How To Teach A Dog To Shake

Many dog owners wonder how to teach their dogs tricks like shaking.

Luckily, it’s not as difficult as it may seem.

With some patience and positive reinforcement, your dog will be shaking in no time!

This article shows you how to teach a dog to shake.

Start With Your Dog In A Sitting Or Standing Position

When teaching your dog to shake, it is best to start simple.

Begin by positioning your pet in a sitting or standing position so that you have both hands free.

From there, you can hold a treat in one hand and lightly say “shake” while waving the treat near your pup’s paw.

With consistent practice and repetition, your furry friend will soon be shaking for treats!

Remember to reward good behavior with praise and treats as rewards – this will make training much easier in the long run.

Put Your Hand Before His Nose, And Say, “Shake”

Teaching your dog how to shake is easy and can be great fun.

Start by giving your dog a treat, then put your hand out before his nose while calmly saying, “shake.

If the paw raises and grasps your hand, reward him with a treat, praising him with words like “good boy” or “great job.

As he learns the desired behavior, you can ask for multiple shakes before rewarding him.

Keep up with practice – it won’t take long for him to learn this hilarious trick!

When He Puts His Paw In Your Hand, Give Him A Treat

Teaching your pup to give you a paw shake show is all about positive reinforcement.

Start in an area where he can focus and isn’t distracted.

Ask him to sit, hold your hand open, palm up, and speak softly as you ask him to put his paw into your hand.

When he does this, reward him with a treat and say a command such as ‘good boy’ or ‘shake.

Doing this consistently will help him learn that when he puts his paw in your hand, he’ll get something tasty for the effort!

Repeat this process until he consistently gives you his paw when you say “shake”

Once the dog is familiar with what you want from him, offering him a reward for doing the correct action is important.

Every time your dog gives his paw in response to you saying “shake,” give him a treat and praise him for a job well done!

It can take several attempts before the behavior is ingrained in your pup, so stay patient and consistent during this process.

Eventually, through repetition and practice, your pup will be an expert paw-shaker.

With enough reinforcement and positive interaction, it won’t be long until he gives you his paw on command.

Once He’s Got The Hang Of It, Try Saying “Shake” Without Putting Your Hand Out First

After your pup is comfortable shaking with a hand signal, it’s time to begin giving verbal cues.

When you have the treat in one hand, use the other to say “shake” gently but assertively.

If he responds correctly by putting his paw up for a shake and looking at you, reward him with that delicious treat as positive reinforcement!

The more he understands that he gets a reward every time he follows your command, the better he’ll understand what you’re asking him to do.

Teaching your dog to shake can be a great way to bond with your pup and teach him a fun and useful trick that he can show off to your friends and family.

This simple process only requires patience, treatment, and repetition.

By starting in a standing or sitting position, saying “shake,” and providing consistent reinforcement when he does it correctly, you will surely have success(and lots of happy tail wags).

Before long, it will become second nature for your pup to give you his paw whenever you say “shake.

Before You Go…

Now you know how to teach a dog to shake.

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Dimitra Kokologianni, DVM
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