

Dog skin is more delicate than human skin.

Dogs’ skin makeup may be altered if a human shampoo is used on them, making them more susceptible to parasites, germs, and viruses.

Additionally, it causes their skin to feel dry and flaky, resulting in frequent scratching and abrasions.

Confuse The Dog

If you share a home with others, make sure everyone understands what is expected of your dog.

If your puppy isn’t permitted to sit on the couch, everyone should try to talk him out of it.

Your dog will only become confused if one person rewards them for doing something while another punishes them for the identical action.

And these conflicting signals will make it more difficult for your dog to behave.

Wrong Feeding

dog eating from his silver food bowl

Feeding problems can result in obesity, malnutrition, and other health problems.

Always keep an eye on the calories in your dog food, and follow the recommended serving sizes.

It’s critical to remember that food does not love, and according to the Association of a Pet, canine obesity is rising.

And remember that even though many dog treats are small, they can contain many calories.

Select acceptable goodies your dog will enjoy, but only give them occasionally.

Only approximately 10% of your dog’s daily intake should consist of treats.

Disregarding Breed-Specific Traits

When taking care of your furry pet, there are a few variables to consider, including availability and grooming needs.

It’s crucial to understand that each dog breed has various climatic conditions, physical activity, and space requirements.

A Siberian husky cannot be kept in a tropical climate without special care, and neither can a German she without vigorous daily exercise.

If you’re not sure about what kind of breed-specific traits your new pet needs, talk to a dog trainer.

a lot of different dog breeds

Misunderstand The Danger Of A Lost Dog

Every day, many dogs are misplaced, and some are even stolen.

Make sure your dog’s collar has an identification tag on it.

If your dog gets lost, this could help you find them again.

If not, your dog might wind up in an overcrowded shelter.

And keep in mind that microchipping makes it even simpler to find lost dogs whose collars or tags may have been severed due to accidents.

Don’t Know About Muscles And Bladders

Many dog owners disregard that muscles and bladders need to develop and learn.

Even humans must get older to hold it for longer than a few hours.

It’s dangerous to get angry with a dog that is physically incapable of controlling its anger but is also afraid to wake you up or communicate with you.

Go To Dog Park With Puppies

three dogs running on green grass playing

Despite popular belief, bringing young puppies to dog parks is not a good idea.

First, young puppies lack some vaccines, making them more prone to illnesses and infections.

Second, not all dogs are as amiable as your dog.

Your dad may encounter aggressive behavior from other dogs, and many puppies find it unsettling to be near dominant dogs they don’t know.

Fleas are less of a threat than an irritation.

Ticks that carry toxic flea repellents are dangerous because they can spread fatal infections to both canines and people.

Disregarding Dogs Oral Health

Canines require routine dental maintenance to prevent dental disease.

Their teeth need to be brushed just like yours because they are frequently the home to hundreds of microorganisms.

Ideally, a vet should examine your pet’s teeth at least once a year.

Don’t Go To The Groomer

little dog sitting at the groomer

The length of your pet’s life can be significantly impacted by grooming, which is also crucial.

Every dog has different grooming requirements.

Breeds with short coats need less maintenance, while those with long hair benefit from more frequent brushing.

A healthy coat may be maintained, and skin and matted coat disorders can be avoided with grooming.

And keep in mind that regular nail trimmings support healthy.

Leave Dogs In the Car Alone

Most people are unaware of how hot a parked car may become.

A parked car’s interior may reach 110 degrees in just a few minutes on a hot day with a high of 75 degrees, and it only takes a few minutes for a pet left inside to die from heat stroke and suffocation.

Dogs don’t sweat and struggle more to cope with heat than most people.

Because of this, becoming locked in a car can quickly become life-threatening.

Not Wiping Paws

little dog paws in human hands

After every stroll, give your papa a quick wipe of the paws but don’t give him a thorough wash.

In addition to filth and bacteria, those padded, fuzzy feet also pick up skin irritants and dangerous substances from the streets.

Your dog will consume everything from its leaking paws.

Keep some towels or wipes next to the door, so you may use harsh cleaning agents to wipe up your dog’s feet as soon as you get home.

Numerous household cleaning solutions are harmful to dogs.

Even if your dog isn’t exposed to these substances directly, they could still be ingested if they lick their pores after running over a mopped floor.

Check the label every time.

Animals should avoid using any product that contains ammonia or bleach.

Scrub with non-toxic materials such as salt or baking soda instead.

Not Adjusting Collars

Dogs develop and put on weight much as humans do.

It’s crucial to occasionally adjust the color size.

The key criterion is that your dog should feel at ease; otherwise, a tight collar could damage them.

The dog will pull it out and take off if it’s too slack.

Two fingers should fit between your dog’s neck and the collar on medium and large dog breeds.

One finger should fit early exposure for smaller dogs.

Thinking That All Human Food Is Good For Dogs

little brown dog eating grapes

Some pet parents believe that dogs’ instincts serve as guidance when it comes to food.

However, this is untrue.

Even if your dog eats something, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy for them.

Therefore, the next time your dog makes a puppy face while you are eating chocolate or grapes, don’t fall for it.

Check out what your dog can eat and what your dog can not eat before sharing your food with him, this is important for your dog’s life and the dog’s health.

Rub Dog’s Nose In It’s Poop

It used to be standard practice during house training to rub a dog’s nose in its poop when they have an accident.

This approach is ineffective but will also make your dog fearful of you if you don’t provide enough exercise and activity.

Instead, try propper potty training, for example with crate training or you can get a dog trainer.


dog laying on the brown floor looking sad

Chewing, jumping, and barking will decrease as you play and exercise your dog more.

Also, remember that some dog breeds require more exercise than others.

If you own a golden retriever, you should start jogging right away.

On the other hand, short-nosed species with respiratory problems, such as pugs and bulldogs, cannot run far, putting flowers on the table.

Some flowers or plants are poisonous to dogs.

You would think that your dog would be wise enough to avoid eating your flower arrangement, yet we witness several instances of this every year.

The best way to safeguard your dog is to remove toxic plants from your home or move them into a space your dog cannot access.

Missing Socialization

Every dog needs socialization and fundamental dog training.

You are disadvantaging your dog if you choose not to train and socialize him.

Do not consider exercising a chore.

Dogs enjoy and benefit from training when it is done in a good way.

A dog can become accustomed to the environment through socialization, including children, adults, other animals, a canine companion, items, settings, and diverse scenarios.

Without the right socialization, dogs may experience phobias and fears.

And to make matters worse, a lack of sociability can result in a variety of behavioral issues.

Not only is socialization important for puppies.

You can also socialize an adult dog!

Too Less Exercise

little brown puppy jumping over wood

Every dog has a fundamental desire for exercise.

Health difficulties and behavioral problems can result from inactivity.

While some dogs require more activity than others, the majority require more than short walks.

Analyze your dog’s activity requirements to get the best exercise for him.

Missing Mental Exercise

Try engaging in game-based training to give your dog a well-rounded workout.

It’s also important for your dog to get mental stimulation, many dog owners make the mistake of just focusing on general exercise.

Participating in one of the many dog sports available will be beneficial to many dogs.

Dogs who are athletic may enjoy agility.

Hounds and other inquisitive sniffers typically enjoy tracking or nose work.

Feeding Too Much

If you’re a first-time dog owner (or even if you’ve had pets for a long time), you might assume that giving your dog a few extra table scraps or snacks won’t be a problem.

The American Kennel Club estimates that 56% of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese, proving that pet obesity is a prevalent issue.

Weight problems can shorten a dog’s lifespan and make it harder for them to handle age-related health conditions like arthritis, joint pain, and traumas.

Additionally, even a slight increase in weight can result in a number of health issues for dogs.

In general, feeding too much isn’t good for dog’s health.

No Rules At Home

When we first bring our new dog home, we frequently let him off the leash without giving it any consideration as to what we want him to do or not do.

Sometimes we even let him do something for a few weeks before deciding to amend the rules and stop letting him do it.

This causes confusion and puts the dog in a losing position.

Decide what the dog will and won’t be permitted to do with your family (or other household members, such as the housekeeper or the babysitter) before bringing a new dog home.

Decide where the dog will sleep if the furniture can be used as a bed when it will be fed, walked, and who will do so.

Before You Go…

Now you know the mistakes dog owners make and how to prevent them.

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