How To Stop Dog Shedding | Useful Home Remedies

Do you have a dog that sheds constantly?

It can be frustrating trying to keep up with the constant cleaning.

However, some home remedies can help to stop the shedding and make your life a little easier.

This article will share some of our favorite tips for stopping dog shedding.

We hope you find them helpful!

Ways To Stop Dog Shedding

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Bathe Your Dog Regularly With A Mild Shampoo To Reduce Dog Shedding

Taking care of your pup’s skin and fur should be part of your regular pet routine!

Bathing with a mild, veterinarian-recommended shampoo is key to keeping shedding to a minimum.

Regular bathing reduces the loose fur you find around the house, improves their overall coat health, and keeps pests away from their skin.

Even if you don’t think your dog needs a bath due to staying indoors or not showing visible signs of uncleanliness, bathing your puppy is essential in reducing extreme shedding and comforting that best friend.

Brush Your Dog’s Fur Daily To Remove Loose Hair

Every god sheds, and brushing their fur is crucial to help remove loose hair.

Gently brushing your dog’s fur daily allows you to remove excess fur and monitor their skin health.

Brush pads stimulate blood circulation, which will help distribute natural oils found in the skin, creating a healthy and shiny coat.

Additionally, regular brushing helps keep your god looking clean and can help strengthen the connection and trust between pet owner and pup!

All in all, brushing your god’s fur daily is beneficial for their well-being as well as yours.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Hydrated

Proper hydration is the key to controlling a dog’s shedding.

Inadequate hydration can lead to excessive coat drying and poor-quality fur or bald patches.

Pet owners can effectively prevent hair loss in their canine companions by providing ample amounts of potable water and keeping a close eye on its intake.

Moreover, regular grooming techniques such as brushing are essential in maintaining healthy fur and eliminating dead strands as early as possible.

Proper hydration is an absolute must when keeping Fido’s coat looking lush and full!

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Feed Your Dog A Healthy Diet Of Lean Protein And Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Feeding your dog a healthy diet of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids can promote a beautiful, glossy coat.

Protein provides the building blocks for skin health, including aiding in the production of keratin that makes up dog hair.

Omega-3 fatty acids help keep dog coats healthy by hydrating them, which improves fur texture and shine.

They also play an essential role in a dog’s skin health by maintaining the protective barrier from environmental conditions like heat or cold, dry air.

Feeding your proper dog amounts of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids will contribute significantly to their overall health and visibly enhance their coat.

Give Your Dog Supplements Like Biotin Or Fish Oil To Help Reduce Shedding

If you’re looking for home remedies to reduce shedding in your pup, consider supplementing with biotin or fish oil.

Both of these can help improve the condition of their fur and reduce the amount left behind on your floors and furniture.

Biotin is a type of vitamin B that aids skin health, and fish oil helps to promote a healthier coat.

Compared to other home remedies, these supplements have fewer associated side effects like changing the color of their fur or affecting its texture overall.

Plus, they are easy to find and integrate into their routine, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much time finding home remedies for reducing shedding.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals On Your Dog’s Fur, Which Can Strip The Natural Oils That Protect Against Shedding

It is essential to avoid using harsh chemicals when it comes to making sure your beloved pet’s fur is glossy and healthy.

These chemicals can strip away the natural oils essential for keeping shedding to a minimum.

Taking preventative measures like using specialized shampoo products, brushing regularly, and even tracking their diet will help keep their coat healthy without the need for harsh chemicals that could dry out their skin and benefit from the fatty acids they obtain from healthy food sources.

These steps will also ensure your canine companion feels comfortable, relaxed, and ready for life’s adventures!

You Can Try Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil can be a great natural solution to the problem of dog shedding.

Feeding your pet a teaspoon of coconut oil daily can help strengthen its coat, adding the necessary protein and nourishment to give it a thick and healthy look.

Aside from this, coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which helps against parasites and fleas responsible for damaging your pet’s fur.

Regular massages with coconut oil can also help reduce skin inflammation and promote hair growth.

All these properties make coconut oil an excellent toothpaste replacement for your pal.

Feeding Fruits And Vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables can benefit everyone, including your beloved pet dog.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce the amount of shedding your pup experiences, making it easier to groom your pup regularly.

Adding high-quality, antioxidant-rich produce to your dog’s diet can reduce inflammation and supply the vitamins and minerals that their bodies need to stay healthy and happy.

Make sure to check out which fruits and veggies dogs can eat or which dogs can not eat.

Remember that fruits and vegetables are not replacements for a balanced canine diet, so make sure to still feed your dog high-quality dog food and have some fun with various produce items.

Try Olive Oil

Olive oil can be a great tool to help against dog shedding, as it provides nourishment and moisture to the fur.

Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties also encourage healthy coat growth and reduce irritation.

Additionally, olive oil will leave your pup’s coat shiny and lustrous!

To take advantage of this therapeutic oil for shedding relief, add one teaspoon of olive oil to their food at mealtime.

Additionally, regular brushing helps remove excess fur from your pup’s coat.

With just a few simple steps, you can keep an eye on things – both inside and outside – by providing your dog with the necessary care.

Regularly Groom Your Dog With A De-Shedding Tool To Remove Loose Hair From The Undercoat

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Grooming your dog with a de-shedding tool is essential to dog care.

A de-shedding tool safely removes loose hair from the undercoat and keeps your dog’s coat healthy; their fur will look sleek and shiny afterward!

Shedding is natural for any species with fur or feathers, and it’s essential for double-coated breeds, like Huskies and Chows, to be regularly brushed to remove old undercoat fur.

For double-coated species especially, regular grooming is necessary to prevent matting, reduce skin irritation and allergies, and promote circulation to boost overall health.

Having a grooming routine helps you become more familiar with your pet’s body so that you can notice any changes or abnormalities that may need veterinary attention.

Why Do Dogs Shed?  

Shedding dead hair from a dog’s coat is natural and healthy.

While it can seem like an abundance of hair at times, the process helps to keep the skin and coat healthy by removing old or damaged fur that would otherwise become matted and difficult for air to pass through.

Shedding also helps with temperature regulation, allowing dogs to stay cooler in warm temperatures by having a layer of air between their skin and fur.

It is important to remember that all breeds shed in some form, but some are more prone than others due to their coat length or texture.

While regular brushing may not stop the shedding process, it can help ensure that the dead hairs don’t build up while giving your pup a chance to bond with you and feel loved during the grooming process.

Reasons Why Dogs Shed So Much

Temperature / Seasons

As temperatures increase, so does the natural coat shedding in dogs.

During the warmer seasons, increased humidity levels in the air can cause an increase in pet fur.

The additional heat can also make dogs more prone to secreting oil which can act as a lubricant for loose hairs to become caught in carpets and furniture.

Keeping up with regular grooming habits throughout the season can help to effortlessly manage the extra fur accumulation.

Brushing regularly reduces shedding and is also beneficial for a dog’s coat quality, allowing owners to easily keep track of their pet’s well-being at any time of the year.


Allergies can cause more discomfort for our canine companions, leading to higher levels of shedding.

The body reacts to allergens by releasing histamine, which triggers itchy skin and inflammation resulting in increased coat shedding.

Additionally, a dog’s scratching can damage the hair follicles and exacerbate the shedding problem.

Owners need to identify the sources of allergens and take steps to alleviate the pain.

That could include bathing the dog with hypoallergenic shampoo and wiping them down with damp cloths to remove pollens from their coats after outings.

Additionally, providing allergen-free foods could also help, so consulting with a veterinarian is strongly recommended, as they can provide more thorough advice tailored to your pet’s needs.

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Different Health Issues

When it comes to canine health, one of the most important considerations is a high rate of shedding.

Shedding can often indicate a wide range of general health issues, some of which may be minor and easily treatable.

In contrast, others can require more intensive medical attention.

For instance, shedding caused by allergies or skin conditions can increase the rate.

Also, problems related to diet and nutrition can contribute to a higher level of shedding in dogs.

Ultimately, suppose your pup has a noticeably elevated rate of shedding.

In that case, it’s essential to seek professional advice from your vet to determine what underlying health concerns may be causing this issue.

The cause is often easy to remedy, but it’s necessary to get an accurate diagnosis for your dog to live their best possible life.

Bathing, brushing and feeding your dog a healthy diet are all essential ways to reduce shedding.

In addition, supplements like biotin or fish oil can help keep your dog’s coat healthy and free of loose hair.

Grooming with a de-shedding tool can also help remove excess hair from the undercoat.

Following these tips can help keep your home clean and fur-free this winter!

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