14 Curious Facts About Dogs That 95% Of Dog Owners Didn’t Know

Dogs have been part of the human family for longer than we can remember, and they’ve become integral to many people’s lives.

They bring joy, companionship, and unconditional love to their families. 

But it turns out that our loyal canine friends have even more stunning facts about them than you may think!

This article shares 14 curious facts about dogs that will make you stunning!

Dog Noses Are Like Finger Prints

brown black dog face with open mouth from near

Dog noses are truly remarkable.

Just like human fingerprints, dogs’ noses have unique patterns composed of ridges and swirls.

Each one is distinctive and permanent, like a signature that can be used to identify individual pooches.

Thanks to this unique identifier, police departments have been known to use dog noses in solving crimes such as missing person cases.

On top of that, scientists have discovered that a dog’s nose is more powerful than any machine by detecting the scents of explosives, drugs, and cancer cells!

As we can see, dog noses are just as remarkable as human fingerprints.

All Puppies Are Born With Blue Eyes

Puppies may be one of the most adorable animals you’ll ever encounter, but did you know that all puppies are born with blue eyes?

When they are born, all puppies’ eyes are a deep, dark blue color, no matter what kind of fur they have or what cute markings they have.

As the puppies get older, though, their eye color can change a lot and become different shades of brown, green, yellow, and even blue.

This is because when puppies are four to six weeks old, pigment cells start to form in their eyes.

Without these pigment cells, puppies would remain blind throughout their entire lives!

Dogs Dream Just Like Humans

three colored dog laying on the side

Have you ever wondered what dogs dream about?

Believe it or not, much like humans, new research indicates that dogs do indeed experience dreams.

Scientists think that dogs’ dreams are similar to ours, with a focus on smells, sounds, and other sensory experiences from their daily lives.

As for why dogs sometimes bark during their sleep, researchers suggest that this may be due to dreams where they are playing with friends or chasing prey.

So next time your pup snuggles up alongside you in bed, know that they’re likely dreaming away too!

Dogs Can See In The Dark

It is an amazing and well-known fact that dogs have the remarkable ability to see in the dark.

This strange trait lets these four-legged friends see things that humans can’t see at all because they have very low light levels.

Dogs have a special membrane called the tapetum lucidum that reflects light into their eyes. This lets them see things in the dark that they normally wouldn’t be able to.

Dogs have excellent vision, which gives them a clear advantage when doing things at night, like moving quickly through a dark forest or just being able to tell shapes and colors apart.

In fact, dogs’ ability to see in the dark is one of the things that makes them so popular all over the world.

light brown dog face from near

A Dog’s Nose Has Wet Mucous Membranes That Help Them Absorb Smells

A dog’s sense of smell is remarkable compared to a human’s, which all starts with the nose.

The area where the dog’s nostrils meet is filled with wet mucous membranes that help to absorb smells.

Instead of just taking in smells like we do, a dog’s mucous membrane-lined nose works like an electrostatic air filter, measuring the size and composition of particles as they come into contact with odor molecules.

This method can be used to look for zinc, iron, copper, and ammonia, among other chemicals.

Also, scientists have shown that dogs can tell the difference between two smells that are the same except for where they came from.

With such an advanced olfactory system, it’s no wonder their noses are so sensitive!

Dogs Use Their Tails To Communicate With Other Dogs

white dog tail on the ground

Dogs are amazing communicators, and their tails are important tools for sending messages to each other.

A dog’s tail can be used to show various things, from excitement to affection to fear and aggression.

For instance, a tail that wags can show happiness or submission, while a tail that moves quickly in the air can show confidence or dominance.

Dogs can also show that they feel scared or insecure by the way their tail is positioned. If it is tucked low between their legs, it is usually a sign of anxiety or fear.

Understanding your dog’s body language is an important part of being a responsible pet owner because it helps you figure out what they’re trying to say!

Female Dogs Go Into Heat Twice A Year And Bleed For About Three Weeks

Female dogs go into heat twice a year and experience physiological changes that last about three weeks.

Known as ‘seasoning’ or ‘estrus,’ the process of female dogs going into heat is defined by reproduction-focused behaviors, an increase in libido, an attraction to other males, and noticeable physical and hormonal changes such as milky discharge and intense smelling. 

During this time, female dogs may become more possessive and territorial, and they are generally less prone to responding positively to commands or basic training routines.

Ultimately, dog owners should be aware of these major shifts to ensure that their pet is safe while going through the natural cycle of being in heat.

Male Dogs Have Two Testicles That Descend Into The Scrotum After Birth

It’s a fact of life – male dogs have two testicles descending into the scrotum after birth.

white black dog running to the camera with a ball in his mouth

Even though this sounds like a painful process, it is good for male dogs in the long run.

The reason is that their body temperature needs to stay low for them to produce sperm and stay healthy.

Also, when the testicles drop, they stop putting pressure on the abdominal muscles, which can cause pain and health problems if the pressure isn’t spread out evenly.

As a result, pet owners need to make sure their male dog’s testicles are properly descended as part of regular physical exams and checkups.

Puppies Are Born Blind And Deaf

Puppies may be born too young to open their eyes and ears, but they are far from helpless.

Puppies rely on their strong sense of smell and their instinct to find and nurse from their mother.

They have a special connection with their mother before birth, and the blind puppies can recognize her even after birth.

While babies gain sight and hearing within the first few weeks, puppies don’t open their eyes until they are around two weeks old and may take several more weeks to develop hearing as they grow up. 

Though they may not be able to see or hear, puppies show an incredible feat of survival during such a vulnerable period of life.

Adult Dogs Weigh An Average Of 25-30 Pounds

big brown dog standing on grass looking back

On average, adult dogs are light to medium-weight animals that typically range from 25-30 pounds.

That is a relatively small size for most domesticated dogs and makes them manageable for many owners.

Most dog breeds remain in this range, though there are generally heavier options like Rottweilers or Mastiffs that can weigh up to twice as much depending on the individual and their size.

Dogs even smaller than the average can be found, too, like Chihuahuas or Yorkies, which typically weigh 6-7 pounds at full growth.

Although most owners will strive for their pup to remain healthy and within this weight range, this should always be carefully maintained with proper nutrition and exercise.

Dog Noses Secrete A Thin Layer Of Mucous That Helps Them Absorb Smells

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell that allows them to detect and distinguish between hundreds of different aromas.

Their unique noses make this remarkable folk possible: they are wet, slimy, and covered in mucous!

While this may sound a bit gross, these secretions serve the important purpose of helping canines take in the scents in their surroundings. 

The special mucous on their snouts helps them absorb smells better than humans, thanks to its high concentration of olfactory receptors.

This allows dogs to detect odors from far away and even recognize individual smells as if they were fingerprints!

Clearly, dogs’ noses are more than just cute – they’re true superpowers.

Some Dog Breeds Are More Susceptible To Certain Health Problems Than Others

pug running on grass

Not all dogs are created equal when it comes to health issues.

Even though all dog breeds can get different kinds of diseases, some breeds, like the Bulldog and Chihuahua, are more likely than others to get certain health problems.

Bulldogs, for example, can have hip dysplasia and eye problems, while Chihuahuas can have heart disease, joint problems, and low blood sugar.

Different dog breeds have different physical traits that make them more likely to get certain diseases. However, this doesn’t mean that all dogs in a breed will get sick.

Many dogs within a breed don’t have any problems.

If you want your dog to live a happy and healthy life, you need to know the risks that come with each breed.

Dogs Can Hear Higher Frequencies Than Humans

Dogs truly do possess a heightened sense of hearing.

A fact that most people know is that dogs can hear higher frequencies than humans can.

This is because their ears are specially equipped to rotate, point and focus on the sound they want to hear.

They can pick up sounds from one hundred meters away, which would be much less audible to us as humans.

This helps them a lot with things like hunting and tracking, since they can use their hearing better than we can to keep doing their dangerous job of sniffing out whatever smell they’re trying to find.

Dogs Have A Sense Of Smell That Is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Humans

brown dogs nose from near

Dogs are known for having a great sense of smell.

They can smell even the faintest scents because they have something called olfactory receptor cells, which allow them to take in 10,000 times more information than humans can.

Because of this, dogs have become very useful to law enforcement agencies run by cities and towns all over the world.

They can be used to track down criminal suspects or find evidence.

Also, they are used more often in search and rescue operations because they can find smells even if they are buried under a lot of debris.

Dogs have become man’s best friend because they help us live healthier lives, keep us safe from bad guys, and help us get over hard times.

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