How To Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing

There isn’t much a dog owner loves more than those kisses from their four-legged friend.

The band is, however, strained by something else—bad dog breath!

Simply put, your dog’s dental health needs some improvement.

Like in humans, bad dog’s dental health can lead to plaque buildup, tooth decay, and even gum disease.

But don’t worry – there are ways to clean your dog’s teeth without brushing them!

In this blog post, we will outline 10 ways how to clean dog teeth without brushing.

10 Ways To Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing

Professional Cleanings

brown bog at dog dentist

Regular professional cleanings with your veterinarian or pet dentist can help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy.

During these visits, the vet will use ultrasonic scalers to remove plaque and tartar buildup on your pup’s teeth.

They may also do a full mouth x-ray to check for any underlying dental issues that need to be addressed.

Natural Hard Chews

Dogs in the wild lack access to toothbrushes and canine dentists; therefore, nature provided them with bones as an alternative means of removing plaque.

Scraping your dog’s teeth as they chew, raw bones, and other all-natural chews like bully sticks, yak chews, and antlers help remove plaque and tartar accumulation.

This scraping motion scrubs your dog’s dazzling whites with a gentle shine.

Your dog’s teeth will become cleaner as they chew on the object for longer (and while being entertained).

Bully sticks are generally more delicious, but harder chews that stay longer, such as antlers and yak chews, tend to be more effective.

If your dog finds antlers uninteresting, try substituting yak chews for them or giving them a short soak in some natural bone broth to enhance their flavor.

If your dog consumes hard chews or bones, keep an eye on them to ensure no little bits come loose and provide a choking risk.

Before your dog can swallow any small fragments, pick them up and discard them if you see any.

Because they are less likely to splinter and shatter than cooked bones, raw bones, antlers, and yak chews are safer than cooked bones.

Chew Toys

black puppy chewing on white toy

There are various rubber chew toys on the market specifically designed to help clean teeth without brushing.

These chew toys come in different shapes and textures, like nubs or ridges, which can help remove plaque while they’re playing with them.

Oral Sprays and Gels

Many veterinarians recommend oral sprays and gels as an easy way to keep your dog’s teeth clean.

The active ingredients in these products work to break down tartar and bacteria, freshen breath, and promote healthy gums.

Just ensure you get one specifically made for dogs – human mouthwash is not recommended for canine use!

Cloth Wipes

An excellent way to keep your pup’s teeth and gums healthy is to wipe them down with a damp cloth daily.

Wet the cloth with warm water and gently scrub the outside of their teeth and gums to help remove any plaque or tartar buildup.

Dental Treats

little brown with dog chewing on a treat

There are many different kinds of dog treats on the market specially formulated for dental health.

These treats are designed to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup and freshen your breath!

Just read the label before you buy – make sure the pleasure does not contain too much sugar, which can be bad for your pup’s teeth.

Dental Wipes

These pre-moistened wipes are a great alternative to brushing and come in different scents.

Just wipe the outside of your pup’s teeth with the dental wipe, and you’ll be able to remove plaque and freshen your breath without effort!

Dog Bones

Rawhide bones are a great way to help keep your dog’s teeth clean.

Chewing on these bones helps scrape off tartar buildup, promoting healthier gums and fresher breath.

Coconut Oil

Believe it or not, coconut oil can help improve your dog’s oral health!

It contains lauric acid, which has anti-bacterial properties that can help reduce inflammation in their gums and freshen their breath.

All you need to do is add a small amount of coconut oil to your pup’s food daily – just make sure it’s organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed!

Healthy Fruits, Veggies, & Treats

white dog laying on grass eating watermelon

Eating healthy fruits like apples or pears can help clean your dog’s teeth naturally as they chew.

You can also try feeding them crunchy veggies such as carrots or celery, which will help scrape plaque from the surface of their teeth.

Our health can deteriorate in many different ways.

And a lot of the time, it’s because of the food we eat.

The same holds for our canine friends. Your dog’s diet directly affects both the health of its mouth and its overall health.

Your dog’s regular meals can be supplemented with wholesome, high-quality treats.

That ensures that their food is healthy and safe for their teeth.

Our dogs’ teeth are generally healthier the more natural the food they eat.

Each dog treat made by Carolina Prime is individually made with premium, ethically sourced ingredients.

And we always think about your health!

woman hand opening a brown dogs mouth from near

We blend flavors your dog adores with premium ingredients known for their beneficial effects on health.

With these ten methods, you can keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy without ever brushing!

All it takes is simple dietary changes, chew toys and treats, and regular veterinary check-ups.

So go ahead – help your pup have a healthier mouth today!

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Now you know how to clean dog teeth without brushing.

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Dimitra Kokologianni, DVM
Dimitra holds a Masters’s degree in public health and a Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine. She is a versatile professional with over 7 years of experience. Her passion for animal welfare and preventive medicine makes her an excellent resource for our readers.