22 Dog Life Hacks You Need To Know

We know how crucial it is to provide your dog with the best life possible, but we are also mindful of how difficult it can be to maintain and care for them.

In this article, we’ll look at 21 dog life hacks that will improve your dog’s quality of life and make your life easier.

All dog owners need to know those life hacks to have a simpler life with their furry friends.

Avoid Chewing


If your bar decides to use your cables or furnishings, spritz them with bitter apple.

Dogs are discouraged from munching on bitter apples by their flavor and fragrance.

But remember that if you throw sticks for your dog to fetch or give them wooden sticks to chew, you instill a solid passion for woody things in your dog.

That interest may eventually extend to your wooden furniture.

Keeping The Mouth Clean

Keeping your dog’s mouth clean is a key element in protecting its general health.

A little parity added to your dog’s food could help prevent a nasty dog mouth.

Brushing their teeth is a secure and natural technique to treat foul breath.

However, most dogs don’t like having their teeth brushed.

If your dog is reluctant to brush its teeth, apply some dog toothpaste to his or her preferred rope or chew toy.

By doing this, you may save the inconvenience of brushing your dog’s teeth and maintaining their mouth healthy and clean.

But don’t forget to purchase dog-friendly toothpaste.

Remove Urine Odors And Stains


Odors are naturally eliminated by baking soda.

Sprinkle some baking soda over the damp spot, or even an old urine stain, if your dog occasionally has an accident on your carpet.

For optimal odor absorption, leave the baking soda out all night.

After that, vacuum it up to eliminate the odor or stain. Popsicle chicken.

You can keep your dog cool throughout the heat while giving them a pleasant and healthy treat.

Simply pour beef or chicken stock into an ice cube tray, and your dog may enjoy a tasty frozen treat.

Put a tiny dog biscuit inside each cup to make it even more delightful.

Make A List Of Unhealthy Dog Food

It’s a great reminder and valuable when you have a dog sitter taking care of your loved one.

Check out the things your dog can not eat.

Using Vaseline On Dog Paws For Winter


To protect his paws from anti-freeze if your dog doesn’t like wearing booties in the winter, you can coat them in Vaseline.

But be careful not to let the dog lick the Vaseline off of his paws.

Eat Slowly, Fasties

Some canines consume food so quickly that they appear to be inhaling it rather than chewing and swallowing it.

It’s important for dog owners to slow down fast eaters to avoid issues because eating too quickly can lead to stomach problems and even cause vomiting.

One method is to put something in their food bowl as an obstruction; this will make them have to maneuver around it and eat more slowly.

As an alternative, you could put a small bowl on its side in the middle of their food dish.

This would keep the food on the outside of the bowl, where it would be more challenging to get to.

Attach A Carabiner To The Animal’s Leash 


Keep a carabiner on your dog’s leash so you can use it if you need to sprint somewhere to fasten your dog to a post or tree.

When you’re out walking, carabiners are useful for holding your waste bags.

You can also use them to connect multiple leashes for walks with several dogs.

Use Shower Cap

Use a shower cap to protect them while you’re taking a bath.

If your dog dislikes having its eyes covered, simply do so only before rinsing.

Use plenty of positive reinforcement at the pool party, too.

Many dogs adore playing or swimming in dog pools.

Tick And Flea Essential Oils


Citronella, eucalyptus, lemongrass, cedar, and rosemary essential oils are advantages.

Without using any harmful chemicals, you can use them to naturally combat fleas and ticks.

Before using, ask your veterinarian for their recommendation because the right dosage is important.

Utilize Packing Tape to Gather Loose Pet Fur

Do your clothes seem to attract a lot of dog hair?

Lacking a lint roller at your disposal?

Use packing tape to remove dog hair from your clothing, which is one of my favorite life hacks for dog owners.

Own Emergency Kit

An emergency dog first aid kit should be kept in every home with dogs.

Although there are many available for purchase online, you can make your own for less money by using a few items from your home.

Take a bag (a ziplock, drawstring bag, or Tupperware container will do) and place the following inside:

  • Antibiotic ointment with hydrogen peroxide

  • Gauze

  • Scissors Rubber Gloves Tape

  • Grooming Wipes or Wet Wipes

It’s ideal for excursions such as hikes, trips to the dog park, or trips abroad.


Try Music To Calm Your Dog

Music, mainly classical music, can relieve stress and help us unwind.

However, new research has found that some types of classical music can also calm your pet.

Playing music calms dogs down, slows their breathing, and lessens barking.

Use music to soothe your dog if they are overly agitated or barking incessantly.

Tempting Summer Treats

Dogs need a lot of water in the summer, and they also like frozen treats.

Add thin slices of apple to your ice cubes, then top them off with chicken broth.

Onion and garlic must not be present in the chicken broth.$

Your dog will enjoy the flavor if you freeze it for a few hours.

In addition, you can add pumpkin juice to the ice cubes before freezing them; this will stop dogs from becoming constipated.

Another delicious alternative is seedless watermelon juice.

To Trim Nails, Use Peanut Butter

You’ll have to take matters into your own hands and trim your dog’s nails at home if you can’t get to a groomer.

It can be challenging to trim your dog’s nails, especially if they dislike having their paws touched.

One common strategy is to divert your dog.

A dog lick pad should be obtained and covered in peanut butter.

Attach it to the wall and trim your dog’s toenails as they are busy devouring their meal.

Use A Walnut To Hide Scratch Marks On Furniture


Do your wooden furniture pieces have some scratches on them?

By applying a walnut to them, you can conceal them.

Since walnuts’ natural oils seep into wood, you can easily use them to help cover up minor dings on your furniture.

Create Own Dog Games

Exercise and play don’t have to be difficult. Your dog can simply be amused at home.

  • Give your dog snacks that you’ve hidden 

  • Make a crinkle toy with a sock and an empty water bottle

  • For your dog to lick, freeze toys, bones, or chicken soup in a cake form. They’ll stay occupied and hydrated with it!

  • Use a muffin tin, some treats, and some tennis balls to make a puzzle toy. Place a treat in each tin and a tennis ball on top.

Remove Pet Hair The Simple Way

Simply don a pair of rubber gloves and dampens them to remove pet hair from your sofa or carpet.

Swipe the gloves across your upholstery.

The hair will ball up, and you can then pull it out in one easy clump.

Additionally, you can use a window squeegee to get dog hair out of your car seats, carpet, and couch.

Squeegees are practical tools for removing hair from textiles. If your dog ate anything toxic that it shouldn’t have, make them puke up.

Muffin Game


You may undoubtedly have fun playing this puppy game with your pup-pups.

Being able to amuse your dogs is a terrific idea.

Simply break your rewards into little pieces and put them in a muffin tin.

Then, cover the muffin tin with tennis balls to conceal the food and let your dog sniff them out.

Scratching Post

You can make a scratching post if you’re annoyed by your dog’s constant propensity to scratch the walls and furniture, leaving behind foul odors.

Glue two to three sandpapers of varying coarseness to a wooden plank.

You can teach your dog to scratch thereby placing it upright in one of his favorite spots in the house.

The Breath Can Be Made Fresher by Parsley


Dogs typically have bad breath when they eat wet dog food or when they have food trapped in their teeth.

A solution to the issue might be to switch to dry dog food.

You can add some parsley leaves to the dog food to keep his breath fresh if you don’t want to alter their diet.

Keep Your Furniture Fur-Free By Using Covers

Do you permit your animals to use the furniture?

If so, you are well aware of how difficult it is to keep them tidy.

One of my favorite dog life hacks is using a cover to keep my furniture clean.

You can use slipcovers, blankets, or sheets; if you want something specific to go with your decor, have it made.

When it’s time to clean, all you have to do is toss those covers in the washing machine and you’re done.

Against Fleas

Fleas are almost instantaneously killed when their exoskeletons are broken down by dawn soap.

If your dog has fleas, wash them with dawn dish soap.

You can also spritz apple cider vinegar on your dog’s coat to get rid of fleas.

The smell of apple cider vinegar deters fleas from laying their eggs in dogs.

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Now you know 22 dog life hacks every dog owner needs to know.

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