How To Tell Your Dog You Love Them

Although all the toys, cozy beds, treats, and designer collars in the world can’t express to your dog how much you adore them, you are not afraid to show them.

How can we express our love for our canine friends in their dog language?

That is a fascinating question because, even though we frequently believe we are giving back in the best possible ways, occasionally what we do isn’t always the best course of action.

For instance, many dog owners enjoy giving their pets a snack or meal to show them they care and that they are loved.

That is something that comes naturally to humans.

That isn’t necessarily the case, though, in the world of dogs, and it may even be harmful to your dog’s health and general obedience.

This article will outline 14 ways to the question “how to tell your dog you love them” all in a way our canine companions are sure to understand.

When You Enter The House, Put Your Phone Down

little dog in front of the door

When you get home, your dog needs to interact with you in person.

That is because, despite not understanding a cell phone, they know they do not wish to compete with it.

Giving your dog your full attention as soon as you walk in the door is the best way to show your dog his importance.

When we are with our dogs, we simultaneously have phones in our faces.

It’s best to give your pet your full attention, whether you’re cuddling on the couch or taking a stroll around the block.

Respect Your Dogs Nature

light brown dog looking happy into the camera

It’s crucial to remember that a dog is a dog and that we must respect its specific needs.

Many dog owners believe that treating their dogs like babies constitutes proper care.

Many dog owners discourage their dogs from engaging in certain natural tendencies like eating dirt, smelling urine, and behind-sniffing other dogs.

In these circumstances, we are not protecting our furry friends; instead, we are keeping them from their natural state.

Anxiety and confusion may result from this. You must accept your dog as they are.

Show Respect – Always!

dog getting petted by a hand

Recognize the qualities that are innate in your dog.

Dogs enjoy having their own space and being treated as such.

That is a powerful way to express love.

It will help you and your dog communicate more effectively.

Rub Their Ears

person holds dog ears in the air

When you rub your dog’s ears, it will inherently experience a high from euphoria.

These hormones have analgesic properties.

One of their nerve centers is located directly behind the dog’s ears.

It releases endorphins when gently scratched, which causes impulses to run through the entire body.

Therefore, your dog will feel relieved after receiving a light scratch.

Lean In When You Speak To Them (But Avoid Overwhelming Them With Love)

woman cuddling a little dog

Leaning into your dog and allowing them to lean into you is the best way to express your love for them.

Although they may be tempting, full-body hugs are bad for dogs because they typically perceive them as threatening or unwelcome, especially if they feel trapped.

A much better way to develop a bond with a dog is to lean into them before letting them lean into you.

Don’t ignore their hugs because these affectionate gestures are frequently disregarded and confused with other actions.

For a brief moment, lean back against them and tell them that you also adore them.

Avoid shoving or stomping on them.

Understand Your Dogs Language

little white brown dog laying on the back paws to heaven

Not sure if you’re successfully communicating the love message?

The body language of your dog will let you know.

Look for the following canine signs of love:

  • a wagging tail

  • eye contact

On the other hand, watch out for the symptoms of an anxious dog:

  • an unfurled tail

  • mouth licking

  • your dog’s eyes are bulging or turned away

Having Fun Together

light brown dog does the command down

Every day, spend some time engaging in activities that your dog enjoys.

Try to teach him a new skill or have him practice the ones he already knows.

Bring him outside to play fetch with his favorite toy in the backyard or at the dog park.

In addition to making your dog feel loved, the exercise will keep him (and you) in good health.

Your Face

 woman looking frustrated

Most pet owners are aware that animals are sensitive to our emotional states, despite any desire we may have to hide our emotions, even from our dogs.

According to scientific research, dogs can read our facial expressions to determine how we feel.

You can control the messages your face sends to your dog.

Raised eyebrows and a laid-back smile convey to your dog how pleased you are to see them.

That can also be just one eyebrow, the left eyebrow for example.

According to research by Japanese behavioral scientists, dogs lift their eyebrows more frequently on the left than the right when they feel a connection to a person.

Show It Physically

beagle cuddling with human

Dogs use touch as a means of expressing affection.

Therefore, use physical touch to show your dog love.

One can:

  • kiss your dog

  • groom your canine

  • massaging their back or belly

  • cuddle up to them

All of these physical cues express your love for your dog.

Look Into The Eyes

dog eyes of a brown dog from near

According to Duke University researchers, you should look them in the eyes when you are cuddling with your dog.

According to studies, making eye contact while cuddling with your dog releases the hormone oxytocin.

The hormone of love, known as oxytocin, creates a bond between you and your dog, similar to that of a mother and child.

So, the next time you two are cuddling, give your dog a direct look in the eye.

You will form a bond with them that you never imagined possible.

Important to know: never have a long direct eye contact with a dog you don’t know.

Prepare Their Favorite Food

little dog in background his food bowl in front

Giving your dog a tasty meal or treat once in a while is one of the best ways to express your love for them.

Your dog will enjoy the surprise, and you’ll enjoy seeing their delighted expression when they realize they’re getting something special.

Even if you prepare the favorite meal, make sure it’s a healthy treat and not too unhealthy.

Dogs will love that and that’s a dog’s pleasure.

Talk To Your Dog Using Your Dog Voice

woman holding white dog and cuddling him

One more of the nine methods to show your dog you care about them is your voice tone and word choice.

A study published in the Journal of Science found that dogs understand more about human speech than we think.

Believe it or not, when scientists studied dogs using an MRI scanner, they found something interesting: dogs recognized not only words of praise but also a praising voice.

So dogs will not only listen to the tone of your voice but the words of praise simultaneously.

They’re a little more observant than you may imagine.

Positive Reinforcement And Instruction

woman in the forest with a dog

Positive reinforcement is a beautiful way to express your love.

Dogs benefit greatly from structure and education.

Through training, you can use your dog’s preferred reinforcement methods, such as food, praise, or play, and your dog will learn to associate you with the things he values most.

He’ll realize that by helping you, he’s making you happy, and receiving your rewards will also make him happy.

You both demonstrate your love for one another when you work to make the other person happy.

Whenever You Get The Chance, Allow Your Dog To Cuddle With You

little dog in girls arms

Dogs like to cuddle, but never give them a big hug because they think you will attack them.

They do, however, enjoy cuddling.

They want to lie beside you while you unwind, whether you let them into your bed or on the couch.

As a result of your proximity to them, you can demonstrate your love for them.

They’ll likely rub their paw on you in thanks until they fall asleep peacefully.

And it’s okay if you don’t know that your dog sleeps in your bed or sits on your couch.

Enjoy some TV binge-watching in your beanbag.

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