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Can Dogs Eat Oreos?

Why dogs are drawn to eating things shouldn’t be a mystery to many dog owners.

Dogs have a keen sense of smell and can frequently detect delectable sweet food from a distance.

Dogs may be drawn to Oreos because of their delicious aroma and high sugar content.

This blog post will discuss whether dogs can eat Oreo cookies.

Here is the quick response first.

Can dogs eat Oreos?

No, dogs cannot eat Oreos.

The amount of chocolate in an Oreo cookie can harm your dog’s health.

Also, Oreos are loaded with sugar, so you should refrain from offering them to your pet.

Your dog might put on weight, which increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Let’s have a deeper look into why they are bad for your dog and what happens if your dog eats Oreos by accident.

Why Are Oreos Bad For Dogs?

a lot of oreos

Oreos are bad for dogs for different reasons, here are the most common ones:

Unbleached Enriched Flour

Oreos are made with unbleached enriched flour, which is not suitable for dogs to eat.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

As we can see, dogs don’t require sugar in their diet regularly, so owners should refrain from giving their pets sugar.

Because high fructose corn syrup is also sugar, Oreos are bad for our canine and feline pals.


It’s crucial to remember that dogs shouldn’t eat dark chocolate or cocoa powder.

The best course of action is to avoid giving your canine companions Oreos because they contain cocoa.

Some claim that Oreos don’t have enough chocolate or cocoa to harm our furry pals.

However, it is best to err on the side of caution and avoid giving your dog any food that contains chocolate or cocoa.

Palm And Canola Oil

Both palm and canola oil are used in Oreos.

Watch out for commercial food products that contain palm oil, such as Oreos.

While palm oil is safe for dogs to consume when it is pure, it is frequently contaminated with various pollutants and fuel waste, and when it is solid, it can be hazardous to dogs.

Canola oil is not the healthiest oil for our furry friends, even though it is not poisonous to dogs.


Vanillin, an artificial vanilla taste, is used in Oreos.

The chemical vanillin is derived from vanilla bean extract.

It is a flavoring component in desserts like Oreos and other sugary sweets.

Just 1% of the vanillin used in food today originates from vanilla beans.

Therefore, you should refrain from giving your dog Oreos if the ingredients list vanillin, an artificial flavor.


The sugar in candy, sweets, and human foods like Oreos is excessive for our dogs. One Oreo cookie contains 4.7 grams of sugar.

That much sugar is unnecessary for our canine friends.

Instead, the carbohydrates in their regular dog food should naturally provide sugar to their bodies.

If you let your dog eat just one Oreo cookie, they’re getting 4.7 grams more sugar than they should, which is 4.7 grams too much sugar.

The health of your dog is harmed by consuming too much sugar.


45 mg of sodium can be found in one Oreo cookie.

Generally speaking, our four-legged companions shouldn’t consume more than 0.25 to 1.5 grams of salt for every 100 grams of food.

Sodium poisoning can result from consuming too much sodium.

Signs of salt poisoning include:

  • Extreme thirst

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Loss of appetite

  • Lack of coordination

  • Confusion

  • Convulsions

  • Muscle tremors

  • Body weakness

  • Muscle weakness

  • Lethargy

  • Seizures

  • Coma

oreo on left side brown dog on right side


Oreos contain chocolate among their ingredients, so it’s best not to give them to your furry family members.

Do Oreos include actual chocolate, though?

Yes, the chocolate in Oreos is made with real chocolate and has a higher percentage of cocoa than in other chocolate products.

We strongly advise against giving your canine companions any chocolate food, even if it just has a tiny amount.

What Happens If A Dog Eats Oreos?

Chocolate Toxicity

If your animal companion consumes only one Oreo, they will probably be alright.

The amount of chocolate in just one Oreo makes it unlikely they will exhibit the symptoms of chocolate intoxication.

Chocolate toxicity may form in your dog if they consume a lot of Oreos, especially if they are a small breed

The following are the signs of chocolate toxicity:

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Tiredness

  • Panting

  • Restlessness

  • High heart rate

  • Seizures

Upset Stomach

The adverse consequences of feeding your dog Oreo cookies are more likely caused by the consumption of carbohydrates and fats than by the consumption of chocolate.

Your pet may experience digestive problems after eating Oreos, especially if they consume many of them.

There is a chance that eating Oreo cookies will cause an upset stomach, but this is usually a transient condition that goes away on its own after a few days.

However, if your dog is sick, call your veterinarian right away.

Some dogs may need medications and fluids if they are severely afflicted.

brown dog on left side some oreos on right side


Pancreatitis is a painful gastrointestinal illness that can affect some animals.

One organ that is close to the stomach is the pancreas.

Due to its sensitivity to fat, the pancreas may experience inflammation if dietary fat intake is excessive.

The pancreas becomes quite painful when it is inflamed.

Following are the signs and symptoms of pancreatitis:

  • Tiredness

  • Off food

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Fever

  • Belly ache

Are Oreos Toxic To Dogs?

Yes, Oreos can be toxic to dogs and they can die from eating Oreos.

Chocolate, alkali-processed cocoa, and artificial vanilla flavoring are all ingredients in Oreos.

Additionally, Oreos are bad for our canine friends since they are heavy in sodium, sugar, and carbs.

Oreos should ideally be kept away from dogs as a result of this.

It’s crucial to remember that each dog is unique.

One Oreo cookie may cause one dog to react negatively, while another dog may not respond at all.

oreos on grey background

My Dog Ate Oreos – What Should I Do?

If your dog took some Oreo cookies off the counter or got into a package in the cupboard, there are a few critical things you should do immediately.

As always, we caution against seeking emergency advice online.

If your dog ate Oreo cookies, we recommend you contact your veterinarian immediately.

You should always call your veterinarian as they are more familiar with your dog directly.

In general, you should follow these three steps as soon as you eat any potentially hazardous material.

Step 1: Prevent Them From Eating More

The likelihood that your dog may be ill increases with the amount of food consumed.

Allow them to finish their Oreos and clean up any messes they may have caused.

Fido can be taken out of the area if it simplifies cleaning.

Step 2: Do Not Induce Vomiting

That frequently has a poor overall result.

Your pet may inhale their vomit if you purposefully make them sick.

Aspiration pneumonia, a dangerous and occasionally fatal lung infection, can be brought on by inhaling vomit.

Step 3: Contact Your Veterinarian

It is recommended to get in touch with your veterinarian, who will be able to advise you on what to do next whenever your dog consumes something that might be dangerous to them.

Even if you think it’s okay, you should still call them—if for no other reason than to ensure that the proper entries are made in your dog’s records.

The following details should be on hand so your veterinarian can decide how to treat your pet most effectively.

Doggy Details: Age, gender, breed, and rough weight of your dog.

The risks of a dog eating Oreos largely depend on your dog’s size.

Don’t forget to inform your vet about any illnesses your pet may have and any drugs they may be receiving.

Toxic Product Details: the product consumed, an estimate of how much was consumed (check package weight), and an ingredient list.

Most pertinent information will be on the product packaging, so ensure you preserve a copy to give to your veterinarian.

Changes in Behavior: Your pet’s symptoms should be reported to your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian will inquire about your pet’s eating, drinking, expected behavior, and any possible signs of coughing, sneezing, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Oreos?

oreo on left side dog on right side

Dogs frequently eat objects that they shouldn’t.

Chocolate in Oreos is extremely toxic to dogs and it is one of the ingredients in Oreos, therefore dogs can not eat Oreos.

As well as a lot of fat and sugar, which can cause your pet to become overweight and get diabetes.

However, if your dog ate 1 Oreo cookie, don’t despair.

Dogs who consume one Oreo are frequently unharmed, but canines who eat a lot of Oreos may experience chocolate toxicity or upset stomachs.

In dogs, pancreatitis, a painful and deadly illness, has been connected to diets high in fat.

Even though a single Oreo is unlikely to be harmful if consumed, you shouldn’t intentionally give them to your dog.

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Mena Emad, DVM
Mena has a Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine. His expertise, passion for animal welfare, extensive knowledge, and experience in the field of veterinary medicine make him an excellent resource for our readers.

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Join other dog owners and get a free copy of our “Happy Dog Handbook – The Essential Guide For Dog Owners” and a daily email with carefully compiled tips, facts, and memes.

Become A Smarter Dog Owner

Join other dog owners and get a free copy of our “Happy Dog Handbook – The Essential Guide For Dog Owners” and a daily email with carefully compiled tips, facts, and memes.