Can Dogs Eat Doritos?

Most dogs love cheese, and dogs love to eat whatever you’re eating right now, so it’s natural for your furry friend to beg you for Doritos.

The answer to the question “can dogs eat Doritos” is: it won’t hurt your dog if you give him a Doritos, but it’s much better if you don’t.

It’s challenging to provide a general response addressing the different Doritos varieties because there are so many.

Some of them, like Cool Ranch Doritos, have onion and garlic, which can harm furry best friends if consumed large enough.

The amount of either substance in a single Dorito chip is insufficient to cause alarm, so unless your dog eats the whole bag, you may rest easy.

There’s no need to freak out or call your veterinarian if your furry friend snags a few.

But Doritos contain unhealthy ingredients like salt and fat that your dog doesn’t need.

Additionally, a lot of dogs have trouble digesting corn.

Although corn is commonly used as a filler in dog food, it is rarely found in premium brands, so it’s best to keep your dog away from it.

If you have a lactose-intolerant dog, you may also need to be concerned about the dairy inside.

Many dogs can suffocate if they get the bag trapped on their heads, so it’s best to keep it out of their reach even after it’s been used.

Continue reading for a more detailed answer and insights into why you shouldn’t share Doritos with your dog.

Why Are Doritos Bad For Your Dog?

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The corn has undergone genetic modification, and GM crops have been associated with potential long-term dog health issues, including a rise in allergies, inflammation, and digestive system disorders.

Additionally, they are deep-fried foods, which increases the number of free radicals that can lead to illness and cancer.

They include a lot of trans fats, which significantly contribute to heart disease and obesity.

Even though salt is a necessary component of a dog’s diet, too much can be harmful because canines are susceptible to salt sickness.

Additionally, the ingredients listed here are for basic Doritos without additional flavors.

Toxic Ingredients

Your best friend should stay away from other ingredients in Doritos.

Most flavors contain onion and garlic powder, which are poisonous to dogs.

Your dog could develop anemia if he overeats garlic or onion.

These junk foods are toxic to dogs in any form, even powder.

Onions and garlic can harm your dog if he consumes more than 0.5% of their body weight.

Sounds unclear to you?

Here’s an example:

A 20 kg heavy dog would be harmed by 100g of onion or garlic, and this is the amount of a small onion.

Too Much Salt

Using too much salt could have harmful effects.

Salt can cause your pet to throw up or have diarrhea if taken in significant amounts.

It could cause tremors, convulsions, or fever in your pet.

On the other hand, your dog doesn’t experience these side effects until they take large amounts of those ingredients.

Smaller dogs need to be treated carefully because they cannot tolerate salt and larger dogs.

Are Doritos Poisonous To Dogs?

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Although they are not harmful to dogs, Doritos are nevertheless not the healthiest snack.

They contain shortening, salt, monocalcium phosphate, citric acid, corn syrup solids, and flour.

Kidney disease and other dietary issues for your dog may result from this.

Use raw meat for Doritos when feeding your dog for a healthier diet.

What Happens If Dogs Eat Doritos?

The likelihood of your dog experiencing stomach issues if they consume Doritos frequently is pretty significant.

That’s mainly because the flavors used to make these flavored tortilla chips, such as garlic and onions, are toxic to dogs’ digestive systems.

These flavored tortilla chips are dangerous to your dog for several reasons besides stomach issues. These consist of:

  • The eventual death of your canine if you continue feeding it with these chips

  • Dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay

  • Seizures

  • Dehydration due to its high salt content

  • Diabetes

  • Pancreatitis because of the colorings in the chips

  • Heart diseases

  • Unhealthy weight gain

  • Frequent illness and a general decline in activity levels

Will Doritos Kill My Dog?

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Even if Doritos have dangerous ingredients, they are not enough to cause your dog’s death.

One chip doesn’t contain enough salt, fat, garlic, or onion powder to hurt your pet.

However, some dogs can manage more of these elements than others.

You shouldn’t be alarmed even if your dog steals one or two chips.

However, you should call your veterinarian if your dog consumes a sizable bowl or bag of them.

Always contact your vet to be safe if your dog exhibits any disease symptoms.

What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Doritos?

It might be wise to seek advice from your veterinarian if your dog consumes vast quantities of color Doritos.

This is because they are unhealthy due to the restrictions of a dog’s sensitive stomach and their high salt, sugar, calorie, and flavoring content.

A stomach upset, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence, and cramping, may result from eating a lot of Doritos.

  • Try to ascertain how many Doritos your dog consumed because knowing this will enable your veterinarian to provide the appropriate care.

  • Give your dog plenty of water while monitoring symptoms, including vomiting, appetite loss, diarrhea, and even seizures.

  • If your dog displays these symptoms over a few days, consult your veterinarian for help.

  • You could also wait 12 hours before feeding him so his system can adjust.

  • Bring the product ingredient label to the clinic if your dog becomes ill.

  • This will enable your veterinarian to determine how many toxins your dog may have consumed.

Rush your dog to the vet immediately if he ate too many Doritos and has a medical problem that can’t be treated with too much sodium, such as kidney damage.

He might need immediate medical attention.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Doritos?

dog face from near and dorito in the background

Your dog will enjoy how crunchy Doritos are while eating a nutritious treat made entirely of natural ingredients.

There are numerous reasons why feeding Doritos to a pet dog is a bad idea.

Begging is a common canine concern when it comes to corn-based snacks.

Despite their excellent quality, Doritos should only be consumed by human beings and then only in moderate quantities.

Your canine companion will likely survive if only one chip is inserted, but the risk is high.

Their short-term and long-term health problems if this becomes a habit.

The ingredients of these supposedly delicious and salty snacks can be lethal for dogs.

Whether it is the flavor of onions or garlic, they harm dogs’ health.

For a short while, they may experience stomach upset or diarrhea due to the high heat levels. Heart and liver problems may develop over time.

Please keep your dog away from Doritos chips and get them a healthy dog snack instead.

You can also give your dog meat-based treats or a chew toy or dental stick, which is a much better alternative.

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